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Discussion in 'The Transfer List' started by Optimistichornet, Jan 2, 2012.

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  1. Optimistichornet

    Optimistichornet Penguin Assassin

    I want a helguson and smith management dream team. If some of our current team put in as much effort as these two did down the years we would be flying.
  2. PowerJugs

    PowerJugs Doyley Fanatic

    "You see that brick wall? You won't soon enough."
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  3. SkylaRose

    SkylaRose Administrator Staff Member

    Bit off topic, but was your fave Helguson goal in his time with us?

    For me it was his header against Man Utd at the Vicarage. Shame we lost that match due to a poor goal kick from Chamberlain, we deserved a point. Tommy Smith's goal that game was great also.
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  4. TomH

    TomH First Year Pro

    My colleague plays for Codicott and said they’ve just appointed Gifton Noel Williams as their new manager!

    I know a tenuous link but along the ex strikers in management link..
  5. ITK platypus

    ITK platypus Reservist

    Anyone who shared a pitch with Watford's greatest ever player (Micah Hyde) is fine by me.
  6. Optimistichornet

    Optimistichornet Penguin Assassin

    My favourite Heidar goal was that one against Leicester on his second debut. You know the one where he bundles home and celebrates madly in the net.
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