Amazon to show PL matches

Discussion in 'General Football & Other Sport' started by Bwood_Horn, Jun 7, 2018.

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    I've never used Amazon Prime before so I may use the free month they offer when that kicks in.
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  5. a19tgg

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    I’ve akready got amazon prime so it’s all good.

    Am I reading it right though... they’ve won the rights to show 10 games at the same time over a bank holiday and Boxing Day?

    Surely you can only watch one game at a time so that’s two games you can effectively watch?
  6. Beekayess

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    Apologies for asking what to many will be basic questions, but ……… how does this work ? We have cable through Virgin, and I assume we need one of the Fire Sticks (?) to access Amazon Prime through the television ? If we wanted to watch the football in 2 rooms at the same time (or, more realistically, have different matches on different televisions at the same time) do we need 2 Fire Sticks ?
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    It depends, are your TVs smart TVs? All of the TVs in my house have Amazon on them already, or it can be downloaded onto the TV as an app. So you don’t need a fire stick you just click in the app and open up Amazon video. As for watching it on more than one device, I’m not actually sure because I’ve never tried but I’d be surprised if you couldn’t.
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    Thanks. Sorry, I should have said - I'm not sure whether or not the televisions are smart. I think they may "appear" to be smart because they are each hooked up to Virgin Tivo boxes. That's the main reason that I thought I'd need a stick(s) (but I may have misunderstood and got the wrong end of the .....).

    I am certainly NOT smart when it comes to all of this stuff.
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  9. Meh!

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    Amazon Prime have recently moved all their premium music that was included over to a dedicated music channel that you now have to pay more for.

    Don't think that having Amazon Prime will mean you get the premier league games included.

    They will probably give you a couple of games under prime before moving it to their premium Amazon service.

    They will stitch us all up.
  10. UEA_Hornet

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    Yeah but they have Boxing Day, where most people only want to watch one game involving their own team. And the same will likely apply to the midweek round they have too. So a couple of games will likely be enough.

    The stuff I've read about it suggests Amazon sees the PL content as a loss-leader. Very much a 'take a free trial for the football, stay and pay for the rest' approach.
  11. GoingDown

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    You could always cancel now and when the PL on Amazon rolls around you could get a free trial just for the games and then laugh in their face when you cancel it after.

    Stitch THEM up!

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