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    Reading family celebrate £1m Lotto win | Reading Chronicle

    From one Berkshire fan to another well done!

    A LUCKY man from Reading saw his dreams come true after he won £1m in the Lotto draw last Saturday (January 9).

    Determined Malcolm Haines has been waiting for his big win since the launch of The National Lottery, and was thrilled to see his patience pay off.

    The 49-year-old joked that since he started playing, he's always believed a big National Lottery win would come his way.

    So confident was Malcolm, a Watford FC season ticket holder, that every time he drove to the Watford ground and passed Camelot’s HQ he would tell his son he’d be visiting the offices soon to pick up his prize.

    While he wasn’t able to visit the HQ, he has indeed picked up his £1m Lotto prize.

    Malcolm and his wife of 24 years Rebecca, 52, discovered that Malcolm’s confidence in a win was well placed on Saturday night.

    Having picked up a few Lucky Dips for the Lotto draw while in the supermarket, he put them in his phone case and didn’t think too much more about them until later that evening.

    Malcolm said: "Like many families in lockdown our bedtime is stretching later and later so it wasn't until just after midnight, when Rebecca and our two teenage children had gone up to bed, that I decided to check the tickets.

    "I always check using the app and, much to my wife's amusement, shut my eyes when it's scanning in the hope that I hear that little bell.

    "This time I heard the bell, opened my eyes expecting to see a Lucky Dip, perhaps a fiver, and instead saw lots of noughts!"

    Although he’d been waiting for the life-changing win, Malcolm didn't believe it when it finally came and he spent a good few minutes checking and rechecking on the app, and an alternative app, before shouting up to Rebecca to come and have a look.

    "I was in bed when Malcolm shouted up to me," Rebecca said.

    "I’ll admit I wasn’t keen to leave it but when he showed me the message on the app, sleep was very quickly forgotten.
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