Arsenal 3-0 Watford FC - 11/03/2018

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  1. Yep. Love Mapps but he lost the plot, didn't know where his man was or where the ball was going. Not having a go at him, just recognising that it wasn't a stellar moment; luckily though, for Mapps, the next nearest player was Holebas who knew where the man and the ball were and got in a challenge. Doing badly within five minutes of Holebas getting involved is a get out of gaol free for any other player, because, for some, Jose is gonna be responsible for whatever bad thing happens next...

    Reminds me of Gueds. Seemed the guy could get substituted, pop in and have a shower, and then get the blame for a goal ten minutes later, with analysis and pictures.
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  2. The undeniable truth

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    Yes. Nnnnn seemed a pretty switched on poster. I expect there is a huge inheritance out there for the forum with Mrs Nnnn desperately trying to find his login details.
  3. kVA

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    Maybe they didn’t know they were going until @Clive named them in a matchday thread?
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    Anfield 99 proved a false dawn.
  5. RookeryDad

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    Password almost certainly Scullion, I would guess.
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    1-Nil, and we cost fck all 1-Nil
  7. Diamond

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    Forgot to mention, I was listening to this match on 5 live, (I think), on the way back from my Mums. "Motty" was commentating for his last game and I have to say the commentary was bl**dy appalling. Thank god he's gone. Let me give an example, of which there were many:

    So Motty decides to talk about the World Cup for a few minutes during the game, and you can hear the crowd in the background so you know there's stuff happening on the pitch. Suddenly he shouts, "here's a chance" and both me and my son in the car shout back "who to"? Goodbye and good riddance, never thought he was that good anyway.
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    Apparently he totally missed he 3rd goal!

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