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Discussion in 'Yellow Pages' started by nornironhorn, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. nornironhorn

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    Going on a few holidays over the next few months (I'll be visiting Finland, Estonia, Belarus, Turkey and Netherlands) so I'm wondering what currency cards you would recommend?

    Monzo? Revolut?
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  3. AndrewH63

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    We went to North America last year and recently to Morocco. I use a Halifax Clarity credit card while the misses had a Revolut card , which she can transfer money to from her current account, and also allows her to switch on and off use of the cards chip and pin facility. She consistently got a better rate, even with the Clarity card zero transaction charges taken into account. The Revolut is the cheaper option, and works like a MasterCard. I also got one of those Post Office cards loaded with US dollars with the aim to get cash out of cash machines, and on refelection would not recommend that, you might as well take a credit card and some cash or a Revolut/Monzo
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  4. Hornet4ever

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    I use this lot & no issues. You can load on any major currency, control from your phone & exchange rates are decent. No loads/charges on foreign ATM withdrawals over £200.
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