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    My absence from these boards of late has been because of the Yankee manoeuvres against the beautiful pearl of the Caribbean.

    Of course, a very worrying time for us. The M-i-L says she wasn't going out before because of covid, but she's double not going out with those delincuentes in the street. The brother in law is in the 'red berets' reserve and has been mobilised. Cifriana is incandescent about the 'worms' and 'country sellers' and the manipulation of the USA. Most especially she is angry with the 'bomb throwers' of Miami. It was a very bad moment when the mayor of Miami was calling for US airstrikes on Cuba in order to "help" Cubans. The gusanera (wormery) in Miami was loud with cries for US military invasion. Fortunately Biden did nothing, but you wonder what would have happened if trump was still president.

    This campaign was planned, financed and organised from the United States of course. This is a new tactic suited to this modern world and the Internet with social media. The idea is to forment popular discontent and provoke civil unrest to make the country ungovernable. We have seen it used recently for example in Hong Kong, Venezuela and in Bolivia, with all the weight of the usual propaganda behind it. After all, who can be against "pro-democracy protesters"? Well now is the ideal time to do it, because after trump put another 170 new measures on the blockade and the catastrophe of covid (no tourism etc) there is no denying that things are very, very bad for food and every type of supplies. Even cigarettes are in shortage.

    The propaganda used has been very crude, but surprising sources that you think we're reliable e.g. Guardian, FT, Sky News and so on. For example using photos and video of PRO government revolutionaries on the streets and saying they were rioters. They even blurred out signs the revolutionaries were carrying. It's not as though it was an accident, it was deliberate. Online was even worse of course. Manipulated images and video everywhere. They showed video of people in Egypt and said it was havana. It was hard to know what was going on.

    There were gazillions of bots that appeared online - all with new accounts or zero previous activity - all pumping out the same hashtags and propaganda abuse. Well the campaign has died down now, but I would like to think I put in my grain of sand defending the Revolution in this new electronic battlefield.

    How can the USA complain about human rights in Cuba when they literally run a torture camp on the island? If socialism in Cuba is such a failure, why do they need to blockade it? Why is 1500 people in Cuba rioting called 'an uprising', but the frequent riots and disturbances in capitalist countries are called just that? See Colombia at this moment for example.

    Well things have been quiet and tranquil since July 11th which was when the shocking scenes happened. I am just glad Fidel didn't live to see such disgrace amongst Cubans. It would have broken his heart. What will happen, I don't know. How can the situation be improved? Covid continues. There is now zero possibility of Biden lifting or even softening the blockade when it is at last having its desired effect. To be frank, I am not sure President Diaz Canel has the same charisma or sway with the people as the historic revolutionary generation.

    One thing is for sure, it is for Cubans on the island to decide their future and not those in England or those mafioso cousin-killing bomb throwing worms of Miami.
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    There were international protests too, both for and against the Revolution. In some countries, such as Argentina and Ireland there were attempts against the Cuban embassy. In France two persons threw molotov cocktails at the Cuban embassy, but of course they couldn't catch them.

    Here in the UK there was even a small anti-revolution protest of Cubans in Bristol I'm ashamed to say - led by the owners of that Cuban cafe down there. Businessmen now they are you see. Last time I eat there. Food was only every 'more or less' anyway.

    Scandal in the family when Cif's cousin who lives in Gran Canaria reportedly joined Cubans protesting there. However she later turned 100% and said she only went to see what was happening and to help Cuba. She was disgusted by what she saw anyway, drinking and swearing and delinquents and she wouldn't go again.

    Similarly, a Cuban I know who lives in Houston, went all the way to Miami to join the Calle 8 anti-revolution protests. She has always been a worm, even when she was living in England and was proud to admit it. Even she was shocked by the Miami mafia though, led as it was by the 'Proud Boys' and the far right people there shouting Trump Trump Trump. I think even she realised these people don't want good things for Cuba or Cubans.
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    A very interesting insight into what, I'm sure, is a worrying situation for those with friends and family caught up in it. Thank god that nice Mr Biden got the top job last year - goodness knows how this might play out if The Donald still had the key to the gun safe
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    Another tense moment was last weekend when they said they were organising a huge flotilla of "hundreds and hundreds" of boats and yachts from Miami, which would sail to Havana to "rescue" Cubans from the clutches of the evil dictatorship. Thousands of Habaneros would be filling the malecon seafront to welcome and greet their brave lion rescuers they said.

    Of course if this flotilla de pacotilla (flotilla of rubbish) as the Cubans called it came inside Cuban territorial waters it could cause a serious international incident.

    Cubans know that in fact the worms are not very brave. They like usually to hire mercenaries to do their dirty work for them (such as when they hired poor Salvadorans to put bombs in Cuban hotels and tourist spots back in the 90s). They do not like to take risks with their own fine person. Also we know that they know what happened the last time the sons of the former rich plantation owners tried to invade and ran into the revolutionary militias at Bay of Pigs.

    So there was not too much concern about them actually doing what they said. More of a worry was that they would fake a Cuban military attack on the flotilla and use that as an excuse for a full US military invasion. Of course they are not above doing such dirty tricks.

    Well as it was, there was no need to worry. At the advertised 07:00 starting time in Miami, there were only two little boats and when they finally set off just after 8, there were a total of four, all crammed to the gunwhales with journalists and with one of those porky white Cuban-Americans at the steering wheel in a silly little captain's hat.

    They were back in port within the hour, having symbolically let off flares and fireworks at sea, which they were sure would be seen over in Cuba and give encouragement. Pathetic.

    Cubans were quick to point out that despite the disappointing turnout for the flotilla, the worms had four boats, while Fidel arrived to start the Revolution with only one.....

    They had some fun with that one the Cubans.
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    It's strange the double standards in place, but also the level of interference that the US and sadly the UK put into other countries business. The UK recently slipped Kosovo £5m in a bid to sweeten the Serbs that live there, particularly targeting the youth, to get them to accept Kosovo independence. How on earth is this any of the UK's business?
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    Boo, hiss! They're the ones to keep an eye on in life. The flip floppers. The wait to see where the cards fall-ers. The hop on any passing bandwagoners.

    Down with them.
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    You know that you are avoiding mentioning the fact that the demos started in Cuba due to the appalling situation there, in conjunction with the Varela Project, whose leader, Paya, was a dissident who died a few years ago in mysterious circumstances in a "car crash".

    I have little doubt that others have jumped on the bandwagon, but was an internal matter, and hundreds of protestors have "disappeared" from the face of the earth.

    It is laughable that a communist government tries to place all the blame on capitalist countries for all their problems.

    The fact is the Cuban state has been failing ever since the revolution. Their suppression of free speech and the blocking of social media, won't help.
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    So are they protestors, freedom fighters, revolutionaries, insurgents, subversives or rioters?

    It makes a difference to how I am supposed to react according to the prescribed western democratised family of nations.
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    How many riots in the UK since the Cuban revolution? Must be thousands. How much poverty? Must be million upon million.

    You support a Government at this moment cracking down on both protest and investigative journalism, one that lies almost daily. You’ve no reason to crow and that’s before we get onto the World’s greatest jailor and most aggressive, most war-loving nation, the US.

    By all means call out any human rights abuses in Cuba, but do consider your unjustifiable tone.
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    To be fair to ZZ he wasn't discussing the UK government and UK situation, this is something you have inserted into the mix. He has merly commented on the thread subject matter. Clive started this thread no doubt to discuss the situation in Cuba at the moment, and maybe drum up some lively debate!

    I can kind of see where you are coming from though....slowly backs out of the room/thread.
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    My point is only that ZZ confidently asserts that this is obviously a result of a revolution that took place over 60 years ago.

    What’s everyone else’s excuse is my reply. The last 60 years have seen the US drop more ordinance on the Third World than in the rest of history and preside over terrible poverty and an out of control prison system to enforce it.

    I don’t defend the current Cuban regime for its excesses, but they aren’t the only story anymore than violence is the only US one.
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    As mentioned above, I wasn't entering into a debate about the UK or the USA or any other whataboutism. If you want to debate them, start a separate thread, and risk the wrath of the mods.
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    Couple of other interesting things to note:-

    1) I attended an online zoom meeting international solidarity conference thing organised by the Cuban communist party. One of the main speakers was a very stern lady with glasses from the upper echelons of the Chinese party. She advised, with absolute certainty, that the US would definitely NOT be invading on this occasion.

    2) The OAS (organisation of American states) has historically been a joke of an organisation. A front for US dominance over Latin America. Cuba has been expelled for most (all?) of its history. It is a supine puppet and an embarrassment. A place where Latin America makes a comfortable silk cushion for Uncle Sam to sit over. The US confidently called a special session of the organisation to "discuss the situation in Cuba". And they defied them and voted it down! The OAS! Wow. Although that probably means little to people here, that's the equivalent of the CBI turning on the Tories...a historic moment for the continent. AMLO in Mexico even sent three ships of aid including covid syringes and plainly told the US to stop the blockade. The sardines are not so afraid of the shark anymore it seems.
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    Can someone TLDR what’s happening in Cuba I don’t have time to catch the news
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    Havana you got time to read it?

    I'll get me coat.
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    That doesn't surprise me. Whilst ordinary starving folk protest in the streets "disappear" in their hundreds, and internet communication and social media is shut down for ordinary folk, the "I'm alright Juan" Communists do what they like with their mass rallies, and no doubt, get first dibs at the food supplies.
  17. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    Look ZZ, with respect, I don't want to get into a debate. I'd rather report on the realities of the situation, which I hope is interesting for some. Everyone knows you think the Revolution is bad and I think it is good.

    However, I would just like to confirm that there is not (and since 1959 never has been) one single solitary Cuban person who has been 'disappeared'. If you dispute this, then please provide the evidence. If there are "hundreds" of disappeared as you say, then your task should be easy.

    I will wait.
  18. zztop

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    No, with respect, you are reporting on the realities of the situation seen from your point of view in an environment where dissenting opinions and versions are oppressed. I'm reporting on the realities of the situation seen from my point of view in an environment where free speech, is generally, welcomed.

    No need to debate, we can just give our opinions, and posters can make their own choices as to what they believe (and most on here will probably believe you). Fortunately, at least up to now, this social media has not been shut down as Cuba's has.

    As for your question, the BBC article I linked to in post #7, says that Amnesty reported 140 missing almost 2 weeks ago, and other more up to date reports go up to 500. The reports are all over the internet. Not proof, and it is difficult for me to prove outright, but perhaps more reliable as a collective source of information than your anccdote from a one-sided communist mouthpiece propaganda exercise.
  19. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    Your whiskery old, wrinkled yesterday's chip paper of an article is more than two weeks old. It says:

    "Amnesty International says at least 140 Cubans have either been detained or their whereabouts are unknown,"

    You do understand the concept of the word "or" in English, right? So a day or two after the disturbances, 140 people were EITHER nicked OR in the chaos of the aftermath people didn't know what had happened to them. Later, as tranquility returned, things became clearer and people were located. Those arrested have been charged and given their day in court. Some have been fined, some have been jailed. You understand there were crimes such as looting shops and attacking police. Some revolutionaries who went out to take control of the streets were attacked with stones. Cars were turned over. Normally you are the number one intolerant of such behaviour and want the miscreants hung and flogged. It seems strange you think these ones should be let off with no further action.

    Anyway, there is nobody still missing. Nobody. Everybody is accounted for. Even the wormery has grudingly stopped making claims about supposed 'disappeared'.

    Now, I understand somewhere around 350 - 500 people have been arrested and charged with various offences. Some have been fined and released. Some are on remand. Some have been jailed. The same as any country. All the names and details and locations are known. I do hope you're not going to claim these people as being these supposed 'disappeared' of yours are you?
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    *shuffles chair forward in anticipation*
  21. Smudger

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    Let us not forget why the Revolution happened in the first place as they always do. Mass poverty, gross injustice, discrimination against the indigenes and the concentration of wealth and power into the hands of a very small corrupt minority hand in glove with a tyrant by the name of Fulgencio Batista. Puppet to American corporations and evil personified. This man murdered thousands and turned Cuba into a police state denying basic freedoms such as the right to protest and handing over land that had been owned by the Cubans to fat cats that lived in the Hamptons.

    I would have rebelled under such a regime. With righteousness and joy in my heart.
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  22. zztop

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    And where's the proof of that? And what offences?
  23. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    I'm afraid the onus of proof is on you comrade. You know well it is impossible to prove things NOT happening.

    Look, I'm sure you've had a good Google about and after digging into it a bit have found out that in fact, what I say is right and there are NO disappeared. You've been made to look a bit of a chump on this occasion, but in your defence it is understandable - as I said, the propaganda has been very strong and one of the aims is to give the 'impression' that Cuba is killing and disappearing people. I'm sure there are many with a passing interest in world affairs who'd be under the same misapprehension.

    That's how propaganda works. I hope it may give you cause for reflection.
  24. zztop

    zztop Eurovision Winner 2015

    Prove that those arrests and charges ARE happening.
    There is no onus of proof on me, I'm giving my version of events following plenty of reading over the past few weeks, from both sides of the argument. People can believe it, or not. I don't care.

    I haven't been made to look a chump at all, but you are making yourself look naive, gullible and deluded.

    To be honest, your blind faith in a communist system that has been proved to continually fail over the past 100 years is quite endearing.
  25. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    OK, let's take a breath and have a little recap then.

    You said, and I quote, that there were "hundreds" of Cubans who had been 'disappeared' by the Cuban government.

    I said that this was a complete untruth and asked you to provide evidence of these disappearances. I said I would wait. I am still waiting.

    I noted that your evidence ought to be easy to find. After all, if these people really have been 'disappeared', they have family, friends, neighbours who would raise the alarm, no? The Internet and your blessed BBC news would be full of it. Articles would be overflowing. What has happened to the Cuban disappeared? Where have they gone? Why oh why etc? You KNOW they are not slow to big up any story that is anti-Cuba here. Why are these 500 disappeared not having their tragic life story amplified through every western media? Why are the celebrities not coming out to attach themselves to the terrible cause of the Cuban disappeared? Because they don't exist. Come on compadre, don't dig the hole any deeper. I don't expect an apology or anything, I just ask for you to reflect on how anti-cuban propaganda works and indeed the changing nature of modern warfare. Online and social media is everything. There are many psychological strategies and tricks that can be utilised. Most especially perhaps in those who are already conditioned to think the worst of Cuba always.

    If you're really interested in understanding more fully, Google around about outfits such as ADN News or Cubanet news or Radio/TV Marti and a myriad of other shady outfits who are funded by USAID and NED with millions each year in order to "promote democracy" in Cuba.
  26. HenryHooter

    HenryHooter Reservist

    I am not unsympathetic to the point you are making, but ZZ did quote Amnesty, and all you did, without reference, was dismiss it despite confirming that the quote was genuine. And now you are saying he gave no evidence.

    I am genuinely on the fence here, so seeing you dismiss evidence with opinion is detrimental to your argument. Quoting revolutionary sources, like quoting western government sources, is usually trumped by Amnesty, I see no reason why it shouldn't be here. And citing a lack ok celebrity criticism of a left wing cause in the current post modern dystopia is about as convincing an argument as saying "His mum said he didn't do it."

    I would love to believe that Cuba is the socialist regime that never had to gulag or disappear any of its people. Who are the independent, non-revolutionary sources you rely on that you would not call worms if they said something you disagreed with?

    Not saying that makes you wrong, but it does leave you open to being equally fairly described as a chump, if that is the language you wish to use, as ZZ.
  27. zztop

    zztop Eurovision Winner 2015

    Come off it Clive, I understand why you might want everyone to believe that Amnesty are making it up, and this article from Sky (amongst many others) is all lies and anti Cuban propaganda.

    I understand it, you are having to watch your communist ideology go pear-shaped. You are desperate. But you know as well as I do, that when the families of dissenters who have disappeared in Communist countries try and go public, they too are "arrested". They fear for their own freedom, and the State rely on that fear to create doubt by making the same challenges as you do with your "prove it then." defence - and then claim that when the disappearances are publicised then it is false propaganda.

    If it was all untrue, then it would be easy for Cuba to prove it is untrue by showing these cases of arrest/charges/court hearings, the offences, the verdicts, the punishments or who was released, etc. That is what happens in a democratic country, Clive. Arrested protestors go through the public court system for all to see. Then your own protestations and claims of a blameless Cuban government would have some credibility.

    You thought that this thread would be a bit of pro Cuban, anti USA propaganda, hence why you were upset that I don't just shut up, but really you are just looking a little silly.
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  28. wfcmoog

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    Tbh, hardly on a level with some of the map drawing and interference we and the US have been responsible for.

    The equivalent of a failed Pozzo left back bid, in return for a bit of peace.
  29. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

    Clive_ofthe_Kremlin Squad Player

    Your linked article is a great example of the misinformation and myths that are propagated - thanks! I shall use it as a specimen to show to others how they work it. It's for reasons like this, that ordinary people are convinced that yes, the Cuban government is killing and disappearing people. Really damaging. As I said previously, I can quite understand that an innocent such as yourself, with a predisposition to think badly of Cuba, would read that uncritically and take it at face value. I mentioned previously about USAID and NED funding never being far away from this sort of propaganda, you remember?

    OK so let's examine the article. Firstly we ought to agree what we mean by the term 'disappeared'. I understand that it means to be effectively kidnapped by the state - whisked away by the police or whoever and that's the last anyone hears of you. You get topped and your remains tossed in a pit somewhere. Or they throw you out of a helicopter over the sea, like they did in Argentina. That sort of stuff. No records. No accountability. State murder. Are we agreed so far?

    Can we also agree that someone who is arrested and held by the police for whatever reason, but there are full records of the arrest and the reasons for it and the person's case is moving through the judicial system, then they have not been 'disappeared' but rather they have been nicked. Even if their family hasn't been allowed to visit them (yet) or they're being held in solitary confinement, they're still not disappeared. They're in the system and accounted for. Yes? Still agreed?

    Now the single source quoted by the Sky News article is a lady named Katiuska Mustelier Sosa who lives in Miami (surprise!) who says that her brother has been 'disappeared' and not only that, he is amongst "more than 500 other people still missing". By the way, I love the little embarrassed "errrm, Sky News is errrm unable to independently verify as it were..." cop-out disclaimer!

    I wonder how Sky News came to find out about poor Ms Mustelier's problems? By googling her rather distinctive name, we find that she made her lurid accusations at a press conference convened by the organisation 'Centro Para una Cuba Libre'.

    Who they?

    Created in 1997 in Miami (surprise!) it "has developed its programs against Cuba based on funding received from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the National Fund for Democracy (NED) to implement various projects aimed at disseminating in the country. propaganda directed against the political and economic system, promoting a political transition and stimulating the market economy, supporting internal counterrevolutionary cliques and stimulating the international community to play an effective role in promoting internal subversion." There's some right characters on the board. The notorious CIA agent Frank Calzon for example is its director. Chillingly old doctor death himself, Otto Reich (him of the Iran-Contra scandal and much bloodthirsty murder), cohort of various Cuban terrorists is also on the board.

    In the article, Ms Mustelier has a rather different story to tell from that on Sky. She says her brother is "one of the more than 500 arrested during the protest and that she denounces that the dictatorship (sic) is keeping him in solitary confinement after he was strongly beaten," Oh so we know he's alive then. So not so disappeared. He's in solitary somewhere, go on.

    "They haven't let us see him" Katiuska added. "According to witnesses you couldn't see him amongst so many police beating him at the same time. The Cuban government yes oppresses, yes beats people and yes murders people" said the Cuban who is suffering wondering about the wellbeing of her brother.

    I also found out something about the supposed disappeared brother, Enrique. "His father was sentenced to 16 years of deprivation of liberty for his attempt to extract plans of the defensive system of the eastern region of Cuba to the US naval base." Ooooh, now even you'd have to admit that's not a good look. Betraying your own country's defences to the enemy. People wouldn't like that here, would they? Not nice at all. I know it's his father, not him, but just the same, it gives a little more background. And to some extent, it does seem like father, like son, Enrique was definitely no friend of the revolution. The same article says:-

    "Because of his opinions against the communist regime, Enrique was threatened with prison. During Christmas in 2010, he tried to flee Cuba through the Guantánamo Naval Base. On December 24, 2010, he was captured, and a few days later, on December 31, 2010, he was admitted to the Guantanamo Provincial Prison, where he spent the next five years." So perhaps we can understand more now where Enrique was coming from when he protested on July 11th and got himself nicked. We can also understand why his sister in Miami, might also not have a very unprejudiced opinion of the Cuban Revolution, no?

    Anyway, look, you choose if you'd like to believe some crazy traitor woman from Miami who's been put on stage by the CIA and extremely shady mafioso types and who contradicts herself, you can do so. Here's the reality though:-
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  30. Moose

    Moose First Team Captain

    Relevant because you are always holding Cuba out as worse than Governments you support, Governments that encourage war that you then applaud for ‘having a go’. It’s pure hypocrisy. Apply some genuine thought to the arguments Clive makes.

    And the role of the West is extremely important in Cuba. Can you imagine keeping the lid on anger in this Country if we were subject to blockades?

    Simply put, let the West play fair with Cuba, trade, be friendly and let Cubans then get on with their future.
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  31. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    Sí señor.
  32. cyaninternetdog

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    Just look into Cambridge Analytica and what they did before being "replaced" by Emerdata, CA had a hand in over 200 elections world wide through behavioural analysis modelling which then turned into behavioural engineering modelling. They were all over the Trump campaign when he got elected and the Brexit vote. Who the real people are behind all this and why they want to throw the world into chaos I have no idea but billions of people being locked indoors for 12 months and probably going online a lot has only fuelled the problem.
  33. sydney_horn

    sydney_horn Squad Player

    The thing is most people don't think they can be influenced by behavioural engineering. The absolute fortune spent by companies on direct marketing, including such behavioural models, speaks for itself.

    I don't think there is one malevolent group behind this. I think it is simply each side trying to beat it's perceived enemies in a propaganda and information war.

    As this thread demonstrates, each side believes totally their own sides propaganda while dismissing everything the other side says as lies. And that's why there is so much disinformation out there. It works.
  34. cyaninternetdog

    cyaninternetdog Forum Hippie

    I have so many deeper thoughts on the "reality" of the situation we find ourselves in but I feel I cant discuss them openly online anymore.
  35. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

    Clive_ofthe_Kremlin Squad Player

    Some may know that a crucial part of the online campaign has been to recruit artists and musicians - especially rap artists and the like. This then works the psychological angle well with young people with rebellious feelings. So with these disturbances. The 'anthem' has been a rap song criticising everything about the Revolution, released in Miami (surprise) and called 'patria y vida' - country or life. This is important because a sacred phrase of Cuba is 'patria o muerte' - country or death. To pervert this phrase, which fidel used as his mic dropping end to every speech, is maybe like doing the same with the British national anthem or something. Scandalous. Well anyway, this damn song has been played and played. I see the singer (a Cuban who defected) went to the white house to meet Biden yesterday.

    Well anyway, in the heavyweight division at the Tokyo Olympics yesterday, the brilliant Julio Cesár la Cruz (CUB) fought a Spanish boxer called Reyes. I say Spanish, but in fact Reyes was Cuban and learned his trade thanks to the Revolution, but he went. Now he fights for Spain. Before the fight, Reyes said that the gold was his and that if he came up against "the Cuban" then he would "start ripping heads off". Nice, but that is how worms can be.

    Well yesterday was the quarter final, so whoever loses gets no medal at all. La Cruz won easily on points 4-1 and after the fight had this to say to the world:-

    Patria y vida, no! Patria o muerte, venceremos! - Translation: country and life, no! Country or death! We will win!

    What a guy!


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