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  1. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    Yes, but legal and illegal are terms set by the govt and establishment aren't they? They decide what the laws are. Although the things they do are not 'illegal', they are just as reprehensible, if not more so, than slapping a stallion. And I didn't say every animal lover voted Tory, I said many of them did. And they're responsible ultimately for the benefit cut and other anti-poor policies you see currently.

    Perhaps it's best expressed by the great Ewan McColl:

    "It's illegal to kill off your landlord
    Or to trespass upon his estate
    But to charge a high rent for a slum is O.K.
    To condemn two adults and three children to stay
    In a hovel that's rotten with damp and decay
    It's a thing that is perfectly legal."
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  2. Yes acceptable and yes very proud of myself.
  3. hornmeister

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    The thing about metering out your own justice is on the odd occasion a mistake has been made there is no wa to take back the ill effects of the punishment.

    Whislt slapping a horse and fox hunting are abhorent practices, there are agreed and legal procedures to punish. I seem to recall a case a few years ago where a pediatrician was harrased by morons who thought they were a kiddie fiddler. There's no excuse for criminal damage. The clue's in the name.

    That being said in this case sounds like she's the sort of person that shouldn't be teaching.
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  4. Eric IS Bananman

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    But that's my point, one is illegal and the other is not as it's the agenda set by the government of the day.

    It's quite fair to say these kind of people enable the wretched government to inflict damage on the less fortunate in society, so I would have used it as a metaphor instead of a dismissal - the entitled slapping the defenceless.
  5. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    There's no meter on justice compadre. You can use as much as you like and it's all free.

    And when giving it out, you 'mete' it....
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  6. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    But my point is that 'legality' has very little, if anything, to do with whether an action is worthy of decent people's condemnation or not.

    You said there was no comparison between, say slumlording or jacking up the price of people's essential medications for more profit and (in comparison to some cases shown on TV etc) a rather mild case of animal cruelty, because only the latter is against the law.

    I say the two are at least equal. I would like to see landlords, rental agents and tory party members hounded and exposed in the press for what they do. Not sure I'd go as far as damaging their cars though.
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  7. Eric IS Bananman

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    Either you're not aware or ignoring it, there has been widespread condemnation of the Universal Credit cut, it caused Sunak to change the taper rate in the Budget - it's not perfect but it was a small victory.

    I agree I'd like to see more hounding but the sense of real outrage is not inherent in the British public, the last act of real civil disobedience was the Poll Tax riots...nowadays it's tutting, rolling your eyes and digital protests.
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  8. Lloyd

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    I'm just relieved that film of the weekend I spent 'Otter smashing' with friends recently hasn't surfaced yet
  9. Unfortunate terminology.
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  10. Eric IS Bananman

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    I was going to go with 'dogged resistance' but I understand that has a different meaning in th urban dictionary.
  11. Arakel

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    Unless you are ham-handed about it, at which point I'd accept "meating".
  12. Lloyd

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    You missed the recent Bucks 'Save the Badger Setts and ancient woodlands from HS2' demo then. I've never drunk so much tea and eaten so much delicious home made fruit cake in my life
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    This is off topic. We're not talking porn vids.
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  14. Sahorn

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    Good for you.

    If you had been identified by CCTV and prosecuted and convicted under the Criminal Damage Act and ended up with a criminal record, I’m sure you wouldn’t be so smug.

    If someone vehemently disagrees with you over something and they trashed your car, I wonder if you’d have the same reaction.
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  15. Louise ? Is that you ?
  16. Keighley

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    Don’t think they had CCTV when TUT was at university.
  17. Moose

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    Probably pre TV or just one channel with Arthur Askey.
  18. Keighley

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    Hello Playmates!
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  19. hornmeister

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    Don't think they had university when TUT was at university
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  20. Moose

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    Dishing out your own justice is usually wrong but occasionally very right.

    Especially when it leads to hilarious consequences like Cantona Kung-fu kicking that NF Palace supporter or John Prescott getting egged.
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  21. It seems my getaway was recorded by early b&w cctv but fortunately no number plates could be identified.
    Still, better safe than sorry
  22. Sahorn

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    Good point.

    Silly to keep thinking he’s in his 20’s with the exuberance and idealism of youth.
  23. Moose

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    Ah. Were you in the Ant Hill Mob?
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  24. Quite right. I'm no longer in my 20s and would probably make a bigger issue of it now, which is why I noted above i wouldn't take part in sab activity.
    There are plenty of things I took part in at Uni that were not strictly legal, in fact strictly illegal (look away Keighley....including the theft of the Bristol Uni Undergraduate Library sign from within the library under a coat). Didn't you ?
    Is there nothing that makes your blood boil/disgusts you ? If so do you just shrug your shoulders and just walk on by on the 100% objective basis that either it's not strictly illegal or you'd probably not be able to get a conviction in a court of law ?
    Maybe living in SA you partake in a bit of hunting and are of the opinion that "killing stuff for fun" is fine?
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  25. hornmeister

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    Prescott was a natural reaction. When you get egged like that you initially don't know what it is, you feel the impact and retaliate. It takes a few seonds before realising that it was probably an over reation.
    I would have beaten the **** out of him in that time, but thats largely down to my ninja like reactions and powerfully built frame.
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  26. No comment. But if it helps, this was my Uni look. 5 o'clock shadow was always an issue for me.
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  27. Lloyd

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    At the time I couldn't believe that most people thought Cantona's kick was shocking, disgraceful etc. I just found it very funny
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  28. Moose

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    Alistair Campbell tells the Prescott story quite amusingly. He got a call from Prescott.

    Prescott: Alistair, help! I’ve just punched some bloke.
    Campbell: Ok, keep calm. Did anyone see?
    Prescott: I think so. It’s on TV.
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  29. hornmeister

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    Latterly his quip was that he was asked to connect with the electorate.
  30. Bwood_Horn

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    I heard Prescott talk about this at something or other. He said he felt the 'strike' on his head and felt warm stuff trickling down his neck/back and was uncertain whether that it wasn't blood so immediately struck out.

    I've also heard Campbell's anecdote that he was with Tony Blair (and security/driver) when the news came through. Campbell told Blair what had happened and Blair's first response was that "I'm going to have to sack him?" which closely followed by the blokes from the security service both saying "YOU WHAT????"
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  31. Hornpete

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    To be fair I have no sympathy for fox hunters, I am very glad TUT vandalised her car.

    There was a father who took his 11 yo daughter on her first hunt a few years ago, daughter fell off an either paralysed herself or died, I dont recall what. My initial reaction was ironic laughter, ****s deserved it. But then I thought about it some more, questioned my beliefs and humanity and yeah, the ****s deserve it.
  32. Jumbolina

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    Best thing was it was Day 2 of the election campaign. End of Day 1 everyone was moaning how boring the campaign was going to be and next thing Prezza knocks out a voter.
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  33. Jumbolina

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    Yeah this is is several steps too far whatever your views.
  34. Sahorn

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    Well Tut, since you’ve asked, I’ll give you my opinion.
    There’s plenty of things that make my blood boil.
    And plenty of things I got up to at uni.
    As it happens I detest fox hunting.
    And I’m against killing animals for ‘fun’.

    One example, some uni mates went ‘beating’ on the first shoot of the season to earn some cash.
    Many on the shoot were clearly high end businessmen novice guests with brand new tweeds and Perdeys .
    The birds we were beating were tame as hell as they’d been fed so well and hardly got above treetop height and wanted to land.
    They were blasted off the end of the double barrels in a massacre to the great delight of these murderers (or scum as you’d call them).
    The poor birds were so low I was peppered with some shot and the novice shooters were warned to be careful. (No doubt lest the dead pheasants were joined by some dead peasants).
    Disgusting, pointless blood letting and hardly sport. Made me feel sick.

    As you mention SA, I was a game and bird watcher and the thought of shooting a defenceless animal is abhorrent.

    In SA we would not own a gun. You must be willing to use it and I wasn’t.
    The grapevine of maids, gardeners and security staff etc meant that criminals targeted gun owners and sometimes owners were shot by their own weapons.

    Sad example, some friends were targeted, visiting mother-in-law tortured using a domestic iron to reveal combination of gunsafe, Steve was shot (but survived) and Carol lost her unborn baby from the trauma.
    If you want to use the word scum, I would suggest this form of low life who do these things is a more appropriate target.

    Criminally damaging the car of someone who has hunted a fox is not worthy, imho, of anyone who disagrees with the practice.
    Daubing dog ****, letting down tyres, yes, but my view is not to trash someone’s car.
    That will merely help entrench their views and doesn’t help the cause of the anti-hunting movement one iota.
  35. Sahorn

    Sahorn Reservist

    An innocent eleven year old girl deserved to die because her father took her on a hunt??!!

    I suggest you have a good look at yourself in the mirror.

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