Day 4

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Day 3 lynching

  1. Athens

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  2. Cancun

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  3. Denver

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  4. Helsinki

  5. Istanbul

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  6. Nairobi

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  7. Santiago

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  8. Tokyo

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  9. Zagreb

  10. Fes

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  1. miked2006

    miked2006 Premiership Prediction League Proprietor

    The wolf was so hungry now, their insides hurt. “I hope the other wolf knows who I’m going for” they muttered angrily to themselves.

    They reached the house on the edge of the village just before the sun rose. They hid behind a tree on the house's lawn, looking at the front porch. No barricade today, said the wolf with glee.

    They snuck up to the house of Quito and opened the porch door.

    “Ah!” They scrambled backwards. A large suit of armour towered over them, guarding the house. “Wait a second”. Something didn’t look right. The armoured figure was propped unnaturally against the wall as if it had been knocked over, or left there for storage, like a coat on a coat rack. The wolf got closer.

    “Haha – very clever!” chuckled the wolf to the scarecrow-esque figure, designed to scare away evil. “You almost had me!”

    “I’ll keep this” they said, as the wolf picked up the sword, which lay beside the suit of armour. They climbed the stairs excitedly, and entered the window in which Quito lay asleep.

    Or were they asleep?

    Quito was laying face down on the floor. Blood covered almost every inch of the bedroom. The wolf stepped around used packets of Pro-plus. “Damn! It’s you again!” The other wolf was laying on Quito’s bed, rubbing their bulging stomach. “You can have what’s left” they said.

    The two wolves devoured Quito’s remains. The meal was enough, but there was still a sense of hunger. “There will be more tomorrow” they both said, as they left Quito’s house.

    Quito was GOOD

    The Guardian had sat watch at Helsinki’s house. Nothing had happened, before they returned home.
  2. Denver

    Denver Academy Graduate


    Seer, I would strongly suggest you read yesterday afternoons posts and see who led the charge for Moscow.
  3. Helsinki

    Helsinki Academy Graduate

    Thanks for the protection guardian. Obviously the wolves were not signalling each other so the result was that we only lost one last night, which is better than we could have hoped.
  4. Nairobi

    Nairobi Academy Graduate


    We all jumped on that spelling error.

    Why are you suddenly so keen to jump on who lead that charge?

    Feels like zabreb would be a god view to me if we all suspected them before the spelling error?
  5. Santiago

    Santiago Academy Graduate

    The logic behind voting for Moscow was strong - very low contributions and ignoring Berlin's mistake on Day 2. Even when asked directly, Moscow didn't give an explanation about this. Sometimes Good players don't help themselves with the way they play the game.

    RIP Quito but at least the wolves went for the same person again.
  6. Athens

    Athens Academy Graduate

    Morning all, RIP Quito.
  7. Tokyo

    Tokyo Academy Graduate

    Morning. At least only one kill - RIP Quito our most likely good left.

    There was a post late yesterday that if Moscow was evil, we should be suspicious of those of us who didn't vote for him. Well, he was good so what now cleverclogs?

    10 players left, 7 good and 3 evil.
  8. Santiago

    Santiago Academy Graduate

    Oh yes, and the spelling mistake. Put those three together and it's a perfectly understandable lynching.
  9. Istanbul

    Istanbul Academy Graduate

    Wolves having a bit of a mare this game!

    This is a strange take... Almost as if you want the seer to avoid yourself, Helsinki and Tokyo.

    Evidence for voting for Moscow:

    Looked like they were trying to fly under the radar
    The only player who seemingly spelt Fez the same way the second message did
    A player who reacted strangely when Berlin's error was called out

    In addition, due to work or whatever, they were hardly being much help.

    The evidence for Zagreb:

    Posted at the same time as the Alpha message was sent - to me that link was definitely artificial
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  10. Santiago

    Santiago Academy Graduate

    Be useful if the Seer could confirm all their previous views today.
  11. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    Moscow didn't even try and defend themselves, they were an obvious lynch.

    Those who voted for Zagreb could still have been on board with a wolf's early possible attempt to stitch Zagreb up.

    Denver or Zagreb as a view today.
  12. Denver

    Denver Academy Graduate

    Stronger than Zagreb missing all day and appearing the moment the Wolf message did?
  13. Cancun

    Cancun Academy Graduate

    Hola! RIP Quito. At least only one good player down overnight, though. I still think it was logical to vote for Moscow, with what we had to go on although unfortunately we were wrong. I am sticking to the view that I posted in yesterday’s thread re where evil is likely to be hiding.
  14. Denver

    Denver Academy Graduate

    The Seer is welcome to view me but it's a complete waste of a view, (obviously only I know that for sure but I didn't vote off a good player yesterday)!
  15. Denver

    Denver Academy Graduate

    The Seer has done very well so far so I'm confident they'll look in the right place.
  16. Denver

    Denver Academy Graduate

    Remind me again who you voted for yesterday?
  17. Tokyo

    Tokyo Academy Graduate

    For me, the wolves likely voted for Moscow yesterday once they saw a few others voting for him too. Hiding in a crowd and all that.
  18. Helsinki

    Helsinki Academy Graduate

    I voted Zagreb 5 minutes or so before the spelling error by Moscow, I think it was a reasonable lynching based on the evidence available as was my choice at the time of my vote. The question I have though is, who would people have voted for had Moscow not made that spelling error?
  19. Santiago

    Santiago Academy Graduate

    Well, feel free to pick the holes in it. Three things that all added up, against one in your logic. Anyone good is obviously guessing at this stage.

    Presumably you think Zagreb is still suspicious seeing as nothing has changed, so would you back a viewing of them?
  20. Santiago

    Santiago Academy Graduate

    Well if Zagreb isn't a wolf, then they could play it any way they want really. Hence why I think he'd be a sensible view today.
  21. Istanbul

    Istanbul Academy Graduate

    I thought it was obvious from my post - only you, Helsinki and Tokyo voted for Zagreb, therefore I obviously voted for Moscow. Reasons for doing so are in this thread on post #9 and throughout yesterday's thread.

    Let us make one thing clear though - there is nothing to suggest you, Helsinki and Tokyo voted for an evil player and should therefore be free from scrutiny. Zagreb could easily be good too.

    The way you are getting on you'd think the three of you had found a wolf but in reality we have no idea if Zagreb is good or bad.
  22. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    You would say that.

    You were also the 3rd to vote for Zagreb before the voting for Moscow had really picked up, perhaps it was you hoping to hide in the crowd?
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  23. Cancun

    Cancun Academy Graduate

    Honestly, I probably would have gone for Zagreb too. I didn’t (and still don’t) think he was the alpha but there was (and is) an outside chance and equally he’s pretty obviously not the seer, being absent from the game all day.
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  24. Istanbul

    Istanbul Academy Graduate

    I wonder is Denver's aggressive tactic to 'guide' the seer's viewing anything to do with Athens posting this yesterday:

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  25. miked2006

    miked2006 Premiership Prediction League Proprietor

    Anonymous message 1
    Received 09:53

    Good morning fellow global citizens,

    I see the new Alpha has picked up on my messages and tried to copy the pattern but they have yet to break the code.

    There was a request to post who I have viewed from the start and I can confirm that I viewed Quito who was GOOD, Berlin who was EVIL and Jeddah who was GOOD. Today I have viewed Denver who I can confirm is GOOD.

    Again sorry I was not more help.

    Auf Wiedersehen und pass auf dich auf
  26. Istanbul

    Istanbul Academy Graduate

    On first instinct, this looks like a message from the Seer. Interesting to see if we get a second.

    Doesn't explain Denver's erratic start to this morning and clearly it made the seer suspicious too (if this message is from the seer obviously).
  27. miked2006

    miked2006 Premiership Prediction League Proprietor

    Anonymous message 2
    Received 10:05

    Good morning fellow global citizens,

    Not such a good day yesterday but at least you correctly guessed that the late message was not mine and the wolves only killed one of us last night. Since there seems to be a lot of debate about Zagreb I viewed him and can confirm that he is GOOD. Unfortunately we have not found evil today but at least we can rule him out. On Day 1 I viewed Quito who was GOOD. On Day 2 I viewed Berlin who was EVIL. Yesterday I viewed Jeddah who was GOOD.

    Sorry I couldn't be any more help. Since the wolf is now copying my sign offs I will start again.

    Ostati siguran
  28. Zagreb

    Zagreb Academy Graduate

    Interesting that both Tokyo and Denver have taken the same approach.

    As has been previously stated, the logic to vote for Moscow was strong, and at least 5 of us were vocal in that.
  29. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    Everyone has posted now except for Zagreb again.
  30. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    Speak of the devil, Zagreb appears at exactly the same time as the second message is revealed, again.
  31. Santiago

    Santiago Academy Graduate

    Second message feels like the Wolf who knows he can't match the code.

    If the Wolf posted first, then the Seer could've blown them out by revealing the country code. It makes no sense to just give this up because the Wolf was copying them, unless the choice of languages was completely random - in which case, why bother at all?!
  32. Tokyo

    Tokyo Academy Graduate

    Hmmmmm this is tricky.

    Is that second message sign off Croatian or perhaps Serbo-Croat? Interesting note on message 1 about the code.
  33. Nairobi

    Nairobi Academy Graduate

    Lol surely just coincidence?! They wouldn't do it twice?!
  34. Istanbul

    Istanbul Academy Graduate

    Messages we currently believe to be from The Seer for comparison:

    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3 (important to remember that although Jeddah was seen to be good, we can't be 100% sure that this was the seer - I'm still 99.9% sure though)

    Need to look in more detail but I have found one thing that links the first 3 seer messages and the first message today. That link is not in today's second message so I think message 1 is the seer.

    I don't want to announce the link I have spotted before it is required, but it is not the elusive link between the languages.
  35. Athens

    Athens Academy Graduate

    I agree as a possible code hasn't been cracked it wouldn't make sense for the seer to change the language.
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