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    It was this sort of behaviour that killed off the bakers and candlestick makers.
    I can honestly say I haven't bought a candlestick in ages.

    And as for the specialist bakers, my missus and sons larf when I tell them you can get a free bakery item when you spend £50 every month at Lidl.
    Of course I get the higher priced £1.29 sourdough loaf.

    Yesterday was my birthday and Lidl sent me a message wishing me a happy birthday and offering me a free doughnut of my choice.
    The hazelnut chocolate doughnut went down a treat.
    And did the missus and my boys larf !
    But they always larf when I keep telling them every penny counts. :(

    The Germans are killing off our independent bakers.
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    Blimey, what was the sell-by date on that joke Reg? 1969?
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    I went to the library and asked the assistant if they had any books on turtles.

    ‘Hardback?’ she asked.

    ‘Yes, with four little legs’
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    As an aside...the French fella who presented Eurotrash is still going strong over here in Paris. Has daily radio show and weekly telly thing. Depressingly, he has barely aged. His daughter is now a telly star over here, and looks like she'd do well at the Golden Globes:
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    I hope we win!

    U ‘Orns
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    Tonight's University Challenge had 3 bonus questions on the great John Walters. Unsurprisingly, the thick Cambridge college students hadn't got a clue who he was, despite me shouting the answers directly at them Surely an ideal set of questions for an immature mature student.
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    Just googled him and still no idea who he is
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    Would help if I spelt his name correctly. It's John Waters.


    The Pop of Trash, synonymous with making funny films in bad taste. His earlier films featured Divine but his later output contained people from popular culture such as Ricki Lake, Iggy Pop, Debbie Harry, Traci Lords and more conventional stars, Johnny Depp, Melanie Griffith, Tracey Ulman, Kathleen Turner. Pink Flamingos is probably his most controversial film but most of his work contains things to offend the faint-hearted.

    This is a good intro to his pre-90s work:

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    She can ride on my saucy seesaw saucisson
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    His favourite review of himself and his work is "...John Waters has finally climbed-up to the level of the gutter."
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    John Walters was John Peel's producer.
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    Yes, I know.
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    Is Parkie still in Viz?
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    Don't think he's been in for a while but they do bring back old characters now and again. Morris Day Sexual Pervert was back in the last issue and the Bottom Inspectors were in the one before that.
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