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Discussion in 'Politics 2.0' started by Moose, Nov 18, 2021.

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    The Times's front page 'scoop' announcing Priti "Vacant" Patel's 'plan' to process asylum seekers in Albania turns out to be cobblers as the Albanian Foreign & Europe Minister in the piece denies everything and clarifies:
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    The plan, if you read the article, is not to process asylum seekers in Albania, but to process them in any offshore location that will willingly take them. The UK and Albania have recently been in talks discussing many co-operative deals to strengthen relationships between the two countries. No doubt the UK brought up the subject, but to no avail.

    The times refers not to a plan involving Albania, but discreet talks, much like will be going on with a large number of other countries. If they don't want to take them, we ain't gonna force them.

    Not such a pleasing story for tory bashers, but the truth of it, none the less.
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    Growing number of Civil Service applicants labelling themselves as ‘neurodiverse’ decries the Mail, in a nod to the woke, leftism of the Civil Service.

    Then, if you read the article, you see its entire story is that a growing number are applying for the Fast Stream with disorders like dyslexia or autism.

    With no reference to the numbers who are actually getting an interview, which is the only thing that could actually make the Civil Service woke.

    Nor any reference to how many people in the general population have been diagnosed with those conditions, when this number has certainly increased in recent years.

    So really their story is: “more young people are likely being diagnosed with neurological disorders. The general public are applying to be part of the fast scheme.”

    Which doesn’t quite hit their hysteric, woke-uproaring target market in quite the same way.
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    I think the only thing more tedious than the "woke" are the anti-woke.
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    Almost every story about the barmy ‘woke’ or ‘politically correct’ is confected or exaggerated. A simple attack on people freely living or thinking differently or new ideas disguised as ‘common sense’ or worse prejudice against those better off or more secure.

    The papers exploit how easily the majority feel threatened and resentful, their psychological weaknesses. The same old really.
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    The Mail back on form slavishly reporting on behalf of the Government to help it pursue its war on the Civil Service. Only by Government briefing can a most minor story about an information campaign decision become front page news.

    But it’s got ‘Christmas’ and ‘woke’ in the title so a guaranteed p!ss boiler for easily led boomers desperate for a hate fix.

    The Tories have always campaigned to divide on the basis of the ‘enemy within’. Works. But grow up Britain, you are being played.

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    Is it gammon for Xmas lunch this year?
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    Never been a gammon fan. Smells rank when cooking and has an unpleasant aftertaste.
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    The Express in no mood to report actual news.
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    They reckon Rose will win, then. So does Mrs Keighley.

    Mind you, she’s neither black nor gay so likely to be the Express favourite.
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    Great Strictly final to be fair. Well done the Express for highlighting it.
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    Bit surprised they’ve not backed Princess Di.
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  14. This is what passes for journalism at the Telegraph. Made up story, justified with "it may be apocryphal, but it's worth telling anyway"

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    She’s a hateful person who even admits it’s second hand and apocryphal, but what of it? More than 50% of the Country hate the ******* Tories, so it’s merely an accurate representation of the Country’s views.
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    Oh come on
    No one cares apart from the racists\anti racists who seem to be the same to me these days.
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    You’ve obviously not met my mother in law.
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    Keighley on a recent stand up tour.

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    I've not been paying attention with this particular series but I gather things have been a tad 'controversial' shall we say. I haven't yet seen who's won? Did this favourite pairing triumph as Mrs Keighley predicted then...?
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    I don’t play the piano as well as Sir Les.
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    Screenshot 2021-12-24 at 09-50-32 Brendan May on Twitter.png
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    The Telegraph is also taking the bizarre ‘feminist’ (not feminist at all) line that Maxwell is being treated harshly for what men have done.

    Well no. The judge described her as a ‘dangerous predator’. She could also reveal what she knows about what powerful men have done any time she wishes.

    Why do right wing women pervert feminism to mean that powerful women can do anything they want, including to other women? We’ll never know.
  24. Lloyd

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    Apart from the quality of the writing, it's the broad range of subjects covered and the diverse views of the contributors that makes the Spectator so popular
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    I think this is more ones for the US 'Orns - Maxwell was done in a federal court where this is a decreased chance of a plea bargain? So the 'card' she has left is naming names for slightly better prison privileges but no reduction in time served?
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    With whom? Judging by the twitter alerts & summaries I still get it stopped producing journalism a long time ago to focus on purely contrarian moonhowling rubbish. They should hang their heads in shame over the 'alternative' 'data' 'modelling' they've been churning out.
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    Twitter? No further questions m'lud
  28. Moose

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    The Spectator markets heavily on Twitter relying on it to spread its contrarian garbage.

    You can’t like the Spectator and also turn your nose up at ‘Twitter’. It writes with its Twitter audience in mind and monitors all its success there, not in physical copies.
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    Utter twaddle. Like all magazines it's success is measured by the number of print (and digital) copiers sold. Twitter might be a useful marketing tool to draw in new subscribers but the notion that contributors write 'with its Twitter audience in mind' is, frankly, preposterous
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    The BBC being trolled by the Sunday Sport over editorial standards:

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    Which is why it publishes most of its content on Twitter for free?
  32. Moose

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    Very poor from the Beeb. This is what we get when the Tories mess with it.
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  34. Moose

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    I’m guessing those ten most read articles are,

    Covid Freedom let me live my very privileged life waah!
    Transgender (again),
    BLM leave my luvverly slaver statue alone NT! Transgender (slight return),
    Meghan who does she think she is!
    The roaring success that is Brexit,
    Transgender why is the left OBSESSED with it (article 345),
    Ghislaine Maxwell feminist icon.
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    Presumably with a link to access the full article and a limit on the number of stories that can be viewed without a subscription?

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