[REPORTED] Ismaila Sarr

Discussion in 'The Transfer List' started by Burnsy, Jul 19, 2020.

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    I was talking about next season or the season after.

    And I think there were 6 or 7 'if's in that post.
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    Yes I should have used a switch statement;
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  4. HeiaWatford

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    I totally disagree I believe it strengthens his hand. But as you said they've not done it before.
  5. LeedsOrn

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    Well we never wagered but looks like Danjuma is heading to Villarreal for £20m on the nose. So I guess neither of us wins but I’d like to take credit as being a little more on the money. Clearly they weren’t holding out for £35m.
  6. a19tgg

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    Surely a release clause is purely for the benefit of the player, there is no benefit to the club what so ever.
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    Assume we will make an agreement allowing him to leave next summer.

    And then break the agreement and hold him hostage.
  8. westbridgfordhornet

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    I'd love to read in the next few days that Capoue welcomes his new teammate with a 'reducer' breaking Danjuma's leg at his first Villareal training session with reports circulating that Etienne whispers "f*** your Cherries" in the Dutchman's ear as he writhes in agony. You're allowed to dream aren't you?
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  9. Other than getting the player to commit to a longer/new contract ?
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  10. LeedsOrn

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    If I were negotiating I think the club should aim to get Sarr to sign a new long-term contract using a release clause for summer 2022 only of £60-70m. We’re not going to get more than that fee next summer with only two additional years of contract. So this way we lock in the potential fee from next summer while ensuring that our upside is not limited should he stay beyond that time.

    Just as another point I think release clauses do bolster a selling club’s position with its own player. A player is less likely to agitate for a move if the release clause has not been met. The club can just point to the release clause and say this is how it works. The lack of a formal valuation in a contract without a release clause can cause players to feel that the valuation is unfair and inhibiting a move and result in a player agitating for a move. I know this is a bit of a different example given the structure of the clause in question but I think it’s clear that Haaland would have moved this summer if not for the release clause/lower amount next summer.
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  11. LeedsOrn

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    Romano said £20m
  12. Burnsy

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    In a perfect world where players respect contracts yes but in reality, not really true is it? If a player wants out, his club can rightly point to any release clause - but we all know that players will still agitate for a move/down tools/go AWOL.

    And is that entirely clear about Haaland? Dortmund showed last summer their resolve over Sancho. And the only comments I’ve seen from Haaland this summer was that he hasn’t spoken to his agent about a transfer and is happy to stay at Dortmund.
  13. Burnsy

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    And other outlets are saying €25m.

    Either way, hardly worth going back and forth over!
  14. wfcmoog

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    Sell him. Pocket the cash.
  15. LeedsOrn

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    Yeah it’s pretty close. Seems like different reports of the fee fall either side of the line. But Bournemouth were clearly willing to sell for around £20m. I think they would have caved for even less if they got closer to the deadline.
    Obviously any player who demands to leave is disregarding their contract to some degree but disregarding a release clause is to disregard a provision negotiated specifically for this purpose and really makes it trickier for the player to claim a grievance. I do think that is worth something but generally not worth cabining a player’s fee’s upside.

    Haaland is happy to stay because he knows he’ll have his pick of the litter next summer and get paid more by his new club too given that the transfer fee will be 50%+ less.
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  16. I'm hearing €24.8m.
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  17. Burnsy

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    Why would any player sign a deal with a grossly overvalued release clause?
  18. WatfordTalk

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    Hmm. Most reliable source on twitter says £20m.

    Open forum and all that, settle down! Wasn't that serious...

  19. WatfordTalk

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    I'm sorry you've taken it that way. Try not to be so defensive when wrong.
  20. Burnsy

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    I’m not going to take lessons from you on anything. I’ve said I don’t believe I was wrong in my viewpoint. I always felt he’d go for about £25m. There are many reports that it’s not far off that. Respect my viewpoint maybe rather than just ignoring those reports and saying I’m wrong?

    Mods, I have no problem if you want to tidy the thread up and get rid of this ridiculous discussion.
  21. WatfordTalk

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    Just advice on trying not to get so riled up when wrong. Never said you had to take it.
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    Who cares, he's shyt anyway.

    *sips turps*
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  23. Burnsy

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    I think from our history that it is clear that I would have no desire to take advice from you. So in future, don’t bother yourself. Hope that’s clear enough for you.

    Enjoy your day.
  24. WatfordTalk

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    Please don't tell me what to do, I'll keep giving advice if I think you need it. Then it's up to you if you take it, or keep getting so annoyed.
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    Then I shall report each of those posts given I’ve politely asked you not to do it. Easy. Bless you thinking that you’re annoying me.
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    You're entitled to engage in any pathetic activity you choose to, go ahead.
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    Jesus….6 of one and half a dozen of the other. Come on lads it’s football ffs.
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    Seems more like tennis to me...
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    Lads, please, every time there's a new post in this thread it gives the rest of the forum a heart attack!
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    Is this **** staying yet?
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    Gon 2 Udinese
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    I spent a while deleting the posts and tidying up.
    No more personal insults or long winded fights/windups please, from both sides.
    Or we close the thread
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    Please do it!

    No more Sarr leaving rumours for us!
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  34. Burnsy or WT ?
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    everyone having a good normal day today?

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