Werewolf XVI: Day 7

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  1. 352

    352 Moderator

    I am in work until 2, so the anonymous messages may come a little later than they are sent. They will be timestamped as per usual, so hopefully this will not adversely affect the gameplay too much.


    Cassetti’s Beard was angry. He was angry at himself, and angry at the village.

    “We should have rid this place of the wolves DAYS AGO.” He was shouting at no one in particular, pacing up and down his hallway.

    A knock at the door was ignored, and before CB knew what was happening he was pinned against the wall with a werewolf’s hand around his throat. Slamming him hard against the wall, the wolf the wolf was angry. He let CB drop and walked away briefly.

    Gasping for air, and feeling at his neck for bruising, CB was terrified.

    All of a sudden, the wolf attacked CB from behind with an axe. Chopping at his back and neck, this was one of the most gruesome kills of the wolf’s career.

    A loud buzzing could be heard from the centre of the village. A woodchipper was being fired up in CB’s back garden. The wolf fed CB’s body into the woodchipper after killing him, and all but the lower leg and foot remained this morning.

    The woodchipper sprayed red blood and pieces of CB’s body. Cassetti’s Beard was GOOD.

    Elsewhere, a new wolf was on the prowl. The full moon last night had focused its energy on this villager, and so it was that there would be another killing last night.

    He crept up the driveway of another villager’s home.

    Wolf spotted, this villager knew their fate, and so took a moment to step outside his front door. The wolf was new, and didn’t stop him from saying his final words.

    PhilippineOrn stood calmly and defiantly.

    "I've seen things, you people wouldn't believe. Moog being ripped to shreds and the turning out to be evil. I watched darave8 killed thanks to one belt in the b*llocks. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.”

    “F*** off with your soliloquy.”

    A shotgun was utilized for this one – perhaps to make sure of this novice wolf’s first confirmed kill. After a few shots to the midriff, the wolf used the red blood of his victim to draw up his introductory message to the village:


    PhilippineOrn was GOOD.

    The Guardian sat in front of the entrance to merchandiseman41’s shop all night, with Pro Plus and Relentless his best friends. Nothing happened though, and at dawn a good sleep was needed.

    Abso did wake up from his coma last night by the way, knowing that if he slipped back into it the following day he’d be dead.


    cthulhu - EVIL – Killed Night 2
    Otter - GOOD – Killed Night 1
    Meh! - GOOD – Killed Night 2
    Diamond - EVIL (Confirmed wolf) – Killed Night 3
    Cude>2< - EVIL – Lynched Day 1
    Harrow Orn - GOOD – Lynched Day 6
    miked2006 - VERY GOOD – Lynched Day 4
    Jellyman - GOOD – Killed Night 3
    simms - GOOD – Killed Night 1
    The Voice of Reason - GOOD (Governor) – Lynched Day 2
    nairobi hornet
    Norwayhornet - VERY GOOD – Killed Night 2
    AshdonWFC - VERY GOOD – Killed Night 4
    darave8 - GOOD – Lynched Day 3
    Cassetti’s Beard - GOOD – Killed Night 6
    wfcmoog - EVIL - Lynched Day 5
    With A Smile
    fox in the box - GOOD – Killed Night 4
    PhilippineOrn - GOOD – Killed Night 6
    Daft Row - GOOD – Killed due to inactivity on Night 3
    Oxhey Hornet - GOOD – Killed Night 5
    steve harrow

    Players remaining: 12

    The village closes at 8pm. Please get your votes in for the lynching by then.
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  2. With A Smile

    With A Smile First Team

    WOW - this is early

    A heavey reliance on the seer today, think its time for no more mud slinging, a little less fishing and a lot less jesting. Time to start to put some logical thinking behind this
  3. HappyHornet24

    HappyHornet24 Crapster Staff Member

    Morning WAS. I had an untypical Monday night tipple or two and am suffering post-Pimm's insomnia as a result. What's your excuse for being up in the village so early?
    Losing PO and CB is a big blow. I thought CB might be a mason. I won't be on here until late morning today as, yes, I'm walking the dog. But since I'm awake early I've taken the chance to read back through some of Ashdon's posts, since he was named as 'very good'. We don't know what he did or didn't know but he definitely tried to steer us away from lynching miked & towards Moog. He said to look at who was going for miked and Nairobi and he also suggested that a very quiet player voting with the crowd should be on our radar.
    So who went for miked & Nairobi? WAS and norniron. Quiet players voting with the crowd? Hmm, most of those who are left but Steve Harrow and merchandiseman are possible (unless Opti's played a blinder by staying so far off radar people have forgotten he's playing when he's actually the Wolf.)
    Btw, Squibba - cheeky to say you and I have both been crap. I may not have played a blinder but in the last 2 days at least I haven't voted for a good player to be lynched so not quite in your category ;)
  4. With A Smile

    With A Smile First Team

    I'm always up at that time, set off to work at 6 to open up the offices before 7.
  5. merchandiseman41

    merchandiseman41 Reservist

    Morning all. Thank you Guardian. Good points Happy but to just clarify.. I voted early yesterday and was pretty vocal over Harrow... sadly I got it wrong.

    Not much Internet today where I am and my job is manual but I will try to be as active as I can
  6. steve harrow

    steve harrow Reservist

    Morning all. So it's 10 against 2 now. The only consolation is all 3 good killed in the last 12 hours are merely "good" and don't appear to have special roles. As such, the Seer should still be alive.

    Seer, remember that what you say today can also help us tomorrow and beyond. We don't know if the new wolf has already been declared good so everyone is a suspect again.
  7. With A Smile

    With A Smile First Team

    Good Point Steve

    10 v 2 isn't as bad as it sounds. The seer themselves know they are good and they know who they viewed yesterday and whether they are good, so that brings it down to 2 from 8 from the seers point of view

    We MUST trust what we believe to be the seers message today, not go off track, follow the messages and the facts

    Opps sorry ( edited )

    so that brings it down to 2 v 8 from the seers point of view
  8. nornironhorn

    nornironhorn Administrator Staff Member

    When did I vote for Nairobi?
  9. steve harrow

    steve harrow Reservist

    Whoever the Seer saw as good yesterday could still be evil today. It's essentially a clean slate. The Seer's chances are 2 vs 9, unless there's still a tinker out there.

    One good thing though - the wolves definitely don't know each other (albeit new wolf may have had suspicions before the full moon).

    Edit: that said, whoever the Seer viewed yesterday has, together with Nairobi, a lesser chance of being a wolf than the rest of us because those 2 can only be the new wolf whereas the majority could be the alpha. That's right, yes?
  10. With A Smile

    With A Smile First Team

    Makes sense to me

    not sure if i want an early seers message, or for the seer to wait till everyone has had an opinion and then choose someone to view
  11. nairobi hornet

    nairobi hornet Reservist

    Crap! Sorry guys! Do have a small suspicion but will wait until the messages come.
  12. merchandiseman41

    merchandiseman41 Reservist

    I had a back up possibility yesterday but tbh I can't pin anything on him. Abso was silent all day and if he had posted one of the messages wouldn't he have been active elsewhere?

    Or did 352 wake him from the coma just so he could go kill?

    I know speculation but I'm putting it out there
  13. steve harrow

    steve harrow Reservist

    Killing off what would have then been the only wolf for inactivity would have been a disappointing end to a fantastic game so 352 would have more reason to spare Abso than he would for a normal villager.

    And Abso was mentioned in a message yesterday but didn't attract the attention Harrow (since proven good) and WAS did. The Abso message also said WAS would be viewed today. Should be interesting.
  14. HappyHornet24

    HappyHornet24 Crapster Staff Member

    Not saying you voted for Nairobi; more that you were one of the most vocal of those against voting for Moog.
  15. merchandiseman41

    merchandiseman41 Reservist

    And still no bite from him.

    He has perhaps been the most inactive of us quiet players.

    To go back to Friday I based my fears of Harrow on the Simple Villager Line. Did the Wolf start us up the wrong path by using that line to impliment Harrow?
  16. HappyHornet24

    HappyHornet24 Crapster Staff Member

    Does anyone have a view on whether we have any masons left?
  17. nairobi hornet

    nairobi hornet Reservist

    I think we have lost three of them now
  18. nornironhorn

    nornironhorn Administrator Staff Member

    They would be very stupid to give up their roles now if there are any left as the two wolves won't know each other

    And who did I vote for that day? By being vocal, do you mean I was one of the people saying all day I thought he was good but we had no alternative at all but to vote for him?
  19. wfcSinatra

    wfcSinatra Predictor Choker 14/15

    Sorry was sleeping, not a lot we can do till the messages come in to be honest.

    Does yesterdays result clear WAS or not?
  20. nairobi hornet

    nairobi hornet Reservist

    No it doesn't
  21. With A Smile

    With A Smile First Team


    Sitting on my side of the fence yes it does

    If I was sitting on your side of the fence then no it doesn't

    As steve said, anyone that has been named as good, which effectively is myself and Nairobi could well have become a wolf during the full moon.

    Although i haven't climbed over the fence
  22. With A Smile

    With A Smile First Team

    Squibba - Been active, played dumb
    sonofben - A bit in and out, followed me in voting for Diamond early
    HeppyHornet24 - Has a dog and walks it a lot. Offered to help with an Anne Summers party, around early and later in the day
    merchandiseman41 - More of an afternoon player. Not over committal
    nairobi hornet - Been quite vocal, named good
    wfcmatt - very logical, Moogest
    Optimistichornet - Very experienced, so far below the radar last seen swimming with the Titanic
    WatfordTalk - Quite quiet, not been contriversial
    With A Smile - Erratic, not used logic, gone gun hoe. Likes fishing and got a few bites
    nornironhorn - In and out at times, contributed, very logical
    steve harrow - expirianced, not a lot flusters steve, not been questioned
    Abso - Makes Opti look like TVOR hyperactive mate
  23. wfcmatt

    wfcmatt First Year Pro

    Haha, actually made me laugh.

    Got to wait for the messages today, as right now we have pretty much nothing to go on. Bad news is there's 2 wolfies about, but on the brighter side it does double our chances of lynching one!
  24. wfcSinatra

    wfcSinatra Predictor Choker 14/15

    Still 2 hours till things can get going:drinking:
  25. merchandiseman41

    merchandiseman41 Reservist

    Last line is awesome.

    You do realise us inexperienced players get worried about making a statement.

    I wonder if Abso is the same as me and just scared?

    Has anyone looked to see if he is posting on the other boards recently or just here?
  26. Abso

    Abso First Year Pro

    Haha no i am not scared just unfortunately realised my time commitment is not right for this game. as much as i would love to be more active. work and family prevent it.

    i am good i think it is either a genuine seer yesterday or it was the wolf trying to raise suspicion of me being the alfa by declaring myself good.
  27. 352

    352 Moderator

    Message received at midday.
  28. nornironhorn

    nornironhorn Administrator Staff Member

    I think its an unwritten rule that you can't do that.

    Someone mentioned it in one of the threads for this werewolf
  29. 352

    352 Moderator

    Message received a few minutes ago.

    (Apologies again for the tardy message. I've been at work so get the chance to have a look at my phone only every so often.)
  30. steve harrow

    steve harrow Reservist

    Scared of what? Arousing suspicion? Being noticed and getting killed (by either side)?

    Harsh as it may seem, a good player who contributes very little isnt as helpful to the cause as those who spot inaccuracies, highlight evidence and share theories.
  31. steve harrow

    steve harrow Reservist

    First message says village been "completely reset". Not true. The very good and mason roles remain as does the alpha wolf! A very misleading statement and my first reaction was it's from the wolf.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2015
  32. nornironhorn

    nornironhorn Administrator Staff Member

    Well at least after tomorrow we will be down to one wolf as one of these messages will be telling the truth
  33. nairobi hornet

    nairobi hornet Reservist

    So 50/50 choice, people had suspicions of was yesterday and the wolf killed off two who voted for was last night. For that reason I am leaning towards was
  34. HappyHornet24

    HappyHornet24 Crapster Staff Member

    Whether you're being honest or not, I do actually sympathise with and relate to this. This game can really make you doubt yourself, especially if you're not one of the more experienced players. I'm certainly in the category of those who sometimes hold back from posting a punchy view for fear of being ridiculed for it. Which is weird because, in "real life" I have no such qualms.

    Glad to see we have some messages to go on. At least we know one out of WAS and Squibba are evil.
  35. HappyHornet24

    HappyHornet24 Crapster Staff Member

    That makes sense unless this is precisely the train of thought the wolf wanted us to follow.
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