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  1. sherlock

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    Sorry, I'm a lazy forumer lately so I give news about our Summer movements only in one single summary post.

    Sporting Director changed. Giaretta out, Bonato in. Looks like a good move. Giaretta was disappointing in these last 3 seasons with dubious choices. Bonato was sporting director at Sassuolo and did a lot to help them becoming what they are now. Also Bonato seemed very good in these first months of his job, getting rid (by loans or sells) of a lot of dead wood or players who couldn't find space in team so that coach Iachini had quickly ready the team for season.


    IN (new ones):
    - Sven Kums (28YO CM, loan from WFC): Very good. We needed a playmaker in midfield while Balic grows.
    - Rodrigo De Paul (22YO LW, permanent): Very good. From what he's shown so far, he's really very good with lots of potential.
    - Adalberto Penaranda (19YO CF, loan from WFC): Very good. Extremely promising. Still raw.
    - Seko Fofana (21YO CM, permanent): Good. Out of position so far but now that Kums arrived could show his best. Promising.
    - Stipe Perica (21YO CF, permanent): Good. We used the option to buy after the end of loan from Chelsea. Seems very improved.
    - Gabriele Angella (27YO CB, permanent): Good. A very good sub, maybe more.
    - Ewandro (20YO RW, permanent): Good. One for the future.

    IN (end of loan):
    - Simone Scuffet (2nd GK behind the magic Karnezis)
    - Davide Faraoni (long injury now but good sub for future)
    - Jakub Jankto (very promising sub for midfield after a good season in 2nd tier)
    - Lucas Evangelista (back from Panatinaikos, promising)
    - Panagiotis Kone (back from Fiorentina, seems more decent in latest appearances)
    - Samir (promising defender)

    OUT (permanent now or next season after loan):
    - Valerio Verre
    - Zeljko Brkic
    - Ivan Piris
    - Marquinho
    - Gabriel Torje
    - El Arabi
    - Nico López
    - Alexander Merkel
    - Piotr Zielinski
    - Bruno Fernandes

    - Rovini
    - Jadson
    - Pontisso
    - Alexis Zapata
    - Nabil Jaadi
    - Vutov
    - Gabriel Silva
    - Meret
    - Guilherme
    - Hallberg
    - Insua
    - Coeff
    - Camigliano
    - Iniguez
    - Aguirre
    - Bubnijc
    - Coppolaro
    - Edenilson
    - Musavu-King

    - Iturra
    - Romo
    - Domizzi
    - Pasquale
    - Pawlowski
    - DI Natale
    - Mori
    - Romero
  2. 352

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    Quiet summer then? Bloody hell..!
  3. Timbers

    Timbers Apeman

    Seko Fofana was linked to Watford at some point wasn't he? Do you think he may potentially have moved this way so that less compensation had to be paid to City for development and perhaps in a year of so he might make a sideways move with Kums as he replacement, paid by Watford. We would be classed as homegrown for Watford as well I believe having been at city for 3 years from 18 to 21.
  4. hornetgags

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    What do you think Sherlock, happy with mid table or do you think the club can push on for Europa League?
  5. sherlock

    sherlock Tippytappy footy expert

    After three quite depressing seasons, I'd be quite happy with a quiet mid-table.
    Yet, dreaming is not forbidden and there are many very promising players in team.
    If the team "clicks" (much will depend from the coach Iachini), we might hope for something interesting.
  6. sherlock

    sherlock Tippytappy footy expert

    Very possible of course. We'll see how things develop in season (on the pitch) and next Summer.
  7. reids

    reids Squad Player

    Was very surprised by the sale of Bruno Fernandes. Any word on how much it was for Sherlock?
  8. Godfather

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    Di Natale gone :eek:

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