Violence Against Women: What Is To Be Done?

Discussion in 'Politics 2.0' started by Moose, Oct 2, 2021.

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    I am not, for a moment, going to believe that is how you read the comment I made. I will leave you to ponder how others will consider the argument you are (no longer) making in light of the post above.
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    Female Labour MP found guilty of harassment of a woman she didn't like.

    Threatened her partner's ex with an acid attack, and said she would send the woman's nude photos to her children. All of it was taped and presented in court.

    Classy. She was Corbyn's 'anti' anti-Semetic Tsar. I wonder why things appear to have got worse under her?

    She had a legitimate excuse though.

    She only wanted to stop the woman from breaking lock-down by meeting up with her, Webbe's, partner. Imagine what that report would have made of Labour policy dictating that women lock-down breakers have acid poured in their faces and nude pictures taken of them and distributed to their families.

    Corbyn defended her character, no surprise since he had previously stated that the charges brought against her were a case of persecution for being black, despite the fact she had been recorded making these digusting threats to a woman.

    Labour. 100% the nasty party.

    If she does jail time, her Leicester East seat, which she won after Keith Vaz "stood down" following incidents with prostitutes and cocaine, will be the subject of a by-election. Much like in Peterborough after Fiona Onasanya (MP, Labour) perverted the course of justice by lying about a driving offence.

    It is one of the seats in Leicester with an identified problem with the exploition of modern day slaves, men and women, in sweat shops.

    Who really thinks they give a damn about women?
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    She has been found guilty and is awaiting sentencing. The money is on a custodial sentence.

    What a terrible person.

    Surprised other posters on here haven't brought it up and disgussed it. If you read what has been said above, you would have thought they would be queueing up to condemn an elected MP for such behaviour.

    I wonder why Claudia Webbe, Labour MP for Leicester East, hasn't been taken to task on here.
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    At the end of the day can you say that your wife/partner is not frightened of you ?
    Do your female work colleagues trust you ?
    Can any woman ask you for help even if they are 70 years old and wrinkled ?
    If the answer is yes then you are not the problem .
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    I suppose the answer to the OP is Nothing, then.

    I hope people do take a look at their posts above and reflect on their complete silence when an elected Labour MP gets convicted of harrassment of a woman, threatening her with an acid attack and distributing nude photos of her.

    It's not that people are ignoring me, that is fair enough. But the fact that, in light of this thread being so recently created, no one has even acknowledged it on the forum, and it happened four days ago.

    Lots of people looking in the mirror I hope. No one need explain anything.
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    I remember a time when it was acceptable to give her indoors a slap if she stood out of line, then we had Thatcher then the Spice Girls **** it all up for us. Before all that womens lib crap they knew where they stood in society and so did men. We have got women in places of power now and look where we are. We let them become sentient and they walked all over us and society crumbled before our very eyes. The family unit is dead because of all this too.
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    A piece featuring an interesting experiment on BBC. A researcher set up a fake Facebook/Instagram profile for a man showing an interest in misogynistic content. Within a short period the platforms were targeting him with more misogynistic content, some of it violent in tone.

    Interestingly, they also set him up as an anti-vaxxer and he received no content on that issue, demonstrating that it is well within Facebook/Instagram’s ability to suppress objectionable content.


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