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    Has anyone on here got any experience with Invisalign or adult braces?

    My teeth used to be straight, but when i was 17 I broke my nose playing in goal and took a heavy kick to the face. The dentist said this is probably what's cause my teeth to move, and i'd like to get them fixed. I literally have two front teeth that have moved backwards slowly over the last 5 or 6 years and the rest of my teeth, including the bottom set are fine. I'm getting married next year, so i'd like it fixed before then and thought now could be the perfect chance now that i'm not going out as much...

    I've just spoken to a place that charges £3400 for one set, which to me seems extortionate to fix two wonky teeth.

    Can anyone vouch for it/recommend the best way of doing it?
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    TBF mate that seems very 'normal' prices for the state of the art/top of the range kit. If you have any Litho or Hungarian friends (or anyone really from Eastern Europe) I would ask them about orthodontists 'back home' and plan for a few "short city breaks" in one these capital cities as soon as is feasible. The treatment is going to last at least a year.

    If you have a good relationship with your dentist they 'may' adjust and monitor the device under NHS treatment but they probably won't as they didn't fit it.

    You may qualify for NHS orthodontal cover (I don't know how strict they are on cosmetic/clinical need) but it won't be "Invisalign" kit.

    FWIW my youngest son has just had what was supposed to be his second tranche of orthodontal treatment (delayed from Feb as we probably had the c-word) - the fitting of a 'train track' to his bottom set of teeth. His orthodontist gave us a choice: 2nd train track fitted or what look like an "Invisalign" set with the removal of the previously fitted device - he strongly advised the second route as he didn't know what was going to happen about further appointments due to WWC. If a second lockdown occurred he could advise patient to stop wearing them as opposed to coming into the clinical setting for removal/adjustment.
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    I had Invisalign back in my early 20s, on both upper and lower sets of teeth.

    My treatment took about 18 months - 2 years, but then quite a bit needed to be done. Invisalign will be slower than regular braces, but if not a huge amount needs to be fixed then a year should be enough to get good results. I didn't find the treatment too much of a pain or inconvenience and am even thinking of having another very brief course done again on my top row at some point (I have a bonded retainer on my bottom row).

    I can't remember exactly how much my treatment cost, but £3400 does sound like quite a bit for just a year on the top row. From what I vaguely recall my treatment was around that for both rows, almost two years, from an experienced dentist on Harley Street. This was about 10 years ago though.

    Just go on Invisalign's website and find whichever dentists are fairly reachable from you and are rated as relatively experienced providers (e.g. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum etc.) to find which one seems to be offering the best deal while offering regular check-ups along the way. Also consider if any other things such as retainers after the Invisalign is finished are offered as part of the deal.
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    Thanks both. LR - do you still wear a retainer?

    I've booked an appointment to see an orthodontist tomorrow, so i'll see what they say.
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    I have a bonded retainer fixed behind my bottom row of teeth. That has been fine so far.

    For the top row I was told at the time a fixed one wasn't as necessary. I probably wore a retainer at night on the top row for about 6 months afterwards then stopped bothering. That was about 6/7 years ago though and in the time since one or two of the teeth have moved a bit again so perhaps I should have continued a bit longer. They haven't moved enough for it to be a big deal, but as they can probably be put back again in a few months I might as well if the opportunity arises.
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