Gino's Head Coach Track Record

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    He thought he was coming to manage a club in Iran? No wonder he struggled.
  2. BigRossLittleRoss

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    Good OP . Nice to see some well thought out balanced writing . A refreshing change to the hyperbole that unfortunately dominates this forum at times.

    I would not say Mazzarri or Silva were hits.

    Mazzarri kept us up , but I think at that time something more was expected plus he seemed to have lost the dressing room too. MISS ish

    Silva was a full blown MISS. You can’t say he was good until he downed tools . Our last 14 games we accrued 10 points . That’s relegation form and for him the sack . We were good for 8 games only, and then the wheels fell off just like they did at every English club he managed . He’s a busted flush and will never work in England again in all likelihood.
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  3. Positives about Wally - he had crazy number of injuries to deal with, if I recall at one point we had 12 or 14 missing from the squad. He did well to survive fairly comfortably. Tactically strong.

    Also its a bit unfair to judge when we don’t know what he might have achieved with a full squad.

    Negatives about Wally - never learned English, didn’t form a relationship with the fans, seemed cold with the players, staff, club, dressed like a tramp.
  4. wfc4ever

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    We did finish very close to the bottom 3 in the end - HB1 was very worried we’d get relegated.

    Think we lost the last 6 games ?
  5. hornetboy1

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    We finished 17th, and even though everyone laughed off relegation that year, it was a very real concern. We survived because Hull messed up their last three games which were Palace away, already relegated Sunderland at home and Spurs home. They need 6 points from those three games, and before that they were on fire....on a great run. It looked very possible they would overhaul us.

    The same thing occurred last season, and even though we were in the box seat after beating Newcastle, it was a very similar scenario. I think we were 6 points clear of Villa and Bournemouth with 3 to play. This time Villa managed to do it, whereas we imploded yet again.

    We most certainly could/should have got relegated in the Mazarri season, this is why I consider him an absolute disaster. He just got lucky.
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  6. GoingDown

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    ... Smashed up the dugout, threw things at the goalkeeping coach, liked a crafty snout whenever he could.

    Propa Italian though.
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    For the amount of money you have wasted paying off managers Gino you could probably have bought TWO WORLD CLASS STRIKERS!!! However we are not asking you for world class strikers Gino just one who can HIT THE ******* NET!!!

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