[NOT HAPPENING] Declan Drysdale

Discussion in 'The Transfer List' started by hornetboy1, Jan 9, 2019.

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    We probably offered him lower wages and the chance to immediately go on loan to a team in the Luxembourg 2nd tier and he wasn't impressed.
  4. wfcmoog

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    He should keep an eye out for his mum, Medea then.
  5. "Asked about Drysdale, Robins told CoventryLive: “He’s one of those who are players for the future."

    If that's how Coventry view him, what chance did he have here?
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    What will he do when Coventry are kicked out of the Ricoh and maybe forced into a non-league ground ?!

    Mind you would have got the same here playing for the Youth team .
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    He's probably made a wise choice. He only had to look at Wilmot to see a vision of his immediate future.
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    Fair play if he has gone there because he will get game time. Lets be honest he wasn't going to get anywhere near our first team even with our defence he is not good enough.
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    I hope she's not still in charge of child care?
  12. IRB

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    Hope he breaks his leg
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    Watford outWatforded by Cov!

    We offer 2 years development time as the springboard to top 6.

    Cheeky for Cov to offer a springboard to WFC.

    Maybe Boreham Wood should offer a springboard service to Cov.

    At this rate, players will be about 35 before they are ready for the CL golden circle.
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    Can't stand Caventray dey is r rivels

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