Watford programmes 70 - 77

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    70 - 71 Hull, Blackburn, Carlisle, Norwich, Sheff U, Brum, LUTON!, Bolton, Oxford, Sheff Weds, Orient, Bristol C, Pompey, Charlton, Swindon

    72 - 3 Guildford (FA Cup), Bristol R, Port Vale, Halifax, Wrexham

    75 - 6 QPR Ian Morgan test
    76-7 Brentford League cup, Brentford

    All pretty good condition, most with the wonderful Football League magazine, articles for example is their too much football on TV".

    All great condition, reasonably clean, no rust, the old central fold, not mint

    Any offer - job lot or individual to finish your collection. Have also used them as Xmas cards (I don't spoil them by writing on them of course). As a former teenage collector I know that they are now not of great value, but nice to reminisce and a great bit of social history jumpers for goalposts and grass roots. I'll split any takings between a charity of your or my choice and beer. Not sure if you can personal message on this, but can arrange pick up through a mate with a season ticket if we need to do it via this thread.

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