[SIGNED perm] Jimiel Chikukwa

Discussion in 'The Transfer List' started by hornetboy1, Sep 14, 2021.

  1. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team

    Pete O'Rourke


    Former Leeds striker Jimiel Chikukwa is poised to join Watford on a free transfer after leaving Elland Road in the summer. #watfordfc #lufc

    18 year old central striker. Can play of the right too.
  2. RS2

    RS2 Reservist

    Competition for King I'd imagine.
  3. wfc4ever

    wfc4ever First Team Captain

    Another one for the Under 23s to look at and then let go.
  4. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

    Hogg-DEENEY!!! Squad Player

    Can he play centre-back?
  5. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

    He doesn't look 18.
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  6. Arakel

    Arakel First Team

    Guess we're looking to field a team of kuks this year.
  7. miked2006

    miked2006 Premiership Prediction League Proprietor

    U23s filler with small chance he does well, goes on loan and brings some money in
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  8. GoingDown

    GoingDown Pizza & Figs

    Chikukwa bow wow.
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  9. wfcSinatra

    wfcSinatra Predictor Choker 14/15

  10. Chikukwa, tell me what's wrong
    You're enchained by your own sorrow
    In your eyes there is no hope for tomorrow
  11. RS2

    RS2 Reservist

  12. Filbert

    Filbert Leicester supporting bloke

    Oooooh yeah.

    Do you think his parents couldn’t choose between Jimmy and Daniel for a name?
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  13. Filbert

    Filbert Leicester supporting bloke

    Hopefully Jimiel Fix it for you.
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  14. Rookery Refugee

    Rookery Refugee Reservist

    From the offspring:

  15. MIlton Dammers

    MIlton Dammers Reservist

    Anyone know why he was let go by Leeds? General crapness, or some other reason?
  16. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team

    They didn’t think he was going to make it. We’ve taken a chance as he impressed on trial. It’s all about opinions at this stage of a career.

    We took Sam Dalby from them a couple of years ago, now he’s been released by us.

    He’ll probably end up on the scrap heap with all the others, however, he’s got some pace which is always a good asset to work with.
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  17. folkestone orn

    folkestone orn Squad Player

    Has he good a sister call "Boom"
  18. PotGuy

    PotGuy Forum Fetishist

    I heard he chews with his mouth open and little bits of spaghetti kept falling out onto the table in the cafeteria

    We have bought some bibs and a sheet of plastic for the floor, but if he doesn't make it he has agreed to repay the club for them.

    Of course, he has only agreed to repay the club so that he can take them with him when he leaves. No faith in his own ability :(

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