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    As regular readers will know, on this thread, @zztop is amusingly painting himself into an ever and ever tighter corner on the subject of supposed 'disappeared' people in Cuba. He insists there are "hundreds" of such poor disappeared Cubans, but has so far only been unable to come up with one name - Enrique Mustelier Sosa.

    Despite an ever increasing avalanche of evidence to the contrary, Lord Topp's pig-headed intransigence and obstinacy will not permit him to admit he's wrong. Ever. So he's forced into an increasingly absurd insistence that Mr Mustelier Sosa has vanished without trace, even bizarrely suggesting at one point that the treacherous worm currently remanded in custody in Guantanamo prison following the violent rioting in July had most likely been substituted by a government clone. If he had, then that would have to be an improvement on the original Mustelier Sosa, who unsurprisingly proved to be such an utter git on both a personal and political level in internet interviews, that even Lord Topp was forced to admit he wouldn't have him round the golf club.

    Anyway, in the last episode, Lord Topp was clinging to two final flimsy balsa twigs of defence before his insulting and ignorant accusation plunged beneath the waves. These were:-

    So in evidence I would like to present the following articles from your very own wormery online press:-

    Firstly we have a somewhat biased account of what happened at the time of the arrest for your consideration. According to the Miami mobsters:-

    That's all a bit odd. You may remember that his original defence was that he was nowhere near the riots and was in fact miles away in Salvador municipality. Demonstrating? Him? No!!! Now it seems he actually was demonstrating after all and he actually was in the centre of town and not in Salvador. Odd that. Come on Topp. If you were in the cops then you've surely heard a thousand pathetic defences like this fall apart, when it suddenly occurs to them how they're going to explain away the place where he got arrested.

    Still, I'm sure you'll be as equally outraged as them that there are plain clothes cops in Cuba. Imagine! You'd never see such a thing here in the UK. I'm sure you'd agree anyway that the Cuban police seem the "absolute worst" and "rotten from top to bottom". Oh no, sorry. That's the current Home Secretary talking about the British Metropolitan police.....

    The contention is that the demonstration was "peaceful" and that they were violently arrested for nothing. Yet the videos and photos I saw showed people breaking shop windows, overturning police cars and throwing stones. Perhaps Mr Mustelier's demonstration was different and he really was being peaceful. But he was still being "irresponsible" and "a confounded nuisance". He was "trampling over our way of life", and "draining police resources" and although peaceful was "not a legitimate protestor" and should face "six months or an unlimited fine.”. Oh no, sorry. All of those were Johnson and Patel talking about the undeniably peaceful Insulate Britain protestors.

    Anyway, peaceful or not peaceful, he got nicked. Everyone agrees on that.

    So he's exactly where I said he was on August 6th on this thread and where I've been constantly saying he is and where I've been constantly providing evidence he is. Nicked in Guantanamo prison. Remanded in custody waiting trial. The charges are public disorder.

    So that's his status and the charges against him. Now is there anything else?

    Are you now going to admit that he has not vanished?

    * I hate to link to this shyte really, Radio/TV Marti in various forms has been transmitting constant shittpropaganda targeted at Cuba since the early 60s. US Govt financed of course. Big employer in the Miami area. Oh and in violation of all international broadcasting laws.
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    A mysterious silence from @zztop in response to this latest information on Mr Mustelier Sosa. He seems to have got himself into a bit of a fog on this one.

    It's all very strange. He was extremely worried about him a few short weeks ago, but now seems to have lost interest.

    Well anyway, I can report that the prosecutor is asking for between 5 and 12 years in chokey for him, but no date yet set for trial.

    Please could you say whether you now accept that Mr Mustelier has NOT vanished without trace?

    If you do accept he's still with us and in the absence of any other names of supposed 'disappeared' you've been able to give me, would you now have the moral fibre to formally withdraw your insulting and wild untruths about there being "thousands" of people who've been disappeared by the Cuban government?
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    I think it’s increasingly obvious Lord Top has been disappeared by the murderous Cuban government, probably in cahoots with you.
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    Actually, joking aside, I just checked and he's not posted anything for two weeks.

    I hope the argumentative old codger is ok.
  5. I believe it is in the sea, just off the coast of USA.
    You're welcome.
  6. According to the Man at ESSO, he's ...."leading some sort of invasion party and is just off the Bay of Pigs" as we speak.
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    Really? I hope he hasn't gone the same way as his mate who had his collar felt a short while ago. I know he was very worried about that and was googling about it and everything.

    Perhaps the taxman finally caught up with him? There were those Panama papers released just recently weren't there showing up all the offshore accounts. Maybe it put the wind up him and he and Lady Topp have fled to Marbella?
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    5th anniversary of the passing of the Comandante en Jefe today. Doesn't time fly?

    I would have loved to see Fidel go up against Johnson...

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    What a horrible state of affairs. 110 years because your employer's truck's brakes failed and you then made some bad decisions under pressure. Not right.
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