Watford Fc 4-1 Manchester United - 20/11/2021

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What will the result be

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  1. Deeney penalty

  2. Micah Hyde 50/50 draw

  3. None of the above

  1. Otter

    Otter Gambling industry insider


    After yet another international break, the final one of the Autumn, with the return of domestic we welcome Manchester's second biggest team.

    Both teams come in to the match following a poor set of results prior to the break, with pressure mounting on ex-Cardiff manager Ole Gunnar Solskaer; who unlike with his previous employment may just avoid the drop. However having not won the league since 2013 when Ferguson retired the locals (sic) are getting restless as they dream back to the glory days.

    As things were getting a bit stale of just making it to Europe (see Arsenal for details) the club have started to shake things up a bit by bringing back an old favourite to increase shirt sales in Singapore and maybe score a penalty or two. Unfortunately they found that Teddy Sherringham had retired so plumped for Ronaldo instead.

    Currently you never know what you are going to get with a Man United team, they will either play top form and sweep you away, fall over a lot and grind out a hollow one goal win, or play like headless chickens. We certainly would make the last one our priority so don't expect a classic.

    Previous visits

    For many year from the late 80s through to 2016, in the handful of times Man United visited the Vic, it was a happy hunting ground. Then enter Mazzarri who chain-smoked his way to victory, courtesy of goals from Capoue, the lesser-spotted-Zuniga and an obligatory Deeney penalty.

    Then two seasons ago, we had gone all season until the last match before Christmas without a home win, when De Gea transpired to Vaseline up his gloves for a laugh which massivelt backfired when Sarr scored followed by an obligatory Deeney penalty.

    Where will the goals come from?

    Since promotion in 2015 every visit of Manchester United had resulted in a home penalty put away by Deeney, who incidentally felt it wasn't fair so on one occasion scored an own-goal two minutes later to keep the big boys happy.

    Other than that, to answer the question, some shots on target may help.


    I'm sure Pogba and Kucka can amuse themselves in the Wenzels on Vicarage Road while the match goes on.

  2. SkylaRose

    SkylaRose Administrator Staff Member

    I think I detest Man Utd's fans' more than the side. If you want to see a home game full of plastics, that is where to go. Goldbridge can be pretty entertaining, especially when they lose. This is game number 2 of our month of death run of fixtures, and against Arsenal we did "ok" as far as damage to the GD goes. United can be plain Jane average at times, hence there is no real reason to sit back for 90mins and hold out for a point. We are capable of winning this, but Ole under pressure means a united win most of the time (Spuds).

    If we play well on the counter, hope Sarr is over his post season sulk and get the midfield balance correct, then it's not a game I am terrified of getting a Liverpool-esque slapping in. However, having lost our last two matches, and not won since opening day at the Vic (cup excluded) - it's more for them to lose than us to win for rep sake. Let's hope "Ole's not at the wheel" at full time after we send his boy's packing.

  3. Diamond

    Diamond First Team

    A loss here and Ole is out of a job.
  4. wfcmoog

    wfcmoog Tinpot

    Must win game.

    Nothing else to be said.

    Close thread.
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  5. RS2

    RS2 Reservist

    Would be happy with 3 points from this one.
  6. HeiaWatford

    HeiaWatford First Year Pro

    Personally think it's an excellent time to play them. I certainly don't hold them as a massive threat. Get in their faces from the start and we could see a positive result.
  7. Lloyd

    Lloyd Squad Player

    If they don't sack Ollie between now and Saturday and Maguire plays we must stand a good chance. Then again, with Troost Ekong/Cathcart/Massina/Rose up against even an ageing Ronaldo, I'll settle for a point
  8. domthehornet

    domthehornet Moderator Staff Member

    Play like we did against Arsenal and we have a good chance of getting something out of the game. Stick Sarr on the left please as he is half decent there for Senegal and was for Rennes.
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  9. jackwfc

    jackwfc Academy Graduate

    For me Sarr has to play on the left in this one, he’s become way too predictable on the right, and they won’t be expecting it. (This idea has been influenced from his goal against Congo).
  10. Chumlax

    Chumlax Squad Player

    You raise a good point, which is that we'd have to be fuccking insane not to start Sierralta given Ronald's aerial prowess and knack for scoring jammy last-minute headers.
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  11. jackwfc

    jackwfc Academy Graduate

    I think and to some extent hope we put in another half decent performance like we did at the Emirates.

    However I think we will end up losing just like in North London.

    Watford 1-3 Manchester United
  12. jackwfc

    jackwfc Academy Graduate

    Hopefully this will be the game will mark the start of a strong, premier league quality centre back partnership between Nkoulou and Big Fran. Surely we won’t see one of WTE or Cathcart start again.
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  13. Cthulhu

    Cthulhu Keyboard Warrior Staff Member

    Lose and OGS will go. There is no way such a big team will stand losing to little old us.

    Ill plump for a standard Utd victory. They'll get the lions share of ref decisions as well. Our powderpuff and rapidly decaying defence making at least 1-2 mistakes.

    I will be at a wedding for this match with brother and father in law who are Utd Fans, neither have ever been to old Trafford and live in north Essex obviously
  14. RS2

    RS2 Reservist

    I think people are massively underestimating Man Utd. Yes they've been **** recently but they have Ronaldo, Cavani, Fernandes, Rashford, Greenwood, Sancho, Martial and Lingard. It could easily be another thumping at The Vic.
  15. Burnsy

    Burnsy First Team

    Sierralta has been away in South America - so I would expect Cathcart to start personally.
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  16. Cthulhu

    Cthulhu Keyboard Warrior Staff Member

    I think it will be a standard beating by 3 but not a city/Liverpool humiliation
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  17. Cthulhu

    Cthulhu Keyboard Warrior Staff Member

    Couldn't we have dressed Cathcart in a wig and sent him to South America and played Sierralta ourselves?
  18. Chumlax

    Chumlax Squad Player

    Fuccking hell; just checked the fixtures entirely in hope rather than expectation, and their last game kicks off at what will be 00.15 on Wednesday morning. There's no fuccking way he's going to make it, is there. Shyte.

    Looking forward to Ronaldo rising high like a salmon against Cathcarthorse's dribbling waterfall in the 92nd minute to score his fourth headed goal of the match.
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  19. RS2

    RS2 Reservist

    Cathcart against his former club, he'll put in an epic performance to show them what they missed out on.
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  20. reids

    reids Squad Player

    Fun fact, out the 59 centre-backs in the league that have played more than 300 minutes - Cathcart ranks 40th for aerial win % (with 61%). Also interestingly WTE is 5th best which surprised me (winning 80% of his aerial duels) - only Thiago Silva, Federico Fernandez, Lindelof and Jonny Evans rank higher.
  21. Burnsy

    Burnsy First Team

    Cathcart is in better club form than Maguire. Which is frankly, fu*king hilarious.
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  22. Chumlax

    Chumlax Squad Player

    In total fairness from me, WTE's aerial prowess is not one of his main areas of calamity by any means, but yeah, that still seems really quite surprising.

    Serious question - is there a scenario in which he chooses not to challenge aerially as much in the first place, or only goes for duels that he would appear to have a higher chance of winning in the first place, that might go some way to explaining that ratio? Even though it's not one of his problem areas, I don't at all have an idea of WTE as aerially impressive or dominant - is that purely my own false perception, or are there other factors at play?
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  23. Robert Peel

    Robert Peel Reservist

    They'll be there won't they, sitting amongst us. We all see them at these type of games.

    The people who whip their camera phones out everytime a United player is near them on the pitch. The people who don't go to Old Trafford as you "can't get a ticket" or "it's too far". The people who have a thoroughly southern accent. People who get a semi because they are actually watching a team they claim to be "theirs" in person. The people that United fans in the north west look down on in disgust. The people who look petrified about sitting near actual football regulars.

    At least our shambolic ticketing system will probably reduce them to tears as they are stood outside long after kick off, missing vital minutes of a very rare occasion to see and breathe the same air as their heroes.
  24. wfc4ever

    wfc4ever First Team Captain

    They seem to be better away from home too ..
  25. Gromit

    Gromit Academy Graduate

    It's most likely a given that Sancho (should he play) will score against us.
  26. Gromit

    Gromit Academy Graduate

    Should Ronaldo play against us - the last time he would have played us would have been 14th April 2007 in the FA cup semi final. That's 14 years since he last played a game against us. I wonder if there has been a longer gap between two single games for a player to face the hornets.
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  27. LouOrns

    LouOrns Academy Graduate

    You reckon? I think if we play anything like we did vs Arsenal, we lose 3-0
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  28. Jumbolina

    Jumbolina First Team

    My favourite bit is when they chant “United, United” in a Manc accent.
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  29. duewizard

    duewizard Academy Graduate

    Ronaldo might be a bit demoralised after they lost their automatic place in the WC and Sarr scored 2 past Congo yesterday so he might be in a good mood for once.

    1-0 Watford
  30. wfcSinatra

    wfcSinatra Predictor Choker 14/15

    I think Ole uses this to temporarily answer critics and sends us for 6.
  31. SkylaRose

    SkylaRose Administrator Staff Member

    Nah, that'll happen when the other half of Manchester visit in early December and as per usual we collectively $hat ourselves and roll over to see how anyone can get Pep to sign off on Ben's Youtube channel the fastest.
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  32. SkylaRose

    SkylaRose Administrator Staff Member

    I really like your optimism.
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  33. lutonh8a

    lutonh8a Reservist

    I find it bizarre when I see Manchester United and Liverpool fans who have never even been to either of the cities calling each other manc bastards and Scouse ******* etc...

    My housemate is a United fan from Manchester and we had a chat recently about United fans. He said southern United fans piss him off and are part of the reason he don't like attending home games anymore. He says the atmosphere is **** because it's full of tourists.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2021
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  34. domthehornet

    domthehornet Moderator Staff Member

    We looked a stark improvement against Arsenal which is the worrying thing.
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  35. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team

    Jonathan Moss will be the official on Saturday. Not sure what we've done to deserve Kevin Friend and Moss back-to-back, but now I know he's in charge, there's no point in even taking interest in this game. Be another match we have to write-off because of referee result manipulation.

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