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    Both Roman and Grecian cultures were built on multiculturalism , at least to an extent .

    Its almost an imperative feature of any expanding , technologically superior culture because its society and economy outgrows the level that its indigenous population can support alone .
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    The British and the Americans especially, under Woodrow , were anti reparations because they foresaw the potential implications.

    Unfortunately the French government didn’t see it that way and their opinion held sway on this because they bore more of the brunt of German aggression .
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    In 1919 the French were still scarred after the humiliation of their defeat in 1870. They declared war and got walloped in less than a year by the Prussians, resulting in a unified Germany and a weakened France. You could argue it was French aggression in 1870 that set in motion the circumstances that led to WW1.
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    An incredible Roman mosaic in what is thought to be a 4th century villa has been uncovered in a farmer’s field in Rutland. Lots more work to be done to find the full footprint of the villa so there could be more to come.

    It’s the first Roman mosaic found in Britain to depict scenes from the Iliad. Hopefully they can open it up to the public one day because it’s only half an hour from me.
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  5. Agree. The French were as much a cause of ww1 as any other nation.

    And Britain should have kept out of it and left France v Germany to round 2.
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    Although UK was getting increasingly worried by the threat posed by an economically dynamic unified Germany both in Europe and, probably more significantly, on the resources of the UK's global empire.
    Would have been better to stay out, but there was real concern over the threat posed by 'aggressive, expansionist Germany'. Obviously the irony in that attitude was missed somewhat.
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    Bismarck was also a war monger and active in creating and then trying to preserve his Second Reich. He created three wars against the Danes, Austrians and French. Loved imperialism harking back to Rome and then brought a nutjob to the fore in the Kaiser whom he could not control. Militarism and all it's Prussian antecedence was all the vogue in the new Germany. I think he deserves a great deal of the blame. Napoleon III was worried with good reason. He had tried and failed to accommodate his neighbours in his own bid for expanding French territory and was then undone by a constitutional crisis relating to the Spanish throne which gave Bismarck his excuse. Iron and blood was Otto's motto.
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    I've just started watching old episodes (from series 1) of Time Team during my luxury 1 hour WFH lunch break. Robin Bush was such a wonderful man.
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