[SOLD] Luis Suarez

Discussion in 'The Transfer List' started by reids, Feb 8, 2020.

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  1. Ainzrocker

    Ainzrocker First Year Pro

    But he did have a safe.
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  2. Pob

    Pob First Year Pro

    I’m just pleased that Gino’s indirectly brought you some happiness by causing you to laugh out loud. That’s nice.
  3. NathWFC

    NathWFC First Team

    Which likely means something less than £11m, which is still hilarious, especially when this is clearly including various add ons that may never even come to pass.

    I wonder what the up front fee was? A thank you card from the Granada president with a fiver in it?
  4. NathWFC

    NathWFC First Team

    This club makes me laugh fairly frequently, to be fair.
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  5. BigRossLittleRoss

    BigRossLittleRoss First Team

    Totally agree. As long as we keep Sarr and Hughes I’d say we got best squad in division .

    Bit thin on wide player as back up, but it looks like VI is playing 352 so width comes from WBs and both of ours are excellent
  6. Pob

    Pob First Year Pro

    I wonder if Granada fans were this annoyed when we got Igalho from them and then sold him on for a massive profit.
  7. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team

    Your assumption is incorrect.
  8. Optimistichornet

    Optimistichornet Penguin Assassin

    @hornetboy1 i can’t see anyone saying it’s a great deal on here though? I think most accept it’s less than we would have wanted, but accept that in the current situation it is probably close to what we could expect.
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  9. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team

    Loads are saying it's a good/great/brilliant deal. That's the point. It's laughable that a high percentage of our fanbase cannot see that.
  10. Optimistichornet

    Optimistichornet Penguin Assassin

    can you point out the post numbers so I can see, because I genuinely haven’t seen anyone say it’s a great deal?
  11. Malteser2

    Malteser2 Reservist

    I think it’s a stupidly low transfer fee.

    Whatever mitigating circumstances one cares to mention, this fee is nonsensically under-inflated.

    I feel neither the club (transfer negotiators) nor the player himself have emerged from this sorry episode with much credit.

    I will leave it to others to continue debating the transfer at greater length, as they are indeed doing.

    Just popped in to give my two penneth worth.

    Actually, as I support a Pozzo owned club, maybe that should be one penneth worth.

    With a sell-on clause if my post gets enough likes.
  12. AndrewH63

    AndrewH63 Reservist

    I have not read all of the thread, but how many clubs were after him and put in offers? He had a great season on loan in the Spanish second division, and has great potential. However he wanted to play in Spain and basically did not want to play for us this season. So I don’t see how his great potential was going to help us this year.

    So at best if not selling him, it would have been a loan deal with the hope he wanted to play for us next year. That’s not guaranteed. I don’t know if he would be happy to play in the UK if it is a Premier League campaign. Or he is just not prepared to work and live in England, having had a successful time in Spain.

    So I see this as money in the bank for an asset that would not have contributed, and one we have made a significant gain on what we paid. I understand people think the fee was too low, but how much was he worth then. Surely only what people are prepared to pay?

    It’s no good saying keep him and sell Gray and Deeney. For one, I expect we would sell them if good offers come in. Secondly both (unlike Suarez) are prepared to put in a shift this year to make it a successful season. Many question their talent, their wages, their party invitations and media outpourings. But I think they are both prepared to do their best for us.
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  13. Burnsy

    Burnsy Squad Player

    To be fair, Bubble did say this morning that it’s ‘very good business’ to get £25m for him and Estupinan.

    But I think the majority of people shining Gino’s plonker are in Twitter replies etc etc. Silly memes of Gino as a king etc. Full on COG behaviour.
  14. barely1egal

    barely1egal Reservist

    Within minutes of our relegation Deeney was advertising himself to all and sundry, and has spent most of the summer doing the same.

    Lets be frank - the only reason Deeney is still here is because he can't find anyone that wants him and his ludicrous wage demands.
  15. cyaninternetdog

    cyaninternetdog Forum Hippie

    I doubt they even have a pond either.
  16. Irishorn

    Irishorn Gael Force

    It’s a good deal. If the add ons do not materialise, it could be because he is not good enough. If they do pay out, we have a safety net. Never played for us so no big deal. Didn’t want to be here so move on. He could argue that he was treated as a commodity, so he probably has no sense of loyalty, which is understandable. It’s a harsh business in many ways, but it is a business. A sulking player on our books would have been useless for everybody. The Pozzos will keep looking for undiscovered talent, use passport restrictions, our sister club and loan rules with other clubs. Some will pay out for the club, some will play for us (and we may sell on again) and some will be duds. It’s our way and I accept it, as imperfect as it may be.
  17. cyaninternetdog

    cyaninternetdog Forum Hippie

    Are you sure you arent a scum troll?
  18. cyaninternetdog

    cyaninternetdog Forum Hippie

    He scored 19 goals in what is effectively League One standard football last season.
  19. WatfordTalk

    WatfordTalk First Team

    I think our only real frame of reference is the sale of Darwin Nunez. Similar record, Nunez a year younger, neither proved themselves at the top level just yet, although Nunez has played and scored at senior international level, Suarez yet to do so but apparently holding out for Spain rather than committing to Colombia.

    Seems there was concrete interest in Nunez from Brighton, Wolfsburg and Benfica. Brighton and Wolfsburg reportedly bid £18m and Benfica eventually secured him for £20m. As far as I know, Nunez was not refusing to play, and Almeria haven't just been relegated so aren't needing to cut costs in the same way we do, with our debt.

    Seems that Marseille and Granada were the only teams with genuine interest in Suarez, with rumours of Atletico etc mainly coming from his agent. Marseille seemingly don't think he was worth much more than £10m, and swiftly moved onto other targets. That leaves Granada as the remaining interested party, who Suarez seemingly already has a connection with through his girlfriend living there. We're approaching the end of the international window and face having a negative influence who doesn't want to be here, collecting his wages until January, or longer. We're not exactly negotiating from a position of power. I was hopeful we'd get closer to £15m upfront so I'm a little disappointed on that front but around £10m + potential add-ons isn't exactly a disaster.
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  20. cyaninternetdog

    cyaninternetdog Forum Hippie

    10m plus for a player that has to run backwards, awesome deal, well done Gino!!
  21. Steve Leo Beleck

    Steve Leo Beleck Squad Player

    Doubt they gave a **** given he only managed two starts in La Liga the season before he moved to us...
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  22. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team

    Are you sure you're not a plagiarist?
  23. Markoa$

    Markoa$ Squad Player

    Did I want him to stay? Yes.

    Did I think he could be a massive player for us? Yes.

    Have we sold him for less than we should have? Yes. The stats I posted earlier in this thread prove that, so I’m not going to rehash it.

    However what’s done is done and he gone. Ungrateful little turd, that thinks he’s bigger than us.

    However, annoyingly, I for one will now be cheering him on, hoping he has a massive one or two seasons at Granada, making multiple massive clubs want him and willing to spend £40mil+ on him.

    Even if it’s not massive clubs, but clubs that spend stupid money like Everton or West Ham want him, even better.

    Got to hope this kid has a great career so we see the benefit of it in the sell on %
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  24. davisp2

    davisp2 Reservist

    The price is low, but there are no easy answers. Suraez may hit the ground running at Granada and his price rockets, but equally he may struggle at a higher level. We don’t have the information the owners have around our finances, but it is highly likely we need to bring in cash. If we don’t sell players, it’s likely that we are gambling on promotion this year. It doesn’t tend to end well when clubs over-commit. It took us until the Pozzo’s took-over to recover from the Vialli promotion gamble, which took years to recover from.
  25. a19tgg

    a19tgg Squad Player

    Are people aware of how supply and demand works?

    If we did sell him for £10m, that means that he was available to buy for any club in world football for £11m.

    As it was, not one single club in world football wanted him for £11m.

    But yes, he’s actually worth £25m because some Watford fans think that’s what he’s worth.
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  26. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team

    Because the fee is so low, there is no real downside for Granada. He could flop (which he wont) and his value will remain roughly as it is. But if he takes the league by storm, or is even just a decent run of the mill striker, his value will increase.

    £10m for a club like Watford, should not been tempting. It's where the Pozzo's have placed us. Mistake after mistake and now panic.

    I hope we come through it, but so far I've not been impressed with their sale policy.
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  27. Jumbolina

    Jumbolina First Team

    We could sell Sarr tomorrow for £20m but we don’t have to accept it. Your point only has merit if we have to sell this player right now. Maybe we did because he was acting like a complete **** so you may be right.

    But there is no need for your usual attitude. You can’t seem to help yourself. Yesterday it was people “getting out more“ if they disagree with you. Today it’s “are people aware of supply and demand”.

    And of course it is the anti Pozzo lot who always start the arguments.
  28. barely1egal

    barely1egal Reservist

    In fairness it is their record transfer. £10m is relatively little for a PL club, but for a club like Granada it is quite a lot of money.
  29. GoingDown

    GoingDown Pizza & Figs

    We didn't get £10m. We might do in around 15 years.
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  30. Pob

    Pob First Year Pro

    I would have really liked them both to stay and be committed and I was really excited about them so am disappointed. . But given we know that we have to get money in there is something positive about getting £25m in for 2 players who never played for us. I’m sure Norwich and Bournemouth would love to get £25m in without weakening their squad from last season.

    I think most people would have liked to get more money in but some think it’s mitigated by the global context. There’s probably not much difference in opinion. Any marginal differences in opinion are magnified by those who hate the Pozzos versus those who think the Pozzo’s made some mistakes but have overall done well for the club in their tenure. This whole thread is not really even about Suarez anymore.
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  31. barely1egal

    barely1egal Reservist

    Look at Mr Smarty pants here and his GCSE economics lingo.

    You are trying to act like you are smarter than everyone else but you seem to have totally failed to grasp the last 10 odd pages of this thread which is that noone is saying he is worth £25m .They are saying he is worth more than £10m regardless of the poor market conditions.
  32. a19tgg

    a19tgg Squad Player

    The facts are nobody in world football wanted to buy him for more than £10m.

    Is it not somewhat of a coincidence that some fans of Watford football club seem to think he’s worth £25m (HB1 in particular) but the rest of the footballing world disagrees and places his value at £10m or less.

    He didn’t want to be here so we sold him to the highest bidder, unfortunately the highest bidder (a middling Spanish team) only put his value at £10m.

    let’s not forget that we’re talking about a player who has only performed in the Spanish second division, the Andre Grey of Spanish football.
  33. a19tgg

    a19tgg Squad Player

    He’s worth more than £10m but nobody wanted to buy him for more than £10m, can you explain how that works to me?
  34. Jumbolina

    Jumbolina First Team

    Yep all sensible. The alternative is not to sell though if the market won’t pay value. Might not be possible depending on his attitude.

    The £25m is a ludicrous strawman. Don’t think anyone is arguing for that just that the achieved fee seems low.
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