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  1. LPC213

    LPC213 Reservist

    When are la liga/serie a fixtures out? thinking I can sell a trip to Spain/italy pretty easily to the missus and conveniently go to a game supporting our new brothers!
  2. nisman94

    nisman94 International Man of Mystery

    Yeah I'm going to Gibraltar in September so I could convince my football-hating mum and dad. Problem is most games are 8pm kick offs and it'd be a 3 hour trip back to hotel (insert sad face here)
  3. Academy Graduate

    The italian fixtures won't be known before the end of july. All we know so far is that the competition should start on the 25/26th of august. But even this is never 100% sure. Last year's start was postponed because of a players' strike.
  4. gcfsupporter

    gcfsupporter Academy Graduate

    In Spain the fixtures are still unknow too. The only thing I know is that the competition will start on the 18/19th of August. But as says last year players' strike postponed the beginning
  5. Academy Graduate

    The news of today is that it's "almost certain" that the fixtures for the serie A 2012/2013 will be published July 26th.
  6. nascot

    nascot First Team

    I love how things seem so disorganised. :)
  7. Academy Graduate

    what do you mean SEEM so disorganised?? :)

    Anyway at the end of the season all teams have played 38 matches, so something most be working!
    Of course then you have to wait for the outcome of the betting scandal to see how many points get deducted for each squad :)
  8. Al1913

    Al1913 Academy Graduate

    Udine,dite al gran maestro Guidolin di lasciarci qualche punticino anche quest anno. ;)
  9. Academy Graduate

    1ma Fiorentina UDINESE 26/8-13/1
    2da UDINESE Juventus 2/9-20/1
    3a Siena UDINESE 16/9-27/1
    4a UDINESE Milan 23/9-3/2
    5a Torino UDINESE 26/9-10/2
    6a UDINESE Genoa 30/9-17/2
    7a Napoli UDINESE 7/10-24/2
    8a UDINESE Pescara 21/10- 3/3
    9a Roma UDINESE 28/10 - 10/3
    10a UDINESE Catania 31/10-17/3
    11a Bologna UDINESE 4/11-30/3
    12a Chievo UDINESE 11/11-//4
    13a UDINESE Parma 18/11-14/4
    14a Lazio UDINESE 25/11-21/4
    15a UDINESE Cagliari 2/12-28/4
    16a Sampdoria UDINESE 9/12-5/5
    17a UDINESE Palermo 16/12-8/5
    18a Atalanta UDINESE 22/12-12/5
    19a UDINESE Inter 6/1-19/5
  10. Academy Graduate

    First two home games against rubentus and milan! WOW!

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