Appeal for help (well, money).

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    Firstly, thanks to @domthehornet for letting me post this here.

    As most of you know, my youngest is disabled and he is just starting to attend St Luke's (these kids start their school change early because with their disabilities it can take a long time to transition them into a new environment). The place is wonderful and is often, euphemistically, described as a "rural school" - parts of it are basically a farm/smallholding where a lot of the kids "learn" from looking after animals and plants. I used inverted commas as for some of the pupils their education is just trying to make sense of the world around them.

    I'll let one of the St Luke's staff tell you what happened:

    The cops have been pretty good and have been arranging for collections to pay for the return of the donkeys.

    Myself and the kids would be very grateful if you could spare anything to replace this essential and worthwhile resource that the school (and children) has lost by visiting their just giving page for more details and where it's claimed that even just sharing their appeal on facebook is worth something.

    Thanks in advance for anything you can do for them.
  2. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    What gets into people to do something like that? How does smashing up and burning the little kids school give any satisfaction?

    I don't get the mentality. Best of luck with this appeal Bwood and bump back to the top.
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    How dreadful.

    The very best of luck I shall certainly do something.

    It never ceases to amaze me how many saps there are on this planet but I think you will be warmed by how many decent people rally around.
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  5. Arakel

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    Those poor donkeys must have been terrified. :/

    Hopefully the classroom gets rebuilt in short order!
  6. Bwood_Horn

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    Some news/update:
    Once again, thanks for all of the help and support.
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    @PhilippineOrn's "bump" has just reminded me - this is from Friday's (21/07/17) St Luke's School newsletter:

    My son and myself, on behalf of all of the staff and pupils at St Luke's, would like to thank all of the WFC_Forumeers who have made any contribution to help "us" reach this fantastic total.
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    Might be of interest to someone on here:

    It's only open to parents/carers of attendees at the three St Luke's family schools BUT if anyone's interested PM me with your bid and I'll enter it.
  10. Ah the old "Taylor Swift summer fete money scam". Wondered how long it would take to surface on here.
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    News from the coal-face:

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    I must be a thick **** because I cant work out how to donate!
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    The appeal closed on the 30th July last year.
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    ah ok I didnt read the dates. Hope it's on the way to being sorted.
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    And it was so successful the 'school' has decided to think big.

    The Blue Tangerine federation are the SEND schools of St Luke's, Collett and the Forest House Education Centre (providing tier 4 CAMHS hospital provision). They're planning to run, in Sept 2021, a Kilimanjaro fundraising expedition/event. Announcement video here (nb FB link, apols.).

    They're holding a virtual information evening on Oct 15th and anyone who's interested in doing something 'different' that helps 'different' children should register here.

    Many thanks to @hornmeister for allowing the plug.
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    Oops - didn’t look at the date and was about to try to donate to bring the donkeys back! Hope the latest fundraising goes well.
  18. Moose

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    Forum members who answered this appeal late will be pleased to know their donations have been transferred to WFC Transfer Account ‘C’ and will go towards buying us a new left back.
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