Shamima Begum

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    He was a voice of tolerance on QT on this.
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    "Figures collected by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism published last June showed that at least 33 people had been stripped of their British nationality on terrorism-related grounds since May was home secretary in 2010."

    Waiting to get dragged out of bed by shouty people in black jumpsuits and crash helments gloomy smiley.
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    This really annoys me. The difference is stark in my view. The use of the word "grooming" does not make the two situations the same.

    In the case of the Rochdale victims, grooming was done by predatory males to abuse children for their own, debauched pleasures.

    In this case, the word "groomed" is being made to work much, much harder. She was persuaded to go and join a hateful ideology, by, yes, I'm sure, some clever propaganda, but it is not the same as being drugged/plied with drink and raped.

    She made the choice to travel halfway across the world to join a country which she will have known, due to all the media around in the UK, was a barbaric enemy of her own country.

    Admittedly she made those choices as a child and so at the time, I supported bringing her and her friends home, if possible, and reestablishing them with care in the UK.

    Now, she's an adult and danger to the UK.

    To apply your logic to it, we'd have to apply it to every person who ended up following a hateful ideology, whether it be nazism, radical islam, or some sort of cult. They all work by clever means of preying on the weak of mind. At some point, however, those people become responsible for their own actions and are part of the enemy, rather than victims of it. She's crossed that line some time ago, IMO and I hope she never lives long enough to set foot on European soil again.
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  4. Relegation Certs

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    She should be let back in the country, then tragically have an 'accident' involving a tonne of bricks falling on her head.

    Problem solved.
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    Waste of bricks m8.

    Maybe the sole victim of a lone-wolf gunman attack while waiting for the Mi6 chauffeur to arrive.
  6. There is no difference to the victim whether the motive of the abuser is sex or global jihad.

    My point is that she made her stupid decision as a child, and although she has since become an adult, at no time in the interim has she been exposed to anything other than reinforcement.

    By your logic we would give up on child soldiers in Africa as soon as they turn 16.
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    She should be allowed back in the country, and face a fair trial. After the trial she should be taken outside and face the firing squad.
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    Good point, Miked
  9. Happy bunny

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    I think you might find some in the Communist world.

    In my view religion makes good people better and and people worse
  10. Happy bunny

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    Yes, but the Rochdale girls aren't a danger to others. This one could be
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    That you think there's no difference is sickening.

    Absolutely i give up on adult purveyors of massacres, even if they were victims as children.

    Apart from General Butt Naked. He's been saved by Jesus.
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    It's a really difficult situation. The fact that she shows no remorse at all obviously doesn't help her in this situation, although I suppose at least she is being honest. Does she pose a security threat? Probably not, I imagine she would be under constant monitoring. Should we have to do the monitoring and all the implied costs along with it? Probably not. Do we have much of a choice? Probably not. She still retains her British citizenship, and as such needs to be treated like a citizen.

    However it is all a bit of a moot point. I cant imagine us trying particularly hard to get her back to the UK, she will have to make her own way back and then hope she is dealt with sympathetically. Can't see it happening.

    Still at least its something to talk about that's not Brexit!
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    I hope she gets blown up, the stupid shlag
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    Maybe Saudi Arabia could give her asylum instead ? I do not wish for the British taxpayer having to fork out rather large sums for surveillance purposes at a time when essential services are being cut left, right and centre. She made her bed. Let her lie in it.
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    I don't think she'll be coming back anytime soon as the UK has no consular service in Syria, so she'd have to leave the refugee camp and cross to a country with an embassy to have a new passport issued - which won't happen whilst she's about to drop.

    If her family pony up the money, then fine but I don't want any tax payer money used to getting her back - despite her family stating the want the government to pay for her return.
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    Released an album called Handling Swollen Goods.
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    According to her family, she's given birth.
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    One would hope the Powers That Be (Meister/Gino/Harry the Hornet?) could broker a deal whereby you surrender your passport but retain the right to correspond on this forum.
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    Alternatively, a Brexit friendly ton of bricks would have a similar result.
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    Good to see a stickler for the traditional ways.
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    Children are a blessing. Let's hope he or she gets to live in peaceful times.
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    Groomed child becomes damaged adult.
  23. I've been umming and ahh-ing whether to mention this as it's a bit close to home. Just to say the 'she made her bed' comment led me to reflect that a girl of a similar age who has been in the news concerning social media was influenced sufficiently to take her own life in spite of exemplary parents. With three children who have recently reached adulthood relatively unscathed from the pressures and influences I know that they are incredibly vulnerable to being led down the wrong path.
  24. It's not a waste of bricks as they could be re-used.
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    Just got sent this, made me laugh...

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    I don't believe this is relevant to this particular case*, since Begum is a natural born UK citizen and thus would be essentially stateless if citizenship were stripped.

    Subject K2 naturalized, and the cage hinged on whether or not the UK could strip the awarded citizenship after the fact. As far as I am aware, there are no examples of born UK citizens being stripped of their nationality in the modern era.

    *Bloody European courts ruling against the UK again...
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    Luton's latest recruit

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    Breaking News: Plans are underway to bring Shamima Begum back to the UK

    Cardiff City are sorting the flights.
    Prince Phillip will pick them up at the airport.
    Kate and Gerry McCann are to adopt the baby.
    And Dianne Abbot is going to sort the timetable for it all to happen.
  31. Javid has announced that he is revoking her citizenship. I can see a long process of appeals ending up with HM Govt with egg on its face because Sajid wants to be the hard man.
  32. Jumbolina

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    I suspect you are correct but nonetheless I am pleased the Government is telling her to get stuffed even if they legally can’t do it.
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    One took her own life privately, the other wishes death on all of us whiteys. They are as far apart as its possible to get.
  35. They were both brainwashed to do harmful things. Surely this is not beyond your comprehension.

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