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  1. cazgoodwin66

    cazgoodwin66 Forum Tall Person

    it is someone pretending to be me , i just hope people have relised this , ok i no this is strictly not football but i would just like people to know.

    i am the real caz goodwin
  2. watford_pyro

    watford_pyro Squad Player

    but have u worked out who it really is yet caz hmmmmmm
  3. spikey_hornet

    spikey_hornet First Year Pro

    yeeeees who could it be, hhhmmmm
  4. Chewitt

    Chewitt Forum Extraordinaire

    It's callywinger/rookery1982(old mb). The only one who had a problem with caz.

  5. maddmicky

    maddmicky Academy Graduate

    only one idoit on here thats u. but who cares about caz this and that.
  6. Defunct

    Defunct First Team

    Girls, this forum will not go the same way the official board did, (apologies to our lovely female members). Thread closed, Caz I'm already investigating.
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