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    Similarly, albeit League Two, Max Watters (remember him?!) has started just one game for Cardiff, which was a 1-0 defeat to QPR and Neil Harris' last game in charge before getting sacked, and where he was subbed off after just 55 minutes. Since then, he's only come on as a sub twice under Mick McCarthy.

    To be fair though, most on here were also very sceptical about whether Watters would be good enough to make an impact for us when we were linked:

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    I most certainly did, but we can all make mistakes :p At least he would not have cost us much and we could probably have sold him on without much trouble.
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    Ha, I thought we should go for him simply on the basis of him not being Deeney or Gray! Turns out we were OK anyway!
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    I heard the guards had trouble getting Piggott into his prison cell so they had to blindfold and reverse him in.
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    The problem with that scale:


    It doesn't exclude anything or anyone.

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