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Day 7 lynching

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  1. miked2006

    miked2006 Premiership Prediction League Proprietor

    As the village woke the next day, they went to meet in the village.

    Fes, Istanbul and Tokyo met in the town square. They had followed a trail of ruby red blood to the square that morning. It led to the platform, where so many had been killed before.

    There hung what was left of Denver. Denver was Good.

    The remaining three villagers looked at each other, quickly flicking their eyes from side to side. There amongst them was an evil, who had killed so many. An evil, who wanted them dead. They had one chance to kill the wolf or else the other two players would perish that evening, evil would have taken over the village and thus evil would have won.

    It was day 7. The final day had begun.

    @Fes @Istanbul @Tokyo
  2. Istanbul

    Istanbul Academy Graduate

    So Denver took one for the team and got rid of the Alpha for us essentially. Just the Beta remains.

    I think it is safe to assume we aren't getting a message from a seer today - 'yesterday's' was either from Cancun or Denver (more likely Cancun) so either way we won't get one 'today'.

    Can you explain your comments on the Day 6 thread Tokyo? One minute you were sure Fes was evil, then you were sure he was good (implying I was evil)?

    I was torn 50/50 between you and Fes as to who is evil before those comments but they've made me more suspicious of you.

    I know Fes was a mason on the first two days, and I know I am a normal villager.

    The only roles available then for you were a normal villager or the late saviour. If you were the late saviour I believe that means you are unable to be our Beta but I've no idea who our late saviour was in this game.
  3. Tokyo

    Tokyo Academy Graduate

    Morning - sort of!

    I was sure fes and cancun were the wolves but then I was appointed seer so thought I'd better just check that. Lo and behold but fes was declared good! Imagine my surprise.

    For whatever reason I had Istanbul down as good. My mistake of course. So..

    I shall vote Istanbul obviously.
    Istanbul will presumably vote for me.

    That mean it is up to Fes to decide. Hopefully he'll agree to lynch Istanbul!
  4. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

  5. Tokyo

    Tokyo Academy Graduate

    Haha exactly!
  6. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    Why did you think that the message yesterday had to be either from Cancun or Denver?

    Why did you not think it could also be from Tokyo (who is now claiming it was them)?
  7. Istanbul

    Istanbul Academy Graduate

    You've made it easy for me at least! Claiming to be the seer... reminds me of you colleague Berlin!

    I imagine Cancun wrote a final message to mike to help the final wolf as he knew Fes was sure you were evil.

    Look at it this way:

    On Day 6, we knew Denver's allegiance and we knew Cancun's allegiance.

    That left 3 players.

    Fes. Istanbul. Tokyo.

    For Mike to give Team Good a back-up seer at this stage of the game would make things far too biased for us, evil would have no chance. One of the two remaining good players would know for certain who was the remaining wolf. Why would he give us this advantage so late in the game - especially as we haven't really deserved it.

    We know Cancun has played a smart game and he has made one last desperate ploy to save his Beta.

    If you're struggling to make your mind up Fes, just look at the gameplay to date (excluding the first 2 days as even Tokyo was good then).

    If I was the Beta and knew Cancun was evil, would I have voted for him so early today? Would I have been the second person to vote for Helsinki when they were named evil? No - I would have likely come along late as Tokyo did. Tokyo said themselves, wolves tend to come along late in the voting (Day 4):

    Would I have kept my knowledge of the Guardian's death secret to ensure evil were still worried about the Guardian's protection? Of course not but I did and then explained who the Guardian was when it became apparent they were no longer alive.

    If I was the Beta, I would have asked the Alpha for direction in terms of killing - something like this message from Tokyo on Day 3 (the first day of our new Beta):

    In addition, when going through gameplay I noticed on Day 5 our seer wrote:

    As Cancun knew Tokyo was evil, he acted to protect him by killing Athens that night. This didn't give Athens a chance to view Tokyo.

    One final note before I place my vote - look at the message we received on Day 6.

    If this message was written by you Tokyo, why would you say 'Bad news - it's me'. Surely the only person it could have been that would have meant it was bad news was Denver as they would obviously be the one killed by the wolf last night?

    The fate of the game rests in your hands Fes - carefully read all of this comment and any previous days you so wish. To me it is obvious Tokyo is the wolf when you take all of the above into consideration but that is easy for me to say!
  8. Istanbul

    Istanbul Academy Graduate

    I think the only good player who could have written it and said 'bad news' was Denver as they knew they were going to die.

    In reality, I think it is much more likely that it was Cancun.
  9. Istanbul

    Istanbul Academy Graduate

    If I was given a role of a back-up seer, I know for a fact I'd read the thread, make my view and send my message to Mike.

    One thing I wouldn't do is go straight on the Day 6 thread and then point blank accuse Fes of being evil before viewing him. Surely you would view him before throwing the accusations around?

    Unless of course, you didn't actually have the option of viewing him...
  10. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    Then why did they not choose to name Tokyo as Good?

    I'm aware Tokyo's voting patterns appear more wolf-like than yours.
  11. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    "An Apprentice Seer will be in the game and used based on my decision as to how the game is going."

    @miked2006 can you please confirm that this is the same thing as the "Back-up Seer" potential role?

    i.e. the only way in which there could have been a back-up Seer is if you decided to create one last night?

    I agree it does seem odd if mike would have created another Seer so late on.
  12. Istanbul

    Istanbul Academy Graduate

    Possibly worried that there was an actual back-up seer that could send a message to mike after they sent theirs.

    If they named Tokyo as good and there actually ended up being a back-up (as unlikely as it was), Tokyo would have been the obvious view for the back-up.

    In addition, there is a chance that Denver wrote the message we received as that would explain the 'bad news' part of it. In which case it was a genuine view, but just a poor one. But as I said, I don't think there is any chance mike would have created a back-up seer with so few players remaining (and two of the players' identities already known). Once Athens was dead, mike would have known that Denver would share their knowledge of Cancun leaving only one wolf.
  13. miked2006

    miked2006 Premiership Prediction League Proprietor

    Hi all, I've been on calls all afternoon. Just catching up now.
  14. miked2006

    miked2006 Premiership Prediction League Proprietor

    Anonymous message 1
    Received: 16:11

    Day 7 already. Well that was a quick night.

    Tokyo (me) was a villager and now back up seer.

    Fes, you're good. Sorry I called you out day 6 but I was just sure you were evil. My mistake.

    Istanbul that leaves only you as evil.

    It's all down to you Fes. [​IMG]
  15. Istanbul

    Istanbul Academy Graduate

    Tokyo obviously enjoying all the privileges of being the new Alpha!
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  16. miked2006

    miked2006 Premiership Prediction League Proprietor

    Yes, back-up seer and apprentice seer are the same thing.
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  17. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    Okay, well Tokyo has been the obvious remaining Evil candidate based on the last couple of days of voting patterns alone.

    Also, this was an excellent spot Istanbul from Athens' comments:

    "Tokyo needs to be looked at as when I was calling Helsinki out he was the only one challenging me."

    He was referring to this comment, which looking back does seem rather hostile:

    Athens' intuition has turned out to be pretty good overall during this game, so if they were also on to Tokyo then that should be enough to satisfy me.
  18. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    @Tokyo - things aren't looking good for you.

    When Istanbul votes for you I'm ready to follow them and take you down.

    Final chance to defend yourself.
  19. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    Oh, I see the votes have already been placed.

    Well @Tokyo I'll give you one more chance to try and save your furry self.
  20. Tokyo

    Tokyo Academy Graduate

    Just skimming through the posts as aware of the time.

    If I was the wolf I'd have kept up with saying you (fes) was evil. But I posted that before realising Mike had made me seer. So I said to Mike, check fes to be sure and I was astonished you were good. Hence why I sent a message on day 6 to say that you were indeed good.
  21. Tokyo

    Tokyo Academy Graduate

    It's up to you Fes. But I promise you I'm good.

    In your hands bud.
  22. Tokyo

    Tokyo Academy Graduate

    PS Mike has confirmed there is a back up seer so if that's Istanbul (rather than me) why hasn't he posted to say so...?
  23. Istanbul

    Istanbul Academy Graduate

    No he hasn't, he confirmed that the names back-up seer and apprentice seer are interchangeable, just as they have been in every game so far.

    He hasn't confirmed if he created a back-up seer/apprentice seer last night, that was always going to be down to his discretion based on the state of the game at the time the seer died (I imagine if Athens had been killed in the first few days he would have created one for example, but not when only 3 unknown players remained!)
  24. Tokyo

    Tokyo Academy Graduate

    Well if you think I'm evil, I'm not entirely sure how to convince you otherwise
  25. Tokyo

    Tokyo Academy Graduate

    That's directed at fes obviously lol
  26. Istanbul

    Istanbul Academy Graduate

    For a second I thought you may have forgotten which one of us you were trying to convince...
  27. Tokyo

    Tokyo Academy Graduate

    Istanbul, test of your character.

    Istanbul... Are you willing to promise to Fes that you're good? It wouldn't be true obviously and wolves are not trustworthy - but I'm just curious if you'd say it. Call it an experiment in human/wolf behaviour...!
  28. Istanbul

    Istanbul Academy Graduate

    Yes, I can promise to Fes that I'm good.

    I was given the role of a Normal Villager and that is the role I still have.

    Not sure I understand the purpose of you asking me mind you seeing as you know my allegiance.

    Maybe hopeful that I wouldn't be online to respond before Fes gets back and reads your question? Of course then it may look to him like I've avoided answering the question...

    You seem like a wolf out of ideas Tokyo - you fought admirably for evil but your time is nearly up.
  29. Tokyo

    Tokyo Academy Graduate

    I've been clueless for days including thinking you were good. My own fault.

    Sadly I suspect Fes will vote to lynch me then you'll have won. Either way, you've played well I have to begrudgingly admit!
  30. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    I'd be really surprised if it turned out that mike had decided to activate the back-up Seer. Based on that and a few other reasons already mentioned my vote has to go to Tokyo.

    Just in case this turns out to be wrong, I'll finish with this comment of mine from Day 4:

    "I get where you're coming from on that, I hadn't wanted to tempt fate but I'd also been very surprised that Istanbul hadn't been attacked by a wolf yet as they've seemed the most helpful player for team good so far (at least superficially).

    The longer it goes on the stranger it becomes.

    If it turns out that they're actually Evil then so far they've been playing a blinder."
  31. Tokyo

    Tokyo Academy Graduate

    Decision made then eh? Ah well.

    I won't spoil Mike's reveal...

    Thanks for running the game Mike. Great fun. Sorry I wasn't more about during today but had other commitments.
  32. Istanbul

    Istanbul Academy Graduate

    You made the right decision Fes!

    A victory for Team Good.
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  33. miked2006

    miked2006 Premiership Prediction League Proprietor

    Thread and game closed!

    Full write up coming!
  34. miked2006

    miked2006 Premiership Prediction League Proprietor

    The three remaining villagers sat in a circle. In the middle, there was a table with two bullets. "On three, we point at the person we want to kill."

    They all nodded and shut their eyes. They pointed. When they opened their eyes, two fingers pointed at Tokyo and one at Istanbul.

    "I can't believe it" said Tokyo. "I sent you a message! I was the backup seer"

    "You don't need to lie anymore. Team good has won!" yelled Istanbul, triumphantly.

    Tokyo screwed up his face. "How could I have let this happen".

    Istanbul and Fes looked at each other. "On three?" They put a bullet in their pistols. One. They aimed at Tokyo's head. Two. "Any last words", said Fes?

    "At least I'll go out faster and less painlessly than you." BANG. Istanbul had pulled the trigger.

    "I thought we said thr..." started Fes. The gun had been yanked out of Fes' hand. "Hey now Istanbul, we agreed..." Fes stopped. In front of him lay Tokyo, brains splattered over the floor and ceiling. Around him was a glistening pool of deep red blood.

    "Oh sh...." Whack. A large furry fist hit Fes, as they fell to the floor. They looked up dazed. A werewolf towered over them, saliva dripping from their jaw.

    "I'm going to enjoy this". The wolf hacked away at Fes, until minutes later, they screamed no more.

    The wolf howled, covered in Fes' blood. They laughed and walked out, all threats eliminated. They were free.

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  35. miked2006

    miked2006 Premiership Prediction League Proprietor

    Congrats Team Evil, and thanks everyone for an excellent game. Let's take post-game discussions to the tavern/ cemetery.
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