Fa Cup Third Round - Leicester City 4 Watford 1

Discussion in 'Match Day' started by domthehornet, Jan 7, 2022.

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    Even in the Championship, with teams not pressing very effectively, and teams sitting back against us, he still managed to pass directly to an opposition striker once a game. We got away with it as forwards are much more wasteful at that level
  2. Since63

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    I was not attempting to defend (sic!) WTE in any way. I was musing on the possibility that Samir may be more suited to English football in general even if there is no perceived difference between the 2 players' performance levels in Italy.
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    And is crap.

    But dare draw the similarities with Samir and all hell breaks loose!

    (This isn’t aimed at you. Just another stop on my Anti-Gino propaganda tour.)
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    I say this as a fully paid up member of the Anti Gino brigade, but the Udinese fans do seem more upset about losing Samir, whereas they didn't really seem to rate WTE that highly.

    Its an incredibly low bar to be better than him though.
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    Oh I expect him to be better.
    I just also expect him to be not good enough - at least not without another new quality CB next to him.

    If he plays alongside the current crop of CB’s for the rest of the season, I predict we will fully lump him into the same group as them come March.
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