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Discussion in 'The Hornets' Nest - Watford Chat' started by Steve Leo Beleck, May 15, 2019.

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    Will Barrymore be on?
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  6. I love our bijou little stadium.
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    Should post on the Bolton forums as a reminder of what they avoided. I am sure they feel that they've missed out, but they have dodged a bullet.
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    "We want to qualify for Europe, then we want to win the Europa League, then we want to qualify for the Champions League. It may never happen, but if you don't have that ambition and desire, what is the point? There really is no point," said Duxbury.

    Absolutely. Good article to read from the BBC there even if we all know it.
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    Great symmetry there with Red Helmet claiming the Pozzo’s did not have the funds whilst recently he really did not have the funds to take over Bolton.

    It’s genuinely scary how people like this can be allowed to get anywhere near any business let alone a football club.

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    I love that paragraph.

    Although if he thinks 2-3 signings will be enough to achieve the first step there he's very much mistaken! We're at transition point where half the team are in their 30s.
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    Well actually came 9th in 1986/87 which was our highest finish since coming 2nd in our debut season (where we didn't get the love Wolves have got!)

    Just went a bit pear-shaped after that..

    I guess everyone wasn't going poor old Watford - they deserve to be in the top flight etc!
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    Same old lazy, half baked Bbc journalism . Starts off well but then just slumped into the same old story of “ how many managers in how many years” storyline that is still being wheeled out .
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    Yeah, the stats are great, but bolstered by a near death experience for Garcia and a guy nobody even remembers being mistakenly given a permanent contract for 2 days.
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    Me too. I'm sure it was Charlton who were mentioned at the time.
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    Is it cynical of me to hope that the media and social media becomes awash with talk of City's financial irregularities over the next 24 hours, so that their players and officials are all a bit distracted? Maybe a news story about how City were feeling so under pressure from UEFA that they forgot to play well in the final and got beat by Watford?
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    would certainly make good reading on Sunday!
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    Yes. Apparently he told Watford that there was this guy he could play proper one-touch football with and they might like to have a look.
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    Yes, well.. Brazilian politics really isn't like a Parish Council poll or, say, voting in Switzerland. Check out , I think , Operation Carwash. Something like the last 3 presidents are in jail or awaiting trial for corruption. Maybe he voted for the least bad. I don't claim to be an expert (nor am I an apologist for fascism), but I'm sure you can over-simplify this subject.

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