Day 6

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Day 6 lynching

  1. Cancun

  2. Denver

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  3. Fes

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  4. Istanbul

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  5. Tokyo

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  1. miked2006

    miked2006 Premiership Prediction League Proprietor

    Athens was looking out the window with their binoculars. "Well I've seen them already. Viewed them. That person could still be them" he muttered, as they jotted down names in their diary. "Tomorrow I'll view..."
    Athens turned round, sheet white, petrified. "Y.. Y.. You.."
    "I've got you!" said the Alpha. Now maybe I'll let you live, if you tell me your bloody code!"
    "N.. N.. Never!"
    The wolf advanced towards Athen's and punched them down with such force, that there was a crater in Athens' skull. "Any last words?"
    Athens wriggled and twitched, but there was no response.
    The alpha shrugged. "Time to feast then".

    Athens was GOOD!

    At the exact same time, the beta wolf moved quickly to Nairobi's house. The were so hungry at this point, that they didn't even keep to the shadows. The upstairs window was open, but no time for that. They kicked the door down with a large bang and made their way upstairs. They heard desperate grappling at the lock from the other side of the door, but the wolf kicked a hole straight through the door, put their arm through the gap, and grabbed Nairobi by the throat. They tore out Nairobi's throat so quickly, that when Nairobi went to scream, all that was heard was the light exhaling of air. Nairobi slumped to the floor, dead.

    Nairobi was Good.

    The wolf laughed as he heard the remaining mason on loudspeaker "Hello? Nairobi??" They left the house and spotted the other wolf, on the other side of the road, with a bulging stomach, looking content. "Just one more night, pal".
    "Time to end this".
  2. Denver

    Denver Academy Graduate

    Howdy all.

    I was wrong, I didn't have Athens name therefore I have a wolf name. I will be voting for this person. As shaky witness the name I was given was Cancun.
    RIP Seer and Nairobi.
  3. Istanbul

    Istanbul Academy Graduate

    As a reminder to all:

    Shaky Witness:
    Before the game starts, I will provide the shaky witness with the name of one player. This player will be randomly drawn from the following pool:
    • Alpha
    • Beta
    • Harlot Traitor
    • Seer
    • Guardian
    Alpha: Berlin
    Beta: ???
    Harlot: Helsinki
    Seer: Athens
    Guardian: Rio

    Looks like we have our new Alpha, well played Denver (unless you are playing an amazing bluff...).

    Should be able to wrap this day up pretty quickly.
  4. Istanbul

    Istanbul Academy Graduate

    Voted Cancun.
  5. Denver

    Denver Academy Graduate

    I was only able to reveal myself after being viewed as good, otherwise even now it could be dodgy. I would have loved the Seer to still be alive to hear the code reveal.
  6. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    Voted Cancun.

    Tokyo must be the last one then.
  7. Istanbul

    Istanbul Academy Graduate

    As today's play is going to be finished very early, could we play Day 7 today too @miked2006?

    No matter what happens, I think the game is guaranteed to end of Day 7 anyway.
  8. Istanbul

    Istanbul Academy Graduate

    Not that it really matters, but that should be Quito as the Guardian, not Rio.
  9. Denver

    Denver Academy Graduate

    I'm out from 11 for most of the day but will keep checking the mobile so happy for whatever Mike chooses.
    Istanbul likes this.
  10. miked2006

    miked2006 Premiership Prediction League Proprietor

    Tokyo messaged yesterday to say that their time online today would be very limited (so could I please not kill them off!)

    I’m happy to run day 7 today if everyone agrees, but only after everyone has voted/ when they are happy to do so.
    Istanbul likes this.
  11. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    I'd be fine with running Day 7 today as well.
  12. Cancun

    Cancun Academy Graduate

    Hola! Oh dear, you fools. Didn’t you read the smallprint of miked’s rules? I’m the reverse Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. If you kill me after I’m wrongly believed evil the village will implode and you will all disappear into a black hole. You’re doomed I tell you, doomed!
    Also RIP Athens (burp) and Nairobi.
  13. Cancun

    Cancun Academy Graduate

    If, in the highly unlikely event that I am found to be a wolf, then Beta it’s over to you......
  14. Tokyo

    Tokyo Academy Graduate

    Hi all. Sorry for the delay.

    The wolves are cancun and fes. Worked it out on Friday night.

    The alpha was very clever previously and said fes was evil when we all already knew that that second message was to be from the wolf.
  15. Istanbul

    Istanbul Academy Graduate

    Are you happy to play the final day today?
  16. Tokyo

    Tokyo Academy Graduate

    Okay change of heart. Fes is good.

    I need to think about this now.
  17. Tokyo

    Tokyo Academy Graduate

    PS sorry Fes I was sure about that but turns out I've made a mistake.

    Happy to play today but I may need a later finish for day 7.
  18. miked2006

    miked2006 Premiership Prediction League Proprietor

    Fine by me. I've just seen that all votes are in.

    New timings.

    Day 6 closes at 2pm.

    I'll write up the days play and post it just after 2pm. Evening players get me your actions by 2.15pm.

    I'll then open day 7 at 2.30pm. Village closes at 7pm, at which time we will have a winner.

    @Fes @Istanbul @Tokyo - everyone happy with that?
    Istanbul and Tokyo like this.
  19. miked2006

    miked2006 Premiership Prediction League Proprietor

    Anonymous message 1
    Received: 13:40

    Afternoon folks. Good news - we have a stand in seer. Bad news - it's me.

    Fes is confirmed good. It won't change today's vote of course but helpful for day 7.

    The wolf may try to discredit this by posting a message but remember at this point he won't know for sure that there's a back up seer.
  20. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    I won't be able to play between 6pm and 7pm.

    If we have a later finish and it takes a bit longer to come to a decision, then I'd need until 7.30pm or 8pm to catch up.
  21. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    Irrelevant if I'm offed next though of course.
  22. miked2006

    miked2006 Premiership Prediction League Proprietor

    Ok. Village closed (sorry this was a bit late).

    What I'll do is open day 7, without a deadline.

    Whenever all the votes are in, then we'll close. If not all votes are in by 8pm, then I'll shut the village for the night and we can re open tomorrow from 8.30am.
  23. miked2006

    miked2006 Premiership Prediction League Proprietor

    The village whooped and high-fived.

    They knew they'd got a wolf. As long as Denver was telling the truth...

    The village wanted this over quickly. Denver pulled out a gun from his pocket, and put a single bullet in it. "Time to die".

    Cancun wrestled with the ropes that were tying them down but quickly gave up. "You're all getting what's coming to you. Tomorrow, evil win".

    Denver smiled. "I've been waiting to do this since day 1." They shot the single bullet straight through Cancun's brain. Out flowed blood, so sickeningly dark that they knew immediately that Cancun was EVIL!

    The village went home to rest. One vote tomorrow would determine their fate.
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