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  1. SkylaRose

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    Just binged ep 1 to 3 on E4 and I really like it. It's not just Batman with **** either, the storylines so far are really well done. I love the ongoing is she\isn't she when talking about Alice and or Beth.

    Ruby Rose is a good actress, loved her in Orange is the New Black and Resident Evil. The young Lukas Fox character is awesome and funny. Lots of people online hate it, it's been given at least a second season too.

    Wondered what you guys thought about it, or if it interests you.
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  2. hornmeister

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    Gotham was good as well. I'd recommend going back to that if you've not seen it.

    I'd also reccomend all of the Arrowverse stuff.

    Arrow itself was excellent and quite dark. The Flash & Legends add a bit of humour, Supergirl is a bit cheesy but they all dovetail well and the crossover episodes tie it all in together.
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  3. Moose

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    Is it about a person who is half woman, half bat or merely someone who dresses up like a bat? If it’s either I’m out.

    I would be interested if it is a woman doing conservation work with bats, especially if she allows them to settle on her like a big bat beard. But then that’s me with TV. Fickle.
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  4. I'm not keen on anything to do with bats at the moment.
  5. Moose

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    Damn you, I was having deep fried bat wings with a pangolin sauce for lunch. Snake and chips it is again then.
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  6. hornetgags

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    Watched a couple of episodes and then couldn't take anymore of it. The writing was amateurish, the dialogue was worse, the pandering to girl power was vomit inducing and the acting....ugh.

    A woman who doesn't need a man's help, so she goes to a man's house, steals his identity and his equipment and has a man modify the bat suit.

    It makes Batman Forever look like Citizen Kane.
  7. Moose

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    By a happy coincidence, today is Bat Appreciation Day. Hmm, yum yum, nom, nom, nom...

    The Woodland Trust
    We're lucky to have 18 species of #bat in the UK The best time to spot bats is from May - September, when they come out of hibernation. Look for them hunting insects at sunset or sunrise on a warm dry day.

    Learn more about them this #BatAppreciationDay
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  8. reids

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    I really liked Arrow, up until it became mostly about his gang. Same with Flash - liked it initially but then the big bad for each season being another fast guy got boring.
  9. Agree about all this.

    Gotham was excellent. A shame that ended so early but I really loved it.

    I like all the arrow verse stuff. Even team arrow is ok except the lovey-dovey breaking up getting back together felicity bits which get really boring.

    Flash started brilliantly and was really upbeat and fun but he became a bit depressing and gloomy after a while so last couple of seasons have been a bit of a struggle.

    Supergirl is also pretty good aside from all the emotional bits that seem to big down a lot of episodes.

    Legends of tomorrow is a bit cheesy but always a bit of fun and escapism.

    Batgirl is ok but not great yet in my opinion.

    All of these shows are really good when the action and fight scenes are going and the pace is fast but I think they all get too bogged down in the emotional side of things too much, especially in later seasons.

    Most annoying thing about batgirl is it forms part 2 of the 5 part crisis series but isn't airing in the UK until may. I guess I could find it somewhere but just feels like e4 could do a decent thing and put the first 9 episodes up straight away.
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  10. hornmeister

    hornmeister Administrator Staff Member

    To be honest I didn't notice it was missing from crisis
  11. Oh really?! Guess it doesn't add much to the story then!
  12. I literally waited all this time to watch them in order and the Batwoman episode adds literally nothing whatsoever to the crisis story.

    It never talks about crisis aside from about a 2 second mention of something that happened in episode 1.

    Looks like this will be rebooted with a new actress anyway and it's getting pretty awful and repetitive so probably a good thing.
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  13. hornmeister

    hornmeister Administrator Staff Member

    I'm still enjoying it to be honest. The other franchises lost some darkness and became less adult and this fills a hole.
    Ruby has quit and they don't want to replace the Kate Kane character but do want a new Batwoman. The producers have been quoted as saying they are keen to keep up the BLT+-% casting. I'd quite like to see her ex girlfriend and crow take over the role which would be fairly easy to write in, or from Supergirl, Alex Danvers (who's recently come out) or Nia Nal/Dreamer who is Trans. Something that can be sorted out with next season;s crossover episodes. Also Legends is a good platform for rotating through characters so they could pinch from there.
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  14. SkylaRose

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    I loved RR in the role, but respect her wishes. Not sure who I would want, quite a few names have been thrown about. I think Alfred's daughter would fit in especially with the Batman ethos link.

    Rachel Skarsten is fantastic as Alice.
  15. I was wrong. The episode I thought was 9 was actually 10. They've dropped episode 9 until the end of the season. So another 10 weeks.

    By which time all the other series remaining episodes will also have fallen off of sky.

    Absolutely useless by E4. So I watched all the other crisis anyway and e4 can shove the rest of Batwoman up the Jokers ass.

    And now I have about 5 weeks to watch the rest of flash, Supergirl and legends. And will have to find the last few arrows somewhere as they've now dropped off of sky.
  16. hornmeister

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