Jerome Sinclair

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  1. luke_golden

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    Absolute whopper of a cup tie.
  2. Yep. Heard Paul Mayo gave Patrick Berger a nasty bap in the fries and hurt his whopper.
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  3. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    Sinclair has to be amongst the top worst signings surely?

    He's still only 26 and working in a bloody chip shop.

    Why did Liverpool take him from west brom youth? Why did they let him near the first team? Why didn't they want to sell him at the first opportunity after they'd had a good look. The lad never really had anything outstanding in any area of his game.

    Were his subsequent transfers and money paid just as a result of him having been at Liverpool and so must be good? I can't think how a scout would look at him playing, even at his very modest peak, and recommend paying big money for him.
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    Classic Pozzo, see also the lad we picked up from
    Boro on a free and gave a 5 year deal because he once also played for Utd, then couldn’t even cut it in the MLS. Can’t even remember his name he was that bad.

    But you know, loan fees.
  5. Super Fletch ? Have a feeling this could be his year.
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  6. Teide1

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    Are loan fees greater than wages? Anyone know?
  7. a19tgg

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    The loan fees comment was a bit of a joke, I think recent accounts have shown we make next to no money on them. Most of the time it will just be a case of getting wages off the books and freeing up a squad place.
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  8. reids

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    There were a couple of telling quotes in that article that I think could explain a lot

    It's quite common that if you're bigger, stronger, quicker as a kid that you can destroy academy football quite easily. When you're chucked into the adult game and suddenly everyone's the same size or bigger (Sinclair never got above 6"0 in the end so was hardly massive!) then naturally some players who relied on their physical attributes more can end up suffering if they don't have the technical attributes to match.
  9. Otter

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    Ashley Young was the opposite of that.
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  10. Steve Leo Beleck

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    Hilarious thing is that the whole system is so skewed in big clubs' favour. Can take any good prospects (Sancho, Galvez and others) for next to nothing, keep them in their youth teams then give them a run out in a mickey mouse cup. If they don't want them, a 'big club' premium is attached to them for any other club that wants them - we settled on £4m for Sinclair as we didn't want to go to a tribunal which no doubt would've set the fee higher as compensation for the time Liverpool had spent 'developing' him.

    So bring in the best talent from all around the country for peanuts, sell the dross from your academy for millions. Perfect model for the ****s that run the big clubs.
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  11. UEA_Hornet

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    It’s almost like they designed the system.
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