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Discussion in 'The Team Bus' started by Smudger, Jun 1, 2021.

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    Anyone thought up a song yet
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    Why lock the other thread so quickly?! How do you decide to lock that thread so suddenly but leave the Andre Gray and Rettew Deb ones open?
  4. lowerrous

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    Anyway >>

    @a19tgg "“Louza is also skilled in dead-ball situations, taking corners, free-kicks and penalties at his former club”

    At ******* last."


    Supposedly Zinckernagel was meant to be good at set-pieces as well. Louza has only managed 1 assist from a free-kick and 0 assists from a corner across his 50 Ligue 1 starts (not sure how many of those games he was taking the set-pieces though, anyone know?).
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  5. The undeniable truth

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    I’m hearing this one is really really close now. One to watch.
  6. LeedsOrn

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    Per FBref, last season, Louza was 86th percentile out of all midfielders for shots created from dead ball situations. Probably a little more relevant than just looking at assists from set pieces.
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    We still haven't even established if it was the same marble table!
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  9. lowerrous

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    Fair enough! Odd that none went in though.
  10. We had a decent window in Jan and I'm liking the way this one is going. Hopefully we'll never see the likes of Gray or Welbeck signings ever again.
  11. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

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    James Garner was supposed to be a set-piece whiz and look how that turned out!
  12. lowerrous

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    Just one thing I thought of with that stat - how is it calculated and who is included?

    What if 85% of midfielders don't even take set-pieces (which isn't too difficult to envisage)?
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    Six out of the most recent ten threads in the section are either jokes or updates on players we didn't sign but when we make our first big money signing of the summer, it gets locked about 30 seconds after it's official and one gets opened up here, a section that I'm not convinced most people even know exists!
  15. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

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  16. LeedsOrn

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    Sure, all midfielders (including non-set piece takers) would be included. It’s a fair concern. But you can see per Fbref how many dead ball passes players attempt per 90 too.

    James Ward Prowse comes to mind as a quality set piece taker. He has 1.11 shot creating actions from 8.89 dead ball pass attempts (1 in 8 generates a shot). Louza has 0.45 from 4.84 (1 in 11). I’d imagine @reids would have better data and analysis on this question though.
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    I only discovered the other shyt sub forums like this one by hitting the new posts button. Now that's all I use, so I can keep track of all the shytty posts made on this forum.
  18. reids

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    I can see on Statsbomb (who provide fbrefs data) that Louzra ranks 12th out of 82 midfielders (which I think would be 86th percentile) for set-piece key-passes, however 35 out of the 82 midfielders don't have a single set-piece key pass which seems like it's a bit flawed.
  19. Arakel

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    Should put a link to this thread in the closed thread. Would make it far easier for people to navigate.
  20. The Voice of Reason

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    Could this be a good omen: -

    As you all know we have had a player on our books for sometime called SUCCESS, but he has literally not lived up to his name because he has been the opposite to a success, in fact he has been a complete LOSER!!!

    Now we have signed a player called LOUZA, so lets hope he does not live up to his name either, furthermore lets hope he literally proves to be the exact opposite to a loser, and in fact become a complete WINNER!!!

  21. RS2

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    You should have said 'become a complete SUCCESS!!!'
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  22. The Voice of Reason

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    Yes I should shouldn't I :oops:
  23. The Voice of Reason

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    I've taken RS2's advice and edited my original post #20 to read as in the quote above :)
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    So far this had been a terrible thread though. Perhaps it's better for it to be hidden away in the forgotten reaches of the forum.
  25. PowerJugs

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    Given how our 19/20 recruitment set the tone for our season, I am a very big fan of the profile of player we're intending to sign if this is anything to go by. These are the types of players who will only increase in ability and value the more you use them and will make a guaranteed return on investment from a purely monetary perspective but also give the side a more youthful and energetic edge on the pitch. Hopefully being younger also means they're more resistant to injury too than, say, your Welbeck's and Pereyra's.
  26. I Blame Pozzo

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    I hope Imran can.
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  27. domthehornet

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    Apparently Xisco spoke to him to convince him to come which I imagine as him belting out Sweet Caroline for ten minutes.
  28. hornetboy1

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    I think he would have been convinced once Xisco told him that he loves whores and Watford has lots of whores you can ride.
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  29. wfcSinatra

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    Great signing.
  30. Heidar

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    Awesome, we've got an "Arrange Friendly" clause in this one. Nantes at Vicarage Road on July 31st.
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  33. Smudger

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    All the North African sides like Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco who have populations of those countries descent in France are keen to pick up anyone who may not make the grade for Les Bleus or try and entice them to play for the country of ancestry. Louza would be no different if within a couple of years he is not knocking on the door of the French national side the Atlas Lions will offer him a chance. Their current head coach may well have seen Louza play for the Nantes academy having been manager of the side at the time.

    Morocco also try and pick up players of Moroccan descent from Holland as with Ziyech and a couple of others and Belgium too.
  34. Since63

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    Bit like the old FAI approach? Find Another Irishman.
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  35. Markoa$

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    Lots of reports coming out now that the fee was €10mil which is £8.6mil. With a 5 year contract, I’m guessing we probably paid £3-4mil upfront, then the rest will be in installments.
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