Poor Start for the Pozzo Group

Discussion in 'Pozzo's Place' started by Budfrog, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Budfrog

    Budfrog Reservist

    With our other clubs languishing in the lower reaches of their leagues it has not been an inspired start for Granada 18th (20), Udinese 17th (20) or WFC 20th (24). How this will effect the loaning of players between the three clubs will, I think, make interesting reading come the January transfer window. My gut feeling is that the overall welfare of all three clubs will be of primary concern maybe at the expense of the progress of a single club and this approach may hinder GFZ's push at the end of the season, assuming we are not already fighting for our lives by then.

    Whether fans like it or not a reasonably successful Udinese and Granada can only benefit our club and aside from the novelty of having two more teams to support there are practical considerations. If ... and it's a big If, WFC make it to the Prem, this season or next, I can see a huge part of the Pozzos' resources being directed towards the Vic, not because of any love of the club, but because the Prem is the most lucrative league in the world.

    For the time being, win lose or draw, I'm loving GFZ's approach to the game and am confident that when the players settle in fully we will be one of the best units in the Championship, lets hope the other two clubs don't spoil our season.
  2. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team Captain

    A good observation Budfrog. I don't think Udinese or Granada will be calling any players back though. If Zola wants them to stay he will be allowed to retain them. I believe relegation for any club would be seen as a disaster and the Pozzo's will be eager to avoid this.

    Of course if all three clubs are at the wrong end of the table then that would be a very hard challenge for them as to where to direct their resources. Like you, I believe success for Udinese and Granada can only benefit Watford. If we are struggling and looking like being relegated we may even be allowed to pinch one or two "first teamers" in order to save us. This would be unlikely though if the other two are also fighting relegation. This may also apply if Watford are in the mix at the right end of the table and need a little push to gain promotion.

    Either way, I don't think the Pozzo's will be very happy bunnies right now with how the respective seasons are panning out.
  3. cyaninternetdog

    cyaninternetdog Forum Hippie

    I seriously couldnt give a flying **** about Granada or Udinese to be quite honest.
  4. sherlock

    sherlock Tippytappy footy expert

    This is cruel! I, from Italy, cheer also for your WFC and for Granada! :sign15:

    Anyway, regarding Udinese, bad bad start, with some serious lack of luck (like some "excesive" red cards against, or the terrible "oops" of our goalkeeper yesterday against Anzhi in a game were we have played quite decently.
    But I'm confident for the future. Doubt we'll repeat the miracles of the last 2 seasons but I hope and think with our players we can aim to early safety and, with some luck, EL qualification maybe.
    Granada is maybe more worrying. The Granada fans on this forum could tell us more of its chances.

    But come on, let's be optimistic!
    In this weekend WFC will trash Bristol City!
    Udinese will win against a Milan in crisis!!
    Granada will storm the Camp Nou 2-3 with hat-trick by Flores!!!
    ...mh, ok, MAYBE the last forecast MIGHT be a little bit too optimistic. ;)
  5. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

    I concur with this. It's like the auction for the Udinese shirt. Why on earth would I want one of them?? I support Watford.
  6. Budfrog

    Budfrog Reservist

    I don't concur with this and whilst I'd look pretty stupid walking around in a Udinese shirt the fact we are linked to the other two clubs by virtue of ownership adds a little interest. Support is probably too strong a word but we do have a vested interest in their performances.
  7. Prentice

    Prentice Administrator

    Moved your thread into this area Budfrog, so people who "don't have interest", don't have to look. Simple.
  8. Hornet36

    Hornet36 Reservist

    Udinese will always come first if they are in trouble i can see them putting more money into them
  9. Hornet36

    Hornet36 Reservist

    I think you are wrong to think like that it does matter a lot if Granada or Udinese are not doing so well and go down can they have all 3 clubs in lower leagues will one have to be sold... they wont be able to get the best players there best players will leave so the group off players we get on loan wont be of a higher level
  10. Smudger

    Smudger Messi's Mad Coach Staff Member

    You certainly have a chance against AC. I think even Roji will be thinking Barca despite some teething troubles under Vilanova and player rotation will still be too strong at home. I am certainly hoping and getting behind you lot as part of the Pozzo trinity. The better all three clubs do the better for all of us. It's a symbiotic relationship.
  11. sherlock

    sherlock Tippytappy footy expert

    Agreed. I think my cheering for WFC is somewhat selfish, because I think in long term.
    The Pozzos are neither sheiks not Russian oil tycoons so, given history/city_size/attendance of the three cities of Udine, Granada and Watford, I guess their hope/expectancy is for the three teams to survive honorably in the three major leagues, with maybe the occasional European cups participation.
    So, if all the three clubs do well and are financially strong, they can help each other to reach this objective.
    If Udinese was alone and should be relegated to "Serie B" after a bad season, she should maybe forfeit some of the scouts around the world to save money and, financially weak, return to Serie A might be difficult.
    But if there're three clubs, the stronger ones can help the weaker!
    So if Udinese should ever be relegated while Watford is in Premier, I'm quite sure Udinese would receive a lot of quality loanees from WFC to ensure a quick returning to Serie A just as it's happening to WFC now to help it to reach Premier ASAP.
    That's why I cheer for all of the three teams. In a world where giants rule, the brotherhood between three dwarves may be quite useful to help their survival!
  12. Budfrog

    Budfrog Reservist

    I like that .... I know which one would be Grumpy ;)
  13. rojiblancohorizontal

    rojiblancohorizontal First Year Pro

    Tomorrow (well, today) that's gonna change too for Granada team against Celta. GO GRANADA! (12:00h Spanish hour)

    Congrats about ur great victory ;)
  14. SuperDan

    SuperDan Reservist

    Good luck to Granada.I think Granada will win 3-1 today.:drinking:
  15. SuperDan

    SuperDan Reservist

    Granada winning 2-1 at the moment
  16. sherlock

    sherlock Tippytappy footy expert

    2-1 full time! Very good, Granada!
    It was a poor start but, honestly, there were the away matches with Real and Barca in 5 games. And you've been quite good at Camp Nou, the defensive wall unfortunately should have lasted 5 more minutes.
    I hope this victory, that was extremely important, gives the real kick start to your season.

    As for Udinese: latest news are an excellent victory with Milan, followed by two quite anonymous 0-0, away with Torino and at home with Genoa.
    Very good for moving a little the number of points in the view of reaching ASAP the 40 points guarantiing safety. Disappointing regarding the hope of seeing soon again the Udinese as last year, in the very upper part of the table. But at least it's a decent number of games without losing now, and that's good.
    Next, Liverpool! I hope in a decent playing and a good match.
  17. rojiblancohorizontal

    rojiblancohorizontal First Year Pro

    That's it! So important our victory today because we start "our league" and we needed 3 points, "yes or yes", defensive style today? (not saying u said it) Yeah, but now players will relax their mind and will be easier to play next matches.

    Next match: Mallorca - Granada (Hard game, Caparros (Mallorca's coach) is, in my opinion, one of best coaches in Spain, he always train "middle" teams and he make a long project, make B teams important and make players be mind strong. Then, Granada - Zaragoza, one I think we will win.
  18. Aberystwyth_Hornet

    Aberystwyth_Hornet Squad Player

    Did you think some of the Udinese players were rested for the Liverpool match? How come di natale wasn't in the team?
  19. sherlock

    sherlock Tippytappy footy expert

    No, unfortunately it was near the best we could put on field.
    Di Natale was out one game for disciplinary issues: looks like he had some argument with the athletic trainers saying he was tired before session end.
    For iron-sergeant Guidolin, rules are the same for all, also and particularly for the flag and captain, so he was out of the team. Difficult decision, but IMHO :sign15:

    But he should play againt Liverpool.

    Unfortunately our second good first striker, Muriel, is injured (he impressed in preseason, despite being somewhat overwheight).
    The other strikers:
    - Barreto, who wanted to be sold to Torino in summer but was forced to remain, was disappointing when seen on field.
    - Ranegie is not bad, but seems more apt to be a "second striker". Good sense of position and passing. Very tall and good with head and foot. But not quick enough in movements to be the "lone striker".

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