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    Venues can play music if they have a PRS licence. I couldn't find one on the PRS db for either the venue or the Nasty Party. But that doesn't mean there wasn't one.

    A licence provides limited use. It doesn't cover adding it to a show or advertising (which have to be negotiated) or any possible case of false association which has been used successfully in the past. It's easy enough to make a case for false association simply on the basis that the music was clearly used to support a theme, 'Blue' Cassette - uplifting music to support the PMs 'uplifting' (or vomit inducing) message.

    The Tories have form for this, having been criticised by performer after performer, Rhianna, Calvin Harris, Florence and the Machine. etc etc. Rather than support UK artists, the Tories are happy to undermine their credibility and impartiality.

    In any reasonable definition this is missue. Anyone with basic respect would consider this theft. But what are the Tories to do? Walk out to Cliff Richard every time? They have no one else.
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    True, that is correct on the first point. The point I was trying to make is that simply because work is on sale for profit doesn’t give just anyone free rein to use it for their own purposes.
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    l think you may be wrong on that.

    If they have entered into contracts, with the intention of enriching themselves from the sale of a product, allowing the selling or re-selling of their music for commercial reasons, they give any person willing to pay the money the right to use it.

    Now. If you can prove the tories didn't pay to enter into a contract for the right to use their 'art', I will concede.

    But whilst the inference is that they took the money, I feel I am on pretty safe ground.
  4. HenryHooter

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    By all definitions, it is misuse only if the band take the tories to court and find a judge who will agree that when they sold useage rights for their music, they meant everyone except Boris Johnson.

    I believe it will be the event organisers that would hold the rights to use the music. You may find the band's advisors will tell them it is not beneficial to ther capitalist fiscal requirements to upset such event organisers.

    Just thinking.
  5. Moose

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    You have a most typical boss mentality. The rules support our wealth, our dominance and if you don’t like them, well you are just a cheap ho taking a shilling with no right to complain.
  6. HenryHooter

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    Tory conference is not a commercial venture. The absolute worst that would happen is the tories might, but will not, be required to put a "the use of this tune does not reflect the politics of the band" type disclaimer on future videos, or remove it.

    Just hope the band are happy to effectively discourage around half the population from joining their subscriber list.

    This argument is petty, pointless and ridiculous.

    Perhaps they'll get Gina Miller on the case, with press from around the world standing outside the Supreme Court waiting for the verdict, the Scottish courts having already found Boris guilty of "F-all", for which they sentenced him to death by socialism.

    But at least no one is talking about the hateful s show of bile and disgust at the temerity of fellow members to have alternate opinions, that was Labour conference.
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  7. HenryHooter

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    That, alas, is just a random selection of rhetoric, which, coming from a succesfull executive "boss" and being directed to a health care employee, can easily be seen for what it is.

    Successful executive bosses are not known for getting where they are today without employing "typical boss mentality". So seeing as what you say does not reflect my mentality, which in this case is that if you sell something for profit, it is a bit trite to complain that someone paid for it.

    The cheap ho description is yours, and you are the only one of us that can be described as a boss. So once again, it seems you are complaining about yourself in front of everyone on the forum.
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  8. HenryHooter

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    Well, it seems there have been no copyright strikes or copyright "monetising" on Youtube, so seems the band are quite happy to permit corrupt blue W*****s to carry on using their art. Such tends to be the way with capitalist artists who want that money so badly. They did put it up for sale after all.

    So it seems the score for the conferences was...

    Labour: More anti-Semitism (claimed by members at the podium), more racism (performed against white members of the party told to put their hands down, on multiple occasions, by debate chairmen), more threats against party members with unfashionable ideas of freedom and reality (made from the podium), more misogynyst threats and attacks on women (exposed by an elected member who felt too threatened to attend), more dehumanising derogatory and insulting language about their political rivals (made by the deputy leader who knows better than anyone the connection between such speech and violence towards fellow human beings, having previously virtue signalled exactly that), and more threats and assaults against people who disagree with them (performed, it is fair to speculate, as a direct consequence of the deputy leader dehumanising tories).

    Conservatives: Paid to use a tune that a capitalist beat combo from St Albans put up for sale (which forum members seem to think makes the tories the biggest bunch of gangsta thieves since the Krays).

    I think there is a certain amount of balance missing from some posts on this forum.
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  9. Moose

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    Supply crisis? Johnson jets off on holiday for a week.
  10. HenryHooter

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    I am glad he has confidence in his team.

    And perhaps, if he is so incompetent, it is for the best he is not around.
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  11. Moose

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  12. Jumbolina

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    This is a bit super race Sydney. Plenty of uneducated UK staff around.
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  13. sydney_horn

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    That's not what I intended it to read as. I specifically said we "should be looking" to fill the gaps in the unskilled jobs market.

    I am fully aware that not every UK person is going to be capable of doing a skilled job and there is nothing wrong with doing unskilled work.

    But, if we work on the basis that, with an aging population, we don't have sufficient people of working age and we need migrants to work here, is it better to "import" skilled labour and let the domestic workforce do the unskilled work? Or should we aim to educate and train to the UK workforce to do the skilled work?

    The current government points system specifically targets skilled migrants for jobs with a minimum salary cap.

    That is, imho, going to fill the jobs that we should be providing for UK educated workforce while creating shortages in the low skilled market.

    The natural conclusion is that we will find our young people doing jobs way below what we, as tax payers, have educated them to do while filling the "better" jobs with migrants.
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  14. sydney_horn

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    Just to clarify, I am not saying a UK educated person is "better" than a migrant. I am saying that, if nothing else, we should be looking at a maximum return on investment when we provide a free education to our people. And that means getting the best outcomes for UK educated people wherever possible.

    It makes, imho, economic and moral sense.
  15. HenryHooter

    HenryHooter Reservist

    It is an admirable idea.

    The problem comes from the method of filling the gap.

    Using low paid foreign nationals to do the unskilled work is down right extreme nationalism.

    I do not believe there is any way out of that. Reminds me of wealthy American communities having low paid black workers bussed in to do the cheap work. Yeauugh.
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  16. sydney_horn

    sydney_horn Squad Player

    And just to clarify again, unskilled work does not mean low paid. A minimum wage should insure every worker gets a good days pay for a good day's work.

    No one, migrant or domestic worker, should be exploited.
  17. HenryHooter

    HenryHooter Reservist

    Not calling a policy exploitation does not stop it from being exploitation. I am sure the EU does not refer to free movement as exploitation, yet we have senior professors who worked on the Euro project saying that exploitation of cheap labour through free movement, in order to mitigate the limitations of the Euro, is a deliberately intended benefit.

    The idea is, unarguably, deliberate exploitation of foreign nationals to do the jobs the UK believes should be considered below the dignitity of its highly educated people. It is a template for a British super (in the latin sense of "above") race, as suggested by Jumbolina.

    Unskilled labour can be paid well, but whilst it pays less than skilled labour, you would clearly be creating a non-national under class within the UK.

    This is extreme nationalism. Again, I am not accusing anyone of being an extreme nationslist, but I am pointing out that it is the nature of an argument they are making. Like I say, it is more likely the result of a poorly made argument, and I imagine it will be back tracked to a case of just wanting a return to free movement.

    But as it is being made now? Yeughhh.
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  18. Moose

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    Rees-Mogg’s comment about Tories not having to wear masks because they ‘know each other’ and have a ‘convivial, fraternal spirit’ is highly instructive of the Government’s current attitude to the virus.

    There is no intention to offer cautious leadership by example, nor does guidance have to make sense or even apply to Tories, who are, of course, exceptional people imbued with a different sort of stuff to miserable SNP sorts.

    Instead of noting the increase in cases and promising to consider where the guidance makes sense and doesn’t, it’s simply a subject ripe for a wind up of pompous, nanny state opposition parties. And on the cases rise…

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  19. HenryHooter

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    Labour are celebrating the above post for its virtuous, tory destroying content. Big time.

    Do you think these two know each other?
    Picture taken at Dawn Butler's Jamaica Night, during the Labour conference. There are many more pictures, and not a mask in sight.

    Hypocrisy gone mad me thinks, with regard to the above post.

    PS. I have no problem with these people, or anybody else, choosing not to wear a mask. My issue is with people insisting that they must.

    In the case of the above photo, more power to Dawn and Sadiq.
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  20. Moose

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    Ah the benefits of a Tory Brexit. In the last few years, in response to concerns about falling regulatory standards, we’ve been loftily told how we could implement higher standards out of the EU.

    That was a pile of shyte as will our rivers be too now Tory MPs have voted to allow raw sewage to be dumped in them. 22 Tories found a backbone and voted against it.

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  21. sydney_horn

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    Raw sewage now seen drifting out to sea:

  22. Moose

    Moose First Team Captain

    Should have come with spoiler code titled ‘massive floater’.
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  23. HenryHooter

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    Another example of the left turning right, as the Daily Mail's cause is taken up by middle class lefties to score points against the Government.

    Why anyone reads that right wing rag I do not know. Why lefties think that championing its causes will turn out good for them, is anyones guess. It never has when these posters, for some reason, have quoted from it before.

    To be clear. This Daily Mail article is referring to an amendment to a bill that seeks to stop storm drains from being used, just like that (imagine me snapping my fingers).

    No one voted to allow water companies to start pumping raw sewerage through storm drains. Instead they voted not to force the near impossible ending, with no existing plan with which to do so, a practice that is over 100 years old, and instead to accept another amendment to the bill which requires a plan to be presented by September next year. Everyone agrees that the practice must be curtailed, but the Government's view on the matter is that there should be a plan in place to allow it to be done practically.

    Where those who voted for the amendment expected waste water during storms to be stored or redirected, I am unsure. But I suspect they do not envisage it affecting the land around their comfy little pads. Perhaps it can just be left to drain through town and village centres? With no plan, who can guess?

    Just another example of virtue signalling over practical management.
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  24. Lloyd

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    Has Sajid Javid really thought through his plan to sack the NHS workers who have chosen not to have the Covid jab....
  25. Moose

    Moose First Team Captain

    I think they probably have on this one. I expect that the Government will be very reluctant to put this through, but the whole approach to Covid and the economy is predicated on the vaccine.

    There is also a fundamental problem with the unvaccinated providing healthcare. Not only are they a danger to patients, but they are a danger to themselves. Mrs Moose is a practitioner, managing staff who work face to face for long periods with patients. She has several unvaccinated members of staff. Can she put them in a room with patients? What if they get very sick? It’s easy to say it’s the individuals own problem, more difficult to do.

    The Government won’t want to take this step and I think the current rhetoric is an attempt to get better take up from NHS staff. If that seems like coercion, so be it.
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  26. HenryHooter

    HenryHooter Reservist

    There is a lot in this. I don't mind a few mind games and a little coercion in a situation like this, as long as it doesn't stretch to authoritarianism.
  27. Lloyd

    Lloyd Squad Player

    Apparently there's something like 100,000 NHS staff that haven't had their jabs. I realise that not all will be medical personnel - presumably there's plenty of cleaning, catering etc staff in that number - but I'm not sure it'd play out that well if Sajid starts giving what few doctors and nurses that are left the heave-ho because they choose - for whatever reason - not to get spiked
  28. Moose

    Moose First Team Captain

    The Mail and others continue to agitate on the Government’s free pass for privatised water companies in England and Wales to pollute.

    So what was the point of privatisation? They’ve not improved the waste discharges, just taken millions for shareholders. Now they need protection to pollute. (Not in Scotland, where it is nationalised and does better).

    The Standard’s comment today,
    ‘large swathes of the south coast are increasingly no-go zones and the Thames is still often polluted because our water system can’t cope with rising levels of rainfall…

    But these types of problems have been solved before — acid rain and the hole in the ozone layer have been mitigated by the world coming together and thinking of solutions. The bill that the Tories opposed calls for a plan to tackle sewage and for water companies to report every time it is discharged.

    If they can’t commit to think of solutions for that, what precedent does that set for all the other ecological problems coming down the road? Next week, world leaders will assemble for COP26. Let’s hope they have less of a defeatist attitude than our government.’


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  29. HenryHooter

    HenryHooter Reservist

    The bill, as it now exists, contains an amendment that commits to a plan being produced before acting, rather than acting without a plan, which was the upshot of the down voted amendment.

    Voting against amendment 45 changed nothing. The Mail's implication, and that of the above post, is a deliberate attempt, by a right wing rag, to give the impression that a law change has been made that allows greater polluting.

    It is a lie. Why a leftie poster may want to support the Mail in such a campaign is clear. It is not about pollution, it is about being anti government, and they will side with anyone.

    With the amendment that was supported, a plan must be produced by September 2022, which can then be acted upon. It amounts to a practical commitment.

    With the amendment that Moose and the Mail are complaining was voted against, there is no commitment to a time scale or a budget. It amounts to an opportunity to virtue signal with no plan in place, and will likely end up with nothing being done for years, if at all.

    The Mail's motivation, almost certainly, is part of the campaign in some of the right wing media that is trying to push the Government further to the right (anti NHS, Government not doing enough, etc.), and support for it from the left is just another example of confusion in politics about what is left and what is right.
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  30. Moose

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    Tweet with clip of Feargal Sharkey on the Today programme. £60bn paid to shareholders of privatised water companies and not a single river that can be called ‘clean’.


    Feargal, in case people are not aware, lives in Herts, is a keen fisherman and campaigns for clean rivers particularly Herts’ chalk streams.
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  31. HenryHooter

    HenryHooter Reservist

    I bet he never listened to his father.
  32. sydney_horn

    sydney_horn Squad Player

    Yep, a clean river these days is hard to find.
  33. Moose

    Moose First Team Captain

    But hey, we make ‘our own’ laws now.

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  34. miked2006

    miked2006 Premiership Prediction League Proprietor

    I generally struggle with the consistency of argument for mandatory vaccines. But not for front line health care staff.

    When you put a sick or vulnerable person into hospital, having a staff member give them Covid without taking every possible measure to protect them, is as bad as being negligent on the operating table.

    Medical staff take a vow to do no harm, and should take that vow more seriously than statistically minuscule risks to themselves, given the amount of damage they can do.

    And if you haven’t had a jab, you’re more likely to catch Covid, have a greater viral load, and cough more than if you have not.
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  35. Lloyd

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    He'd be better off paying attention to his perfect cousin

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