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  1. Golf seems so wholesome at times.

    Scotty Sheffler and Rory McIlroy just going head to head in the last round for the FedEx cup. Rory won and went off to sign his card off and got a genuine hug and a well done from both Sheffler's mum and dad as well as Justin Thomas's mum.

    I'd love to see the end of the premier league and Klopp's Mum goes and gives Pep a massive hug and a well done.
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    I’d just like to see the end of the Premier League
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  3. Thought I'd tune in to the LIV golf final round tonight.

    Call be a traditionalist but it's not for me. The whole team game part of it is so pointless and everyone starting on different holes is silly as you can never really benchmark how anyone's round is going because they're all playing easy and hard holes at different times rather than in sequence. So you never really have much idea of who is really doing well.

    And the fake putting sounds are absolutely ridiculous.
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    Heading down to Wentworth this week to boo a few of the LIV players.
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    Haven't watched any of the LIV golf but much as I'm not a fan I suspect it will become part of Golf moving forward. It reminds a little of when 20/20 came in to cricket and the traditional cricket fans were not happy. Eventually the other tours will have to accept it and allow players to play both formats.
    The disgusting amounts of money they are paying players to go to the LIV tour upsets me more when money for most people in the world is an issue currently
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  6. Oh don't get me wrong. I'm not overly against it aside from the ridiculous money (though the same could be said for the transfer window this year!)

    I wasn't an early adopter of The Hundred either to be honest but I actually pretty enjoy it now (even the hideous graphics are growing on me) so I think I'll eventually grow to like it as I do all golf.

    I just found it hard to follow. I think maybe ESPN's coverage didn't help as the commentators didn't really help to explain what was going on and the graphics weren't helpful to follow either.

    And the team element of the game was almost an afterthought it seemed and they didn't bother too much with it.

    I'll watch a few more to see how it evolves.

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