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Discussion in 'Yellow Pages' started by hornmeister, Dec 20, 2017.

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    Indeed they did, I had sold some shares at a profit and then sold the rest at a loss. All in all I ended up about 20% down on this but it’s not the end of the world. It was a speculative one to start with, but it was pretty disappointing in the way they were managed. I feel very sorry for local people who had invested their entire pensions in it.
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    I don't think they went bust. They couldn't get market finance for their mining plans so the share price plummeted as they had no way to achieve their goal without outside investment. The company was bought by an international mining company and delisted. I suppose it would have gone bust if there had been no takeover though.
  3. Optimistichornet

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    yer they offered something ridiculous like 4.5p a share in the end. i had sold some at the ath which was over 40p a share. wish i had sold more, but i was very disappointed with the way the company was run in the end.

    im doing quite well in some gold miners at the moment, i will post some details later.
  4. Hopefully should start to see a little bit of life in my Martsons, Young’s, Wetherspoons etc now pubs can open-ish
  5. hornmeister

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    Gonna take at least a quarter before we know how badly hit these companies will be and if we get another spike many will go belly up.
    Big risk imho, but of course this also gives potential big reward.
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  6. I invest for fun more than anything, and never big. For me its like gambling on sport only less luck and more research. I never invest more than I'm happy to lose. and I leave the important stuff, like pensions, to the professionals! My portfolio is split between lower risk Microsoft type stuff and higher risk stuff I've picked up bottom feeding. Bought some Lloyds the other day as a long termer and will be interesting to see how they do over the next 2 years.
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    I bought 3,000 Lloyd’s shares at 30p in 2008. Opted to use dividends to buy more shares. In 12 years they are back to about 30p but at one point were hovering around 75p. I now buy through a self investment share ISA. At one point i was going for shares with good share owner benefits. but these are scaled back now. So i now pick companies with strong balance sheets, on the basis that cash now will be important to ride out the depression. Just bought Burberry. Still have some hopes for Royal Mail, if they can push through and start to gain a big slice of the parcels market.

    I only use spare cash, again as much for the fun of trying to out perform cash savings. My dad used to buy shares. As soon as they went up 40% on the price he paid, he sold, never chased the top price. Never checked the price again. as he said never get so greedy you turn a gain into a loss
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  8. Diamond

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    Mrs Diamond used to work for Lloyds. She was given shares as part of a sharesave scheme back in the 90's. They were as sh*t then as they are now.
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    Also something that's piquing my interest lately.

    Mainly the growth is Tesla stock.

    Anyone invested in NIO?
  10. Personally I think the shares are over priced, every manufacturer on the planet has or will soon have electric vehicles, and there are some serious infrastructure and supply chain challenges to be faced before we are all driving them

    Lloyds are some way below the 2019 levels and would be an interesting long term investment, I think you could get 30-40% return over 3 years providing you’re willing to wait and ride the bumps of the recession
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    If Tesla spin off their charging/supply arm and it becomes a standard then that's the only way I can see them jumping now. Otherwise as stated I'd suggest they're overpriced. I may be wrong but I think they've rarely made a profit and the company is just Musk. If he croaks then I would expect a fall.

    In fact I'd probably be looking at getting out now. Maybe retaining a small holding which costs have been covered by profit taken.
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  12. Cineworld doing some weird stuff today, it’s either going belly up or it’s the craziest opportunity out there. Can’t quite make my mind up but I’ve testing the water with 200 at 40p.
  13. Mr W

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    What is cineworlds cash reserves like? I wouldn't touch a cinema chain at all right now but for £80 its worth a punt. I think they dropped much lower which prompted a buy back to ~40p

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  14. Yes I’m thinking they were just oversold tbh and 40 - 50p looks like where they should be. TBF everything in my portfolio is up today so perhaps there is a bit of feel good out there.
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  15. Mr W

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    Good luck to you!
    Mine is mostly static rn as Ive broken my one rule (not batman) and cashed out - I invest in ETFs for tax efficiency and very much a passive buy hold strategy BUT I've convinced myself of at least a contraction coming soon. So am on the sidelines right now but I did pick up AAPL at around 400 little profit from those and will hold that and ride out any dip.

    Do you just trade individual stocks?

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  16. I’ve been playing with shares for only a few years, ever since interest rates dried up and made savings pointless. I did try bitcoin but I find shares fascinating and bitcoin boring. I’m definitely a happy amateur though so advice always gratefully received! My approach is/will be definitely long game - try to buy mining and gold at the bottom when times are good, and buy the right businesses at the bottom when times are bad.

    I’ve got some gold mining shares I’m selling off in little amounts to feather down and buy back in if when they reach a new bottom in the next couple of years, and I’m buying small amounts of what I think are businesses which will survive and recover over the next 2 years and are some way off their peak - Aviva, L&G, Burberry, Whitbread, RDShell, TransCanada etc I have about 15 in total.

    CW looked interesting although confusing made all the more so by shorters. If it survives or is sold off (US law change on who can own cinemas has added an interesting dynamic) the LT potential is to go from 40p to £2-3.

    I also picked up a few shares in other businesses on their knees (Marstons, Aston M etc) and so far outlook is way better than I feared. I bought cheap though so if they fluctuate for a while it’s no big deal. I bought Boohoo on the fall the other month and sold at +30% this week.

    Never tried EFTs.

    I have no idea if what I am doing is the right way to go about investing... but I’m having fun!
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  17. Mr W

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    That's what it's all about as long as you can afford to lose the money/not access it for a good long while.

    For me ETFs are the way forward - lazy investing. I'm betting on the market rather than an individual company. Plus keeps my portfolio very simple so easy to track tax obligations also much lower fees that don't eat into my profit.

    In the long run ETFs will mostly always beat pro actively managed funds I'd have a look into them for sure at least gives you another option. There are some great ones for UK/US residents which I can't have (expat) so I exclusively use Vanguards VWRP can't complain at all so far

    Although I am toying with getting in on Airbnb and Snowflake when they go IPO they would be my vanity buys haha

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  18. Cude>2<

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    Which platforms do you guys use/recommend for trading? Looking to have a dabble with it, low sums to build up a portfolio over time.
  19. hornmeister

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    Depends what you are looking for. Cheap as chips or added reliable service.

    A good middle of the road is YouInvest - AJ Bell. This will give you Isa sipp or gia wrappers, with access to funds shares and etfs.
    Bit more expensive is Hargreaves Lansdown but they offer more in the way of reaseach and support.
    I'd stick with a major player while you get confident, you can then transfer to someone with lower running cost that might be a bit more hands off as experience increases. I would also dabble through an isa initially so you don't have to worry about tax.
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  20. Cude>2<

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    Thanks Meister, will check those out. Will definitely be going through an isa

    Looked at HL previously and the portal looked really good, but the charges seem very high with the amounts i'd initially be looking to invest monthly.
  21. Depends also on how much your investing, buying say £20 of shares a month doesn't make much sense when your being charged £9.95 a trade (or whatever). If this is what you have in mind something like Freetrade might fit. Key thing is whoever you use is regulated by the FCA as your funds are protected up to £85k.
  22. Halfwayline

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    for me Hargreaves Landsdown has the easiest platform to buy and sell. You can buy individual equities or funds wrapped up in an ISA with ease. And good access to research. As others commented no point if buying very small quantities though
  23. wfcSinatra

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    I use Trading212. No fees.

    I have a pie set up which takes a set certain amount of money out my account every month and invests it across my pie which currently consists of some safe bets (Apple & Amazon and some I’m hoping will grow NIO, Peloton etc)

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  24. reids

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    I use Freetrade which is great. If you want a code let me know and if you sign up and deposit some money (either a fiver or tenner can't remember which) we both get a free share of a random stock.
  25. reids

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  26. hornmeister

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    I wouldn't touch it with your bargepole let alone mine. :D
    Volatile as buggery. I would suggest that the opportunity to make a quick substantial hit has probably passed when it's reported in national press but good luck never the less.
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  29. Arakel

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    Abovementioned friend also just bought AMC @ 15, already went up to 16.5 in the about 15 mins since he bought it. Insane.
  30. Arakel

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    Gave me a good laugh, at least.
  31. reids

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    I bought £100 worth of Blackberry and £50 worth of AMC at 3PM today as a speculative punt (figured when this Gamestop stuff is over WSB will have money to spare and pump one of the other companies in a similar situation being touted around) and have seen great returns already!
  32. Personally I've steered clear of AMC (and Cineworld) sure the opportunity looks huge but when Covid is over and people are coming back through the doors they will still be faced with billions of debt.

    Still it's nice to see shorters getting burned.
  33. reids

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    Yeah I'm only in it for the short term pump (which has been 25% since I bought earlier this afternoon!)
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    What platform do you use?

    The fundamentals are irrelevant here. This is democratisation.
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    How do I get into this?

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