Summerwolf - The Campfire

Discussion in 'Werewolf: The forum game' started by Optimistichornet, Jun 22, 2022.

  1. domthehornet

    domthehornet Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for running a brilliant game Opti!
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  2. TomWatfordFC

    TomWatfordFC Reservist

    Can the graveyard be unlocked for everyone? I'm curious to see what has been said there.
  3. domthehornet

    domthehornet Moderator Staff Member

    It has indeed!
  4. Harrow Orn

    Harrow Orn Squad Player

    Great game Opti, thanks so much for running it.
  5. Optimistichornet

    Optimistichornet Penguin Assassin

    I’ll put a post mortem up over the next few days so everyone can see my thoughts and why I made certain decisions.
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  6. TomWatfordFC

    TomWatfordFC Reservist

    Thanks for a great game Opti! You can be sure I'll be back for the next one, whenever that may be.
  7. tonycotonstache

    tonycotonstache Reservist

    A fine victory Tom. Well played
  8. Should've sorted out an international week game to get us through this 2 weeks and take our minds off the godawful season!
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