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Discussion in 'The Hornets' Nest - Watford Chat' started by wfc4ever, Nov 19, 2021.

  1. wfc4ever

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  2. lutonh8a

    lutonh8a Reservist

    I am not too bothered about this. If it brings in more money for the club then fair enough. It will always be Vicarage Road to all Watford fans anyway.
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  3. lm_wfc

    lm_wfc First Team

    What is more concerning is the fact I've never heard of Magda, and it's yet another example and the pozzos taking to foreign media and never local media

    Edit: Also we wouldn't be getting the Britannia stadium, O2, Santander etc. We'd be getting the happyegg road, moPlay stadium, Singapore online slots arena, or dogecoin dome.
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  4. lutonh8a

    lutonh8a Reservist

    Magda Pozzo has always been part of Ours and Udinese's marketing team. They did the same thing with Udinese and their stadium looks great.
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  5. RS2

    RS2 Reservist

    This came up about a year ago didn't it? Is it not just a rehash of the original article?
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  6. Chumlax

    Chumlax Squad Player

    I'm pretty sure she said it/it was covered in that Athletic article that did a full deep-dive on the Pozzo empire as a whole and how they operate a few months ago - think I might have included some excerpts here at the time.
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  7. wfc4ever

    wfc4ever First Team Captain

    Probably right but seems to be a new interview with Gulf News.
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  8. lutonh8a

    lutonh8a Reservist

    Surely selling the naming rights of the stadium would be an easy way to increase revenue. I am sure we could sell the naming rights in a 5 year contract and then to another company after those 5 years.
  9. SkylaRose

    SkylaRose Administrator Staff Member

    So Watford fans' aren't able to vote for a new stadium name? Shame.

    I was thinking the "Dilly Dong Dilly Dee Stadium".
  10. Burnsy

    Burnsy First Team

    As a stand alone thing - I don’t really care.

    But on a wider scale, to me it’s another indication that those running the club are far more interested in commercial matters off the pitch rather than the actual football on it.

    Which is fine to an extent if we get tied up with some major commercial partners - but outside of American Airlines, that also doesn’t seem to happen.

    I maintain there’s an endgame to American Airlines link-up with us. They are a major airline and I really don’t see what they are getting out of it that’s worthwhile - unless they are hoping for sponsorship/naming rights/new stadium etc.
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  11. luke_golden

    luke_golden Space Cadet

    Gino did the CEO’s homework at Harvard. There’s no money involved in our partnership with them, it’s simply a favor to between old friends that helps throw an air of legitimacy to the operation Gino runs.
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  12. The Voice of Reason

    The Voice of Reason First Team Captain

    If it brings in some much needed dosh I'm all for it as to most of us will probably still call it "The Vic" anyway :D
  13. Gromit

    Gromit Academy Graduate

    I understand it's a revenue source and all those who have a connection with Vicarage Road would call it as such, but I absolutely hate the idea of renaming it for sponsorship reasons.

    It feels like a stain on our collective memory of something that's sacred.

    Perhaps I'm just being soppy and need to grow up.
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  14. WillisWasTheWorst

    WillisWasTheWorst Its making less grammar mistake's thats important

    GT was with you. He didn’t want the Watford shirt sullied by sponsors’ adverts.
  15. FromDiv4

    FromDiv4 Reservist

    They just need to work on the right company to sponsor the ground.
  16. GoingDown

    GoingDown "The Stability"

    A disgusting idea quite honestly. Football is a game of stagnation, not evolution. I just want to be able to trundle to the game at 2.55, give my paper ticket to some staff member, get in the same seat that I’ve had for 40 years and enjoy my day out.

    All this talk of moving the club forward with a brand new stadium was bad enough, but renaming the current one?! It’s a vintage sacred road name and should not be meddled with. Like The Harlequin and Marathon bars before it.

    I just wish I could get as angry at player recruitment as I do about these other things. Also, I note it wasn’t Gino that suggested it thankfully. He doesn’t make bad decisions.
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  17. wfcSinatra

    wfcSinatra Predictor Choker 14/15

    Don't really care.

    What difference does it to make to any of our lives or match day stadium experience?

    I want more signings and someone has to fund it.
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  18. Chumlax

    Chumlax Squad Player

    I would genuinely welcome becoming 'Red Bull North London' with open arms if it got us moving on the same trajectory as Leipzig, so yeah, pretty much this.
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  19. Out of date in 2 months though.
    How about "The Happy Eggs' Nest"
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  20. Jumbolina

    Jumbolina First Team

    May I also add Opal Fruits as well.
  21. SkylaRose

    SkylaRose Administrator Staff Member

    I take Opal Fruits and raise you

    JIF (the bathroom cleaner)
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  22. Since63

    Since63 Reservist

    Well, Udine is quite close to Venice, I suppose.
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  23. Johnny Todd Sings

    Johnny Todd Sings First Year Pro

    We should run a crowdfunding naming of the Vic. Let's set a target for a name something like the "Democracy for Saudi Arabia Stadium".
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  24. Supertommymooney

    Supertommymooney Reservist

    It's a Marathon, not a sprint, surely?
  25. Otter

    Otter Gambling industry insider

    This stuff and then they can change the postcode from WD18

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  26. Supertommymooney

    Supertommymooney Reservist

    The Biffa Bins community stadium has a certain ring to it.
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  27. Ágætis Byrjun

    Ágætis Byrjun Reservist

    Since we seem to be adding a lot of crypto sponsorship lately we could end up as the Dogecoin Arena with the slogan "wow much football very football".

    Although personally I'd prefer "The Kraken".
  28. Stevohorn

    Stevohorn Watching Grass Grow

    For me there's a simple solution to stadium sponsorship naming. When Southampton built St Mary's it was going to be called just the Friends Provident stadium. Fan pressure saw to it that St Mary's was added to the name. That way giving it a non commercial identity. So why not the 'blah blah blah' stadium Vicarage Road? Or you could add a @ sign to make it all modern. Fans will always use the old name anyway.. but the sponsor gets added for official use. Everyone's a winner.
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  29. Bwood_Horn

    Bwood_Horn Squad Player

    I don't get the shade that gets thrown (as I believe de yoot say) at this successful local company. I would love it if they could get involved in the design of a '4th kit'.
  30. Stevohorn

    Stevohorn Watching Grass Grow

    I always felt Happy Eggs got a good deal out of it in the end. Their name still got known.. they got a lot of sympathy for what happened.. and it didn't cost them a dime.
    Also havent they been exposed as having questionable methods of producing their eggs?
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  31. You're yolking, innit (as de yoot say) ?
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  32. Bwood_Horn

    Bwood_Horn Squad Player

    CLUCK OFF!!!!!!
  33. Bwood_Horn

    Bwood_Horn Squad Player

    That old adage of if you really knew how your food is produced you wouldn't eat it... I don't know about the Happy Egg people but I'm well aware modern egg production wasn't accurately represented by the last hard-hitting fly-on-the-wall documentary I saw on the subject. They can't be less of an ethical business than online bookies and cryptocurrencies could they?
  34. Stevohorn

    Stevohorn Watching Grass Grow

    On a par with them it seems..
    Thing for me is that they appeared to have out and out lied. Promoting their eggs as 'free range' when they are clearly nothing of the sort.
  35. BigRossLittleRoss

    BigRossLittleRoss First Team

    What they dont get them out of a chickens bum ?
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