Everton's New Stadium Results In Liverpool Losing Unesco Heritage Status.

Discussion in 'General Football & Other Sport' started by Ghost of Barry Endean, Jul 21, 2021 at 11:34 AM.

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    Did anyone ever take that title seriously anyway and visit Liverpool for it's cultural heritage?
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    The problem with Liverpool is that after wandering around it for an hour or two you get fed up of the constand Beetles music.

    Some damn good pubs there though.
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    I think plenty of people visit the city for the Beatles connection. Are you saying that the Beatles weren’t culturally significant?

    Whether they visit for its architecture etc is a different matter.
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    I’d manage about 12 seconds.
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    That isn't how I read Diamonds comment to be fair. I think it was more did anyone take the UNESCO title seriously. Certainly those from Liverpool I know did when it suited them. Now it doesn't so they don't care. I think it's poor form that that developments have trumped history. Both can be merged - in Liverpool it appears the council didn't care despite crocodile tears. Time will tell as to how much the development money they accepted came their way because it was a UNESCO site and whether money will continue to flow.
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    The Attorney General, Rt Hon Michael Ellis QC MP, said: "Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and everyone deserves a fair trial.

    "A mis-judged tweet or post could have grave repercussions and interfere with a trial. It could mean a trial is delayed or at worst stopped because a fair trial isn’t possible – so I would caution everyone, don’t get in the way of justice being done.

    "The Attorney General’s Office will monitor the situation and we will review any contempt of court allegations made to us."

    The Walker Art Gallery has a tremendous collection. The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic having once been helmed by Simon Rattle are now under the baton of the equally excellent Vasily Petrenko. They also have a wretched exhibition of a salvaged U-boat which they allowed to rot and is still in a parlous condition as an exhibit. Some fine buildings still and original urban planning.

    Not that culturally rich compared to what we have on our doorstep. Perhaps they could send Liverpool council members into exile in the Williamson tunnels. Was he an end of the world nutjob or ancient Rashford ?
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    Made me laugh, but yes they do. It has tremendous heritage as a port, an industrial centre and latterly a city that rocked the World in music and football.

    There’s a bit of snobbery towards Liverpool that isn’t justified by how annoying some of the individuals from there are. But if any Western European city is a cultural site because of the industrial revolution and global trade, Birmingham, Hamburg, Marseille, Rotterdam etc Liverpool is.
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    My post was 50% tongue in cheek. My daughter goes to Uni there and loves everything about Liverpool, plus a few visits by myself has seen a definite softening towards the place. I'm still annoyed that the original Cavern Club is now a car park!
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  12. Will always hate LPool. My awful M-I-L from previous marriage was from there. Everything in LP was painted as glorious. Everyone looks after eachother. That unique community spirit. That unique sense of humour. How can her daughter bear to live down south near where all the murders and stabbings happen ? Would mention the weather when she knew it was sunny up there and wet in the south... Then one day her car was stolen from outside her front door. Absolutely bloody brilliant. I was careful not to leave any fingerprints.
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    I think one of the knock on effects is the implication for prices agreed for current and future developments, many of which may have been based on the areas special status.
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    Losing this status will now allow them to develop those awful run down docks. It's the best thing that could have happened for the city.

    The new Everton stadium is also going to massively piss off liverpool fans, which also pleases me greatly,considering liverpool fans are scum of the earth.
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    Fence-sitting again RC. It's really time you came down one way or the other on things like this and ventured an opinion ;)
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    There's only so many Albert Docks you can re-develop and how many marinas does the city need? Scouse ex-dockers (I lived mainly in Kirkdale) used to tell me that the port was doomed when Dover went 'ro-ro' as the Mersey's high tides limited it operating 24hrs per day and the awful road and rail access..
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    Surely a state of the art football stadium will only enhance the Mersey waterfront. What locus should a bloke from landlocked Mali who may have never seen a boat have in the matter?
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    Amazing looking stadium .

    Cities are living breathing organisms and there’s no reason why new buildings should be be considered as adding to the cultural heritage .
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    True. But I reckon the new toffee home will actually add to the 'cultural heritage' too. Do UNESCO really think that everything should be preserved in aspic or that every new development in a run-down area should be vetted by them?

    Of course, a brand new, architecturally stunning, art gallery would also do the job!
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    Totally agree, that was the point I was trying to make but said the opposite by mistake.
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