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Discussion in 'The Transfer List' started by Ghost of Barry Endean, Jan 6, 2022.

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    A good response and I respect your points of view. Yes it’s an athlete’s job to look after his body. I guess I’m just not on board with the idea that it’s a fan’s job to throw sh1t because we can and because they earn a lot.
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    To write off my entire post as absolute nonsense betrays your mindset on this kind of thing. You’ve taken the time to respond though, so I’ll address your points later when I have time. Have a good day.
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    Ok. I’m not just talking about the abuse that one player gets on this particular forum. I’m talking more generally about abuse that we, as fans, are guilty of. And the fact that different players have different levels of resilience. It’s a big subject and obviously not one that’s solved easily. But, like taking the knee, it’s good to keep awareness going.
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  5. Indeed. "Fat shaming" is a terrible thing and the game would be improved if this could be stamped out. I'm hearing players are considering lying on their backs for 30 seconds after taking the knee, and "wobble their bellies" in support.
    To hear that Arsenal fans abused him while he was playing for Spurs is simply shocking and I'm not surprised he's turned into the useless lump of lard he has. **** there I go. You see how easy it is to slip into this form of abuse ?
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    I agreed with a lot of your post, especially the wider issue if abuse in football and mental health, but I don't think that absolves a professional of their responsibilities.

    Should 20,000 fans all unit in singing 'Rose is an obese ****' whilst he cries on the subs bench? No. But should he be held accountable for failing at his basic responsibilities (and I'm sorry, but being paid £60k per week is relevant in that case, because that pay comes with expectations of at least being up to your job and putting in some effort). Yes, Absolutely.

    He's not some fragile child. He's a man who's benefitted greatly from a game he seems to hate and has taken our club up the swanny.
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    Plus since when did we start feeling sorry for ex spurs players getting abuse from Arsenal fans and using that as an excuse for a bad performance.
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    Fat shaming is a great thing. [​IMG]
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    Said I’d come back to this later, and now it’s later, part of me is not inclined to give much more than the response I gave earlier. But hey, even though I am probably just p1ssing in the wind, I’ll address some of your words.

    I think you dismissed everything I had said as absolute nonsense because you didn’t read it properly, or you just wanted to make your own points regardless of what I was or wasn’t actually saying.

    Re the Arsenal game, yes he was getting abused. As you’d expect for an ex Spurs player. Nothing surprising about that. I remember hearing the boos. It was loud and sustained. As for racial abuse, if you’d read what I wrote, I was merely speculating that there could have been some words said. But I’ll take your point that Arsenal fans should know better, so you’d like to think that racial abuse doesn’t happen at the Emirates. But here’s the strange thing about racism - it defies logic. And here’s the kicker - fans can love a team with lots of black players, yet still come out with all sorts of prejudiced bile. But that’s an aside. We don’t know what he may or may not have picked up.

    So regardless of the nature of the abuse he got, I was actually latching on to Sort of ok’s point that Arsenal was something of a turning point this season for Rose. Maybe just being targeted for being ex Spurs was enough to get to him. As we know that Rose has mixed feelings about the game, I am making a guess that any abuse from crowds is something that swings him towards wanting to get out. It’s not really hard to work that out, based on what he’s said in the past.

    And all of that does indeed make me feel, as I said, bad, for Danny Rose. And others who have fallen out of love with the game for similar reasons. Fans as well as players. But please don’t reduce what I’m saying as simply that I feel sorry for him. And no I don’t want to defend his behaviour or whatever choices he’s currently making. And yes, he’s earning a lot of money, so he has an obligation to do his best. You can feel bad for an alcoholic slumped over a can of Special Brew without needing to buy every word of their story.

    As a Watford fan I share your frustration with a player who has, by the looks of things, poisoned the well. And let’s be honest, the well water wasn’t that great before.

    But I stand by what I said: abuse is abuse. Hate is hate. It’s never going to bring about a good resolution. But I’m far from perfect and have dished out my share in various ways, so don’t read into my words that I think I’m above abusing people or going with the crowd.

    I have nothing more to say on the subject. For now. That’s because I need to take your advice and look beyond the end of my nose at some real injustices in life. (That’s presumptuous and undermining nonsense, by the way.)
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    Best post I’ve read on here in years. Maybe ever*. If I could like it 10 times, I would.

    *(Apart from my own.)
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    Thank you Burnsy I appreciate it

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