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    These are the rules and guidelines that everyone agreed to when they signed up. I thought it would be good to remind everyone of the values of this site.

    Feel free to suggest additions or changes and we'll consider every one.

    Registration to this forum is free! We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below. If you agree to the terms, please check the 'I agree' checkbox and press the 'Register' button below. If you would like to cancel the registration, click here to return to the forums index.
    Welcome to WFC Forums! An unofficial Watford FC fans forum

    Forum Rules
    Posts containing the following are not permitted:
    Threatening, abusive, racist, vulgar or violent language;
    Pornographic content (linking to or directly posting any media containing nudity or sex)
    Invasion of privacy (the posting of names, contact details and/or pictures of users without their permission)
    Libellous accusations (as a very basic rule of thumb, if you can't prove it in court don't post it).
    Also not permitted:
    Harassment of other users or moderators;
    Multiple accounts;
    Impersonation of other users, moderators or outside individuals.
    Baiting of other posters
    If you break these rules:
    You can at first expect to be warned both publicly and privately;
    If you continue in your conduct you can expect to be banned for a length of time to be decided wholly at the discretion of the moderators.
    If while banned:
    You attempt to post on WFC Forums using an alternative account you can expect your ban to be increased in length.
    WFC Forums and its moderators:
    Reserve the right to edit/delete any post or thread at any time without explanation;
    Reserve the right to decide the length of any ban wholly at their own discretion;
    Reserve the right to ban users for life;
    Reserve the right to alter these Forum Rules at any time;
    Are not liable in any way for the postings of members.
    A Reminder:
    WFC Forums are a free service provided to you for the benefit of Watford supporters everywhere, however we welcome supporters from other clubs, (except Lu*on), for good natured comment and banter. All members who abide by the rules are very welcome. Like all forums there is a certain level of etiquette expected from all users. Therefore the following would be best avoided:
    Posting in 'txt spk' as it is not understandable to all users;
    Spamming the boards with advertising or threads with entirely off topic posts;
    Supporting Luton;
    'Bumping' of random old threads back to the top of the forums for no good reason
    Posting threads in the incorrect forums. WFC Forums has a forum for pretty much everything, football related or not. We welcome non-football chat but please try to keep it to the non-football forums provided;
    Posting in Capitals is considered shouting and can be annoying if over used
    Entirely personal conversations. If you're making match meeting arrangements try to stick to the appropriate forum - otherwise we have a wonderful Private Messaging (PM) system available to all members. This can be found in the top right-hand corner of any page.
    Obviously this is primarily a football forum and as such you can expect the language used at times to be passionate and to the point, while debates can often get heated. By all means be controversial - we like a good debate as much as anywhere else - however please be aware that threads that are too controversial will be moved from public view at the discretion of the moderators.
    Try not to take anything too personally however if you feel you are being unnecessarily abused you can click the 'Report Post' button at any time (the small '!' in a triangle). Reported posts are seen by all moderators and are often discussed before action is taken.
    Please remember the search function which can be found in the menu bar across the top of every page on WFC Forums. Try to do a search before starting a thread on a topic - particularly if your topic is likely to have been discussed in the near past. By doing this you'll be saving the moderators from having to constantly merge threads.
    Finally, if you're unsure about anything you're about to post feel free to contact a WFC Forums moderator first for guidance. Suggestions for further forum improvements are also welcomed - already we have seen several popular innovations suggested by members which have later been made into a reality. Once again, welcome to WFC Forums!
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    Cookies & advertising on

    This site may use cookies to remember user settings and for your convenience and will not pass any information on to third parties. is a not-for-profit website. Revenue gained from advertising on this site is used to pay for software licences, hosting and competition prizes. By using this site you agree to this. Due notice will be given should these terms change.

    For more information please see

    google adsense

    If you have any specific site queries, please post in the about this site section
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    Just a note to all members. Due to recent requests from other websites, wfcforums is updating it's copy and paste policy.

    When referring to articles, reports and pages from other websites we request that the source is duly credited, a link is placed and only a summary is put up. Please do not copy and paste a page from another www site in it's entirity, it may expose wfcforums to copyright issues.

    Please use the report post button, the exclamation mark in a triangle, if you see anything which you think may break this policy.

    To copyright holders, wfcforums is a not for profit site and has no intention of utilising copyrighted material without prior permission. Whilst we make every effort to prevent any issues, please contact us if you believe any such transgression has been made and we will do out utmost to remove the material as quickly as possible.
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    If people want to come on here and advertise they need to ask permission from the site administration team first.
    It's good manners and if it's beneficial to our users or the site more often than not we'll allow it. New members joining up purely to advertise without prior permission will be banned without warning and their posts removed.

    Established members are free to advertise their own businesses or things they wish to sell through auction sites for example however provide this as a contact service only and can not be held responsible for issues or problems arising from business conducted.
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