CF Granada vs Sporting Giron

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    CF Granada vs Real Sporting de Xixón

    After the Sarries match our cousins were playing Real Sporting de Xixón (no, me neither). Nine games into the season it was billed as a relegation battle - both teams playing a very defensive 4-4-2 - saying that it was quite a pacy game. A few things really stuck in my mind and a couple of questions for our compañeros:
    1. When the team captains met the refs before kick off I though, judging by the size of him, Sporting was being captained by Tyrion Lannister.
    2. "Our boy" Uche was quite anonymous.
    3. The Granada crowd were very noisy throughout the match - was this normal?
    4. The standard of refereeing, especially in the first half, was dire - was this normal?
    5. I always thought Granada's kit was very "original" (red & white striped shirt & blue shorts) but I noticed from wiki that Real Sporting de Xixón has a very similar kit as does Atletico Madrid - why is this?
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    Sporting Gijon ;)
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    Yes. I've watched a LOT of la liga matches, and the referees are always utter jobsworths; giving fouls when it's not deserved and not giving fouls when it is. My views anyway.
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