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Discussion in 'Pozzo's Place' started by rojiblancohorizontal, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Cthulhu

    Cthulhu Keyboard Warrior Staff Member

    You do know he would have to play infront of Lloyd, wont that require a few months of seminars and courses to get him ready?
  2. rojiblancohorizontal

    rojiblancohorizontal First Year Pro

    He is fast (not a dribbler, but he is hard to follow), have a good free kick shoot. But he has a "bad" head, he is like a child. In a new team he would re-focus again.

    Yes, you are right


    HORNETCP Reservist

    Was that against Real Madrid? One of the more remarkable things I saw in football last season, at the end of that game every Granada player and coach went ape s**t!
  4. Malteser

    Malteser Squad Player

    2 red cards and 11 yellows in one season!!! Hmmmm.
  5. rojiblancohorizontal

    rojiblancohorizontal First Year Pro

    Haha yes, it was against Real Madrid... Insane moment
  6. rojiblancohorizontal

    rojiblancohorizontal First Year Pro

    Most of them just "talking" to the referee. As I said, he's a child. He don't broke legs, but he usually get a yellow card getting angry with the referee. Great seasons at 2ºB and 2º. Bad season on La Liga (until the last 2 months)
  7. nisman94

    nisman94 International Man of Mystery

    see normally with that i'd say this:

    are you out of your mind? (/wages/fml we won't be getting hogg back on loan)

    now though i'm saying that this could potentially happen thanks to our bloody good link (loving this udinese-granada-watford fraternity already). on a side note we should do a forum holiday to a udinese and a granada game and likewise they should come here. more supporters, strengthen the link etc.
  8. Cthulhu

    Cthulhu Keyboard Warrior Staff Member

    Vs Sean Dyche, Nyron, Eustace, Tiny telling him to behave
  9. domthehornet

    domthehornet Moderator Staff Member

    Very, very good point, his petulance will rescind then.
  10. Rory_Glory_Orn

    Rory_Glory_Orn Academy Graduate

    Looks like a Joey Barton who can actually play football.
    I like 'we think Watford can be his new team'. Throws a bottle, send him to Watford.
  11. El distraído

    El distraído Johnny Foreigner

    Some of you guys are talking like the deal has already been signed. It hasn't.

    Believe me, I want this to happen as much as you do, but until we get confirmation on the official site, we are still owned by Baz and players like Benitez are out of our reach.
  12. rojiblancohorizontal

    rojiblancohorizontal First Year Pro


    Can i ask about your avatar? Did u create that logo?
  13. GoingDown

    GoingDown Pizza & Figs

    If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. We haven't had a whole lot to be excited about as Watford fans for years.

    Let's just enjoy the ride.
  14. Smudger

    Smudger Messi's Mad Coach Staff Member

    I think it's a great idea. I may have to switch allegiances in La Liga from Athletic Bilbao to Granada now.

    A very warm welcome indeed rojiblancohorizontal. :) It's lovely to have you here. He Pozzo.snr has taken your club from the Segunda and you were struggling before that into La Liga.

    Have you recovered from those scenes after the match against Real Madrid. Was Gomez bought ? :naughty:

    I know some of your players pretty well. Franco Jara has disappointed after showing potential in Argentina as a mini Aguero but has yet to fully flower.

    Could we have Siqueiria ? Only kidding. Tremendous leftback and attacking player and I think Barca were looking at him with Alba but looks like they will bring Alba back to his spiritual home. Pamarot played here for Tottenham and didn't really shake any trees but has prospered in Spain.

    Unlike your goodselves I think the worry for us is a mass influx of loanees. We are sure Pozzo has great intentions but we'd like our academy which is one of the better ones in England to continue to flourish ang give oppurtunities to our youngsters.

    And even though Sean Dyche our manager is as far from Abel Resino in urbanity he also needs to be given a chance.

    How is your cantera doing by the way. Have the Pozzo family invested in it and is it starting to show players coming through ?
  15. El distraído

    El distraído Johnny Foreigner

    Yes, I'm just discouraging others from going nuts because it will be unbelievably painful if the deal hits a snag in the 11th hour and they pull out.

    Whatever happens, at least we have this Vietnamese consortium and the other 2 parties interested if this were to go to ****.
  16. Hornet36

    Hornet36 Reservist

    before we get all carry away with this has any one really thought about what harm it could do to watford he may say that he wants his players to play all the time and just wants a yes man managing the team
    It could hold up our young players and if there are any good ones coming from the youth they could be sent to Udinese like SM and if its so good why did Granada just missed relegation last season the heart off watford could be rip out he seems to only care about Udinese...like he saids he likes how the club runs harefield is run
    does he know anything about the championship? does he care if we go up?
    We need an owner who will buy in to the values of the club and provide an extended period of financial and organisational stability.
    DO we really want watford just to be a nursery club
    I hope i`m proven wrong but i`m scared for watford
  17. rojiblancohorizontal

    rojiblancohorizontal First Year Pro


    LOL i was praying for u kidding with the "Could we have Siqueira"? :D We love him here, Valencia, Atletico de Madrid, Barcelona and Man U are looking at him (But seems, as u say, Barcelona will try Alba, so Valencia may try to take him as the substitute). Pamarot hadn't play more than 90 minutes I think, and Jara had been so intermittent.

    Gomez wasn't bought... He didn't need to! He is from Zaragoza, his family is Zaragoza supporter, and Zaragoza was trying to save the category so...

    And actually, Pozzo toke our team on 2ºB (the 3º division) not in Segunda, so its still better :D

    About the cantera thing... Granada was, 5 years ago, in 3º division (the fourth lol I still don't know why we call the third division as 2º B, we have: La Liga, 2º, 2ºB, 3º...), so it was hard to think about the B team. Granada B was in the equal to 6º division, now is in 3º in three years, with players from Granada (and some near cities), some of them playing in 2ºB on loan... So we had invest on Granada B and we want this team in 2ºB. (You may know that in Spain "B" teamsdont play in a apart category).
  18. The Rous

    The Rous Reservist

    They narrowly missed relegation...after two back to back promotion they survived in one of the best leagues in the world.

    They've done amazingly, get your fuc-king expectations checked.

    Does he care if we go up? No, he wants us to stay in The Championship costing him more and more money year on year...
  19. luke_golden

    luke_golden Space Cadet

    It's like you missed everything that they've actually done for their clubs and panicked yourself into a state of despair.......
  20. Rory_Glory_Orn

    Rory_Glory_Orn Academy Graduate

    Haha yeah I made it earlier today.
  21. rojiblancohorizontal

    rojiblancohorizontal First Year Pro


    Just for your relax:

    Some people in Granada thought as you: "So, are we going to be a team just to develop young Udinese players?" "They wouldn't want us to get into the same category because then it could be a clash of interests" "Are we going to loose our identity as a club?"

    Don't worry: Pozzo/Pina team loves to take young players, so you can sign cheap and sell expensive, not because they want you as a nursery team. As a business man, they want to develop their teams, so they can make money by selling players, by being in a best division... And they respect your team, you'll see :)

    Pozzo travel every two months (more or less) to Granada to check everything is ok, he speak with the major... Pina does the same sometimes with Udine.

    Believe me, don't worry.
  22. Malteser

    Malteser Squad Player

    I know. Our appetites are whetted. Just wish it would go through now.

    Every day is a day nearer the start of the new season..and every day that passes sees other sides recruit players..
  23. Smudger

    Smudger Messi's Mad Coach Staff Member

    Muchas gracias amigo.

    Thanks for the replies. I have been disappointed in Jara. I watched the Apertura/Clausura when he broke onto the scene and thought this is a fantastic little player, He can dribble,pick a pass and shoot as a mediapunta and very much (though not as good as Kun) in the Aguero mould.

    Do you think you can move on next season and establish yourselves say in midtable ? Vallodolid, Celta and Deportivo are a pretty strong set of clubs to be promoted from the Segunda.

    Would Resino be able to buy further players in order to do so ? And would the ultimate aim be to get your cantera players into the Segunda like a lot of other clubs in the Primera ?
  24. El distraído

    El distraído Johnny Foreigner

    Slightly referring to what Smudger said, but it makes perfect sense that any investor would be interested in taking control of an English club and getting them to the promised land, all because of the riches that await there.

    In Spain (I don't know about Italy), clubs in the primera liga negotiate individual TV deals for their teams. It's not done by the Spanish league like it is done here, where the premier league negotiate on behalf of all 20 teams.

    Say what you want, but unless you are Real Madrid or Barca, you will pretty much get bent over and screwed up the arse because their income will be far, far higher from any team from Valencia to Granada.

    It's good that in England, the money is spread far more evenly. How can anyone expect their team (if they're not Real or Barca) to make an impact? There was a 25pt gap between 2nd and 3rd place in the Spanish league this season ffs.

    Right, sorry about that, but I thought the TV deal issue in England is well worth considering here, and is likely to have attracted Pozzo.
  25. El distraído

    El distraído Johnny Foreigner

    It's fine Malteser. The loan market doesn't close until October I believe :]] :D
  26. SuperDan

    SuperDan Reservist

    Absolutely correct.And i think its one of the premier leagues successes that the rights aren't sold individually.When you think that the likes of Blackpool would of got the same amount of money as man utd in the same season from tv revenue its staggering ,also means the divide doesnt become even bigger.
  27. Malteser

    Malteser Squad Player

    No but we want things in place sooner rather than later :)
  28. rojiblancohorizontal

    rojiblancohorizontal First Year Pro

    Yeah, we think we will stay in midtable next seasons. This season we had several injuries in some of our main players (Roberto, Yebda, Martins, Jara, Fran Rico...) and we had been in troubles because that (and the fact that our attack man was in a "Torres style", not scoring even in a empty goal). Now we had changed our trainer (Not Resino anymore, now is "Anquela", the one we tried to sign last december, but his team didn't let him sign) and we are trying to get nice players (first signed was Torje, from Udinese).

    I really think, this year, we will be in mid table. Some teams can't sign good because they have no money (Valladolid, Celta, Rayo Vallecano, Levante, Zaragoza...) so this will be good for us I think.

    And yes, we want Granada B on 2º B (just Real Madrid and Barcelona have B team on Segunda) with some players on loan on Segunda (and some of them in the A team).
  29. bisiacco

    bisiacco Academy Graduate

    in italy tv rights are negotiated like in england. udinese last season got 35mln euro
  30. hollywood

    hollywood 1881/singing section organiser

    This thread is brilliant.

    Welcome !!

    Can we set up a pre season 'pozzo' tournament every season, rotating the countries every year. (I.e Italy, then Spain, then here.)

    We could also set up a multi forum meet up where we could discuss favourite cheeses, Simms mum, and hints and tips if how to skip a parking fine.
  31. Udinese

    Udinese First Year Pro

    hola amigo!
    are you the same rojiblancohorizontal writing in fuarceudin.net?

    @admin: I noticed a few of our new users posting links to other forums. We seem to be about 10 times busier than the best of them, so perhaps the Udinese and Grenada fans would like to set up base here??
    well the one I mentioned above is quite busy actually, but it is visible only if you are registered.
  32. rojiblancohorizontal

    rojiblancohorizontal First Year Pro

    Yeah its me ragazzo :p

    I should start posting there again as before

    (By the way, the granada forum its also kinda active)
  33. Udinese

    Udinese First Year Pro

    good to hear from you again!
    it seems our family is getting bigger... how are the reactions to this news in Granada?
    ps: take good care of torje, I would have loved to have him in Udine this coming season, but apparently there's not much space for him... a pity! You'll enjoy him for us, I am sure he will do a great season.
  34. rojiblancohorizontal

    rojiblancohorizontal First Year Pro

    We will take care of Torje, we will find him a girlfriend if he need to! haha

    In Granada we like this new brother. Pina tried something similar with a 2ºB division team (Cadiz) and they were insulting us... We like to help a new brother if this new one is a hopeful one as Watford seems to be. Nice people support this team.
  35. mike88

    mike88 Reservist

    Well I certainly hope this takeover goes through, albeit I'd like to think Sean Dyche could keep his job as he absolutely deserves another chance after his heroics last season. But for the time being I'm enjoying this Euro love-in here, if the takeover is successful and everything is wonderful I'll pop over to Udinese and Granada and catch a game. Full of culture, I am.

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