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    I thought it would be worth a thread to discuss and keep track of this. There are slightly different rules in the Championship to the PL.

    In the PL, the rules were: Maximum of 25 senior players in a squad, in which maximum of 17 non-homegrown senior players. However, there was nothing more specific for matchday squads, meaning there only had to be at least 1 homegrown player included in them.

    In the Championship, the rule applies to the 18-man matchday squad, and states there need be a: Minimum of 7 homegrown players, plus minimum of 1 club-developed player OR name up to 6 substitutes(rather than 7). Under-21s don't seem to be excluded from the rules in the same way as the PL.

    So we can't just almost entirely fill our team with Italians and South Americans as per previous Championship seasons. It might be worth keeping track of the 6 or 7 HG players we may want to keep, and consider how many additional we might need to bring in.

    - Homegrown is defined as: "if and only if they were registered with clubs affiliated with the English FA and/or Welsh FA at least 3 years before turning 21, continuous or not, regardless of their nationality or age."

    - Club-developed is a tad more tricky: "A ‘club-developed’ player is defined as one who has been registered to the club for at least a year before the end of his under-19 season".
    However, "his under-19 season" is defined as being "under 19 on 31 December of the previous season".

    Aside from a few of our current under-23 squad, the only players we have on our books who count as 'Club-developed' are Mariappa, and...... Cucho Hernandez... and Pervis Estupinan!

    Cucho and Pervis have been registered with us since just after turned 18 and then were on loan. The dates just about match-up, and I think the player being on loan during the time still counts given that they were still our player (someone correct me if I'm mistaken on this). They wouldn't count as one of the 7 HG players though.


    Current HG First-team players (13/14):

    So even in our current state we could hypothetically get rid of: Dawson, Cleverley, Deeney, Chalobah, Gray, Cathcart and Welbeck and still have enough.

    Mapps might be kept for another season just because he counts as both HG and Club-developed.
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    Good idea. I agree we do need to make use of the academy more and the youth we are bringing through. Quina is a prime example of a good young player
    who we got from Wet Spam and has shown what he can do. We hardly played him last season, be it injury or otherwise, and I really hope he gets more
    game time in the Championship as does some other prospects. Look how Leeds have stuck with a youthful setup and overtime have gelled into a good side.

    There is no reason we cannot do the same. Mullins and Stack are doing an excellent job their end, we just need a proper man-manager who can call the shots,
    look at what we do have available, and blood the youth in as games demand it. Not stick with the same boring side especially if we are on a losing run.
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    Yeah, Mapps is a useful player to have in squads, never (as far as we know!) kicks up a fuss, gets on with the job whether he's in the team or not. I'm very doubtful that the South Americans count lol, that would just seem crazy, hopefully we also see guys like Daniel Phillips make matchday squads next season. @The Recluse too early for the likes of Lo-Everton and Cassidy, or can we expect to see them too from time to time?
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    It would, but as far as I can tell the "club-developed" rules just say that they need to have been registered with us during that period, it says nothing about it being invalidated by them being out on loan.
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  5. If my maths is right:
    Cucho does count as HG, Suarez, Estupinan, Peneranda don't

    I've done it in my head so I might have miscounted
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    Someone needs to colour code this up.
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    David Swayer, where are you?

    Edit: at least I think that’s his username.
  8. The Recluse

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    It's been said by the club Lo-Everton will play more regularly for the U23s now so a lot will depend how he handles that. I don't think he'll get too much of a look in this coming season for the main squad.

    Cassidy should be involved on some level because I can't imagine him signing his 2-year deal without some assurances of playing time, even if it's in the League Cup and the occasional sub appearance to begin with. It'll be interesting who is up front in the main squad by the time the window shuts in mid-October and if he can start well for the U23s he may be seen as an option.

    Dan Phillips I think should make the bench from time to time but as he was only given a 1-year deal he may have to prove himself in the U23s before January to be offered a new contract let alone play for the 1st XI.

    Callum Whelan is well liked and if he signs (or has signed) the contract extension put before him I'd expect him to push for a place on the bench.

    Phillips & Whelan both play central in midfield so again, it all depends who leaves. I prefer Phillips of the two because he has the physicality already and plays at a higher tempo than any of the U23 players we have. He wouldn't find the games passing him by as so many of our youngsters do when they make the step up. Though he may not last 90 minutes he could definitely do a job coming off the bench, in my opinion.

    I'm not overly convinced by Barrett & Spencer-Adams after their run outs against Tranmere last season and if we're looking at Dunkley from Wigan and are signing Ngakia (or even Marcel Lavinier) then I don't think the club think they're ready either.

    Sadly, I don't think there are any others remotely close to getting a look in at the moment.
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    Bring back Jonathan Bond? Would count as Home-grown and give us more GK depth.
    Otherwise, what's John-Joe O'Toole up to these days? ;)
  10. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

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    Thanks for the input, I look forward to hopefully seeing them next season!

    Thought Spencer-Adams looked quite assured in the first half in the home game against Tranmere, obviously a lot more difficult when the more experienced players went off, and I didn't see the replay. Whelan looked tidy, although didn't look up to it physically, he couldn't break into the Port Vale team last season, so I suspect he won't quite be ready. In any case, none of them would be club developed as they all came quite late in their development and haven't been here that long
  11. lowerrous

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    That depends on when his registration was transfered to us, there are conflicting reports as to whether it was February 2017 or July 2017.

    If it was February he could be homegrown, if it was July he couldn't.

    One would have hoped that if it had been feasible, the Pozzos would have been sensible enough to make the switch before his 18th birthday in April so he might count.

    "The 18-year-old is said to have joined Watford from Granada in February, but conflicting reports suggest he made the transfer to Vicarage Road as recently as Saturday."

  12. Going off transfer markt it was 1 Jan 17

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