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Discussion in 'The Golden Years' started by Stevohorn, Feb 24, 2019.

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    I find it slightly concerning that Harriet looked identical to Harry, but with long eyelashes. Are we sure they weren't related?
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    I’ve got a feeling they could well have been Brother and Sister born in China, their Mum had sewn an identical name tag in their suits both had the same surname XXXL
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    Yes, I was standing in the Vic road end. An amazing day and an absolutely unbelievable season.

    In some ways I, and those of our generation were spoiled. Going from the fourth tier to the second best team in the land, in just a few years, is an achievement that is beyond incredible.

    But, at the time to me, it seemed an inevitable consequence of a journey that GOD and Elton had set us on when they joined forces all the years ago.
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    Not forgetting a great goal in that game by Martin Patching. I was right in line with the flight of it and I can still see it arrowing into the top corner beyond Grobelaar.
    I also remember waiting on the terrace afterwards to hear the news that Man U had lost at Notts County to secure our second place. Great day.
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    We re not Norwich
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    Was indeed a great day. As an impressionable 15year old I ran on the pitch at the final whistle with a few hundred others. Grobelaar was directly in front of us and running up to him I asked him if I could have his gloves. His answer was very clearly for me to "Fxxx right off".

    Which I did.

    He wasn't so much of a clown face to face.
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    Fred Sargent athlete extraordinaire and striker here in 1890 for Watford Rovers prior to their first match at the Cassio Road ground occupied by West Herts. The club changed their name to West Herts becoming an affiliate as part of the football division allowing them to use the then verdant expanse now encroached upon by development.

    Sargent was drawing to the end of his career having played already for many seasons for a variety of local teams that flourished as elsewhere with football becoming part of the national consciousness. He started out in 1874 with The Clarendon either named after its benefactor or drawn from the area around the Clarendon Hotel before moving on to the short lived Hertfordshire Rangers.

    When that ceased to exist he played for St.Albans the precursors of St.Albans City bagging eighty odd goals in fifty matches between 1883-95 before eventually ending up as captain of Watford Rovers. This was the time when a player could turn out for several sides in a season with Watford Rovers having first dibs at a call up.

    A short stocky centre forward with blistering pace (he was a champion sprinter as a youth) who could play on the right wing he was into his early thirties when playing for the Rovers. For the Rovers and West Herts he scored some 161 goals in 152 games.

    At West Herts he was also opening batsman in the summers while not working for LNWR whose lines passed through Watford Junction. Awarded an OBE not for his sporting accomplishments but for long service with that company he passed away on the 13th April 1942 aged 84 having seen the formation of Watford FC and remaining a keen supporter.
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    I've just gone through this thread for the first time and it has brought back some amazing memories. I didn't get to see Fred Sargent, unfortunately, as I wasn't in the area at the time. We could do with a goalscorer like him now.
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    Great goals per game stats, could be the striker we looking for ?
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