Player buy/sell turnaround at Udinese/Granada

Discussion in 'Pozzo's Place' started by GoingDown, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. GoingDown

    GoingDown "The Stability"

    Hello friends,

    You guys talk about the Pozzo's buying a player for cheap and then selling them for big money.

    Generally, what is the turnaround on this? As in the time between buying and then selling?
  2. letitbe

    letitbe Academy Graduate

    Granada is the first team now.
    They didn't sell and they bought 2 players for the amount of 10 milions...
    In italy they didnt want to buy MACCARONE! incredible...too expansive
  3. sherlock

    sherlock Tippytappy footy expert

    Quite variable. AFAIK there's a sort of "gentlemen's agreement" between society and player: you're a young&unknown/experienced&undervalued player, I give you the chance to show what you can do in a good team that tries to play a pleasant football. I will NOT give you a huge salary and I want a very long term contract, but if you do well rest assured sooner or later some big team WILL want to offer to you a high salary (and a good price to me for the transfer). I'll not make objections."
    (although some fans will :rant:).
    It can be 2,3 or more years before that "undeniable" offer happens (IF it happens. It doesn't always go well).

    I think Maccarone would have been obiously a good reinforcement, but are you sure he would have accepted the notorious Udinese's salary cap? Imagine he wanted the same money as Di Natale. Then Di Natale, being the captain and best striker in our history wants a raise. Then all the others (Armero, Fabbrini, etc) want a raise too. The salary cap shatters and so does Udinese's budget.
    It's not just a matter of a "free transfer" player. It's also a matter of a player who accept Udinese's rules.
    BTW: come on lad! I understand me and you value in a widely different manner the Pozzo's way to manage the fooball business, but registering on WFC forum just to rant against the Pozzo's in 100% of your posts, without giving much else in terms of chatter and information, is not terribly polite IMHO.
  4. luke_golden

    luke_golden Space Cadet

    Is that....THE...Massimo Maccarone?
  5. letitbe

    letitbe Academy Graduate

    Yes, is him!
    Massimo Maccarone cannot ask for MILIONS!
  6. letitbe

    letitbe Academy Graduate

    When you will feel our mood, you will understand.
    Last year we lost against AZ in quarter final (or the turn before) of Euro Legue and the best players were on the bench because on sunday we had to play against NOVARA, THE LAST TEAM of SERIE A. We lost in a very bad way.
    We were very angry cause we lost there and in Novara! so Guidolin had to play with the best for the return game. RESULT: We lost against AZ AND NAPOLI (the next match).
    "we are little!"
  7. Prentice

    Prentice Administrator

    letitbe, with all due respect I think it's common that players on a free transfer nowadays ask for higher wages/signing on fees because they know the club hasn't had to pay a transfer fee for them.

    Chamakh is the biggest case I can think of, demanded a £6M signing on fee. Voronin did the same at Liverpool I think.
  8. letitbe

    letitbe Academy Graduate

    Pozzo told us "Udinese is the first!", told to granada "Granada is the first"....what did he tell you?

    Summurizing our Granada Partnership, we gave to granada a lot of players ("they go there to grow up for being ready in udine"). NO ONE OF THEM RETURNED IN ITALY.
    - In granada they didn't sell SIQUEIRA, the best in the team, and Pozzo bought 2 player for the amount of 10 milions
    - in udine, the year of the champions league, he sold Asamoah, Isla, handanovic, cuadrado and other 10 players and he bought only favelas guys for a kentucky fried chicken price

    so do you still think udinese is the first one?
  9. GoingDown

    GoingDown "The Stability"

    Ever considered the players wanted to leave? Juve are quite a big club, I believe.

    So, in relation to my original question - how long were these players you sold at the club?
  10. Prentice

    Prentice Administrator

    From my knowledge (not a lot!) they're typically there a few seasons. So not too indifferent to what we're used too really.
  11. Knight GT

    Knight GT Predictor extraordinaire 2013/14

    The question you need to ask is where would you be without The Pozzo's. From what I can see, you currently experiencing the most successfull prolonged period that you have ever done. There are two other Udinese fans on here who seem happy with this guy. You are trying to compete with much bigger clubs and at the moment you are doing very well. The fact that you have finished in the top four and have got in to Europe is in my opinion a heck of an achievement plus the fact you have finished above Napoli, Roma and Inter! All Mr Pozzo is doing is trying to make your team financially viable (while making some money for him) and he has done this very well. I understand he is going to build you a new ground as well which costs a lot of money. He may focus on Granada a bit more as he feels Udinese are where they need to be and he wants Granada to be doing the same thing. He may do the same for Watford in the coming years but he will still continue to sell players at a profit as that's the best way to keep the finances in check. One of the things all three clubs have in common is that they can't rely on income from attendances to keep them afloat so they do it by selling players. Udinese averaged 16625 (12th highest in Serie A)last season but you are trying to compete with teams that average alot more and have a much larger fan base overall. Granada averaged 16763 (16th highest in La Liga) and Watford 11722 (21st highest in the championship. 18750 in our last season in the Premier League which was the second worst). I get the feeling your expectations are probably a little higher than they should be when you compare the size of your club to others. I only hope I can one day complain about going out in the quarter final of the Europa League!:naughty:
  12. Layton

    Layton First Team

    wow , is our average really that bad these days?
  13. Knight GT

    Knight GT Predictor extraordinaire 2013/14

    According to another website it's actually 12710 for last season! 11722 is this season! Hopefully that will get better as our season does likewise:]]
  14. PaddingtonsYellowArmy

    PaddingtonsYellowArmy First Team Captain

    you think you have it bad - Jimmy Russo told wfc that wfc were first when he was chairman and a shareholder after getting in through the backdoor ( no he didn't climb out of Moogs or KingJanes77 backsode) - when the going got tough he filed for administration which was not for the clubs benefit only his own -so he didn't have wfc first nor at heart.

    I think the Pozzo's are a good idea for all the clubs involved - where would all threee clubs likely be with out them?

    You can please some iof the people some of the time but never pleaese all the people all of the time.

    I had a lovely vegan pasta for lunch today. which i cooked meself - Should I join the Italian revolution and support watford this week?
  15. DrewH

    DrewH Administrator Staff Member

    Isn't Massimo Maccarone horse****e? (merda for you Italians).
  16. Prentice

    Prentice Administrator

    Has always been alright in Serie A I think

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