The Pure, Unbridled Joy Of Being A Watford Fan

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    lutonh8r's post on another thread has got me thinking.

    That particular awayday at York City is one of my favourite memories.

    Meeting Mansfield Orn (BWL days) in a dodgy boozer before a Bradford City away game. and he's draped a huge WFC flag over the furniture...

    Absolutely any game at the Baseball Ground where we got something!!! Ditto the Pigs in S6.

    I think most Watford fans are still mindful of our place in the pecking order of things, but we have so much to be grateful for.
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    I just want to win a major trophy. That's real unbridled joy. Being at the pinnacle of a tournament.

    Yes we've won promotions, 2nd in the league, play off finals, Deeney day, saved from relegation at the last minute, thrashed the scum.... But actually winning a major trophy would top the lot. It's, ultimately, as a fan, what it's all about.

    But as things stand, we cannot say we have ever experienced truly unbridled joy.
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    Agreed. We’ve had several 2nd places in various competitions over the years, but coming top makes all the difference. The two championships under GT in ‘78 and especially that day at Fulham twenty years later we’re great, but I still haven’t got over that missed opportunity v. Sheffield Wednesday. :mad: As an old traditionalist though, the FA Cup would be the one.
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